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January 19, 2009
davebold370 said - Emoticon Tutorial by =12hc12 For us gimp users this is an amazing tutorial for pixel art work. Simple and very effectively put is what you will find here. Also the colouring of the image itself helps the reader read the page without any kind of distraction due to colours. I am now on my way to create some funny emotes thanks to this tutorial.
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Emoticon Tutorial

:megaphone: Attention!
Considering the great amount of time since I have thought about emotes, never mind the neglect I've put on my emoting programs, I can no longer truly provide satisfactory advice for all you budding emoticonists. I still love to see a new emote now and then, and the comments on both my tutorials are very uplifting. However, the flood of questions must come to an end.
But, I won't just leave you in the dark. There are many resources out there in the deviantART community that can really help.
Be sure to check out #Emotication for other tutorials and a long list of resources for all aspects of emoticon creation. If you need a mentor, they have a program set up to give you the kind of help you need.
If you have a specific question about emoticons or emoticon creation (including animation), head over to #WeEmote. The group there are sure to have an answer for you, or at least point you in the right direction.

And of course, dA has a massive section on tutorials for some of the most popular programs (as well as general tutorials) that can be easily found in the Resources and Stock Images > Tutorials gallery.

If you comment or send me a note, please don't be offended if I direct you elsewhere. I really can't provide you with the help you deserve.


Warning: File size is fairly gigantic.

Well, seeing as how I had a tutorial for GIMP emoticon animations, I figured I'd make an actual emoticon tutorial.
This is a beginners tutorial, and the likelihood of me teaching more complicated colouring styles, how to colour and how not to colour, and things like that is fairly minimal. Be happy with what you have, people.

(Oh, and this one has a prettier layout than the last one. :w00t:)

The tutorial covers programs, outlines, two colouring styles, and hands. And again, this is just a simple tutorial. Build off and learn from it; I recommend any new emoticonist that REALLY feels comfortable with the above two colouring styles to try their own; make more complicated symbols and gradually make your way to something unique to yourself.

And if you make an emote with the help of this tutorial, don't be afraid to show and tell. :D I'd love to see 'em. ^__^

Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you for the DD, =davebold370 and ^Hanratty-Stock!
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ph33x's avatar
I zoomed in and it's still minute, I don't get it..
CupcakeSlays's avatar
But... How do I make and then upload them?? They don't work for me...
AwesomeTrophy316's avatar
this didn't help its way too fking confusing
x-Daviman-x's avatar
I made mine but how do I upload it as a Community emote????
Dyanova's avatar
I follow your tutorials!
Here: Emoticon: Hello! 
is my first emoticon!
TheColorPony's avatar
Can I be told where to go to upload the emoticons to deviantart to make them community emoticons?
TheFrozenLovers's avatar
How do you create the emoticons like this: PleasedSorryFrozen - Elsa's Then Leave IconFrozen - Elsa Crying IconElsa KnowsFrozen - Elsa IconChoose, Elsa????????
Gothhound's avatar
those are gifs 
TheFrozenLovers's avatar
Oh. That makes sense..
awesome tutorial! thank youu!Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 
alexapop4's avatar
I can't read any of this...
Dyanova's avatar
You have to zoom it
MourningGardevoir's avatar
Thanks for the Tutorial, it helped me create an Emoticon that I uploaded earlier today. :bluesmile: <------ the one I created! ^w^
cheerycherrycandy's avatar
How did you upload your emoticon?
MourningGardevoir's avatar
I just did as it said on the tut, also I used
cheerycherrycandy's avatar
Thanks, but I cant work out how to upload it so it works in comments...
MourningGardevoir's avatar
Well you have to set the category to Chat Friendly Emoticons to enable it, I've tested my emote to see if it would show up but it didn't, sooooo....yeah I'm not an expert at this kind of thing, I just make
cheerycherrycandy's avatar
MourningGardevoir's avatar
MourningGardevoir's avatar
UGH, stupid laptop, -- as I was saying, I'm not an expert at these kind of things, I just make Emoticons whenever I feel like it.
runningsquirrel7's avatar
Nice emoticon guide :).
Nick-strouwen's avatar
thank you for making this, it is very helpful.
WebBread31's avatar
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! :excited:
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