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The green cabin grinch
The cabin boy was tired, sitting on his porch chair
He was sweating unnaturally, running his hand through his hair
It was a pleasant day with a smoky smell that he loved
It was cold, everyone with a coat, their body gloved
The preacher came by with boxes in his trunk
Filled with extra decorations
As the boy sat up
The pristine black wolf came with salutations
The boy sneezed
And the intruding grave digger handed him a tissue
A white fox came with an emerald star in their mouth
But the boy had an issue
A precarious figure showed up with some more decor
And the cabin boy hoped there'd be no more
But then the pirate arrived, carrying a tree on his pirate truck
And the green cabin boys reaction might be considered the worst
“What is this?! It's only December the first!”
:icon12greenboy123:12greenboy123 6 16
Hey by 12greenboy123 Hey :icon12greenboy123:12greenboy123 5 9
Green Fire: six wings
As you get older
you start thinking
Of the afterlife
Is there one
Or is life pointless strife?
Is what I do making an impact?
An impression?
Of course I'm making some sort of change
I sure hope there's an afterlife
That it isn't just an expression
At least one time in your life
For after death your mind might churn
But until we are there
Well never know
Which way we'll turn
And sometimes bad people
Mock god
And look to Satan for paradise
But if you'd kill to go to heaven
Y O U  D E S E R V E  T O  B U R N
:icon12greenboy123:12greenboy123 2 2
Green fire: the straight and marrow path
it is a rainy day
all clouds in sight are gray
it was a day like this
those times i miss
you had brought those bones life
they weren't happy
the opposite in fact
their mood made it seem like
you had dragged their soul from heaven
back into this world of strife
they hated you, pushed and shoved
but you simply loved
that you had accomplished
learning to reverse death
you disrespected their resting place
just because you missed them
when they just loved watching you from above
:icon12greenboy123:12greenboy123 1 9
Of course I'll help
He opened the door and stepped into the dark room
The dark atmosphere seeming to spell to all trespassers doom
He closed the door, surveying the dark empty walls and floors
But all he could find was was a bed without mattress
Of course
That is what he was told
It was information he had to hold
As on the bed frame
Was a husk, and being without living flame
Writhing in everlasting pain
Of course
He sat on the bed
At the feet of the dead
Who stared at him
With blank, faded, yet contemplative eyes
Distracted from a fate so grim
Of course
He felt unnerved
As he observed
The trembling horror next to him
But he knew what he'd see
Though not with glee
Of course
He mustered his courage
And set his hand on the foot wrapped in bandage
And the remnant of someone past
Opened its mouth at last
But it could not say anything
Of course
“You know, I believe I am not the best for this job
I even felt sick at the door knob”
He chuckled nervously
“But I'm following an example, one given b
:icon12greenboy123:12greenboy123 3 12
i spend my time...
it's really funny
i don't value alone time
but it's what i have
:icon12greenboy123:12greenboy123 5 2
P-V58B74: dear diary
dear diary. i can't remember who i am. apparently, my name is project v58 blah blah blah, i can't even remember that. i can't remember anything from five minutes ago. good thing i write fast. the only thing i remember is a strange sense for good and literature, but not my age. i think i've been in here a year before they gave me this to write in, not that it matters. all the scie- skien- scientists, yeah, all the researchers say i'm bad. they say if i were to go elsewhere, i'd hurt someone. they sorta talk to me like i'm an idiot. regardless, i don't want to hurt someone, anyone. the only person i can seem to easily remember is Mr. Cariph, but he lets me call him goil. he told me to write in this journal so i can remember myself and events that have happened that i manage to record in this journal. he seems to think i don't belong here, that i'm mistreated. but if i'm a monster, like the others say, than why should he care? still, i'm glad he does care... i feel like i miss someone, bu
:icon12greenboy123:12greenboy123 2 2
winged cat prologue
On the continent of D̷̛̞̳̯̝̞̼͔͎̹͔̣̣͓̹͔͉̱̽͐̾̂̑̈́̈̎̓̌̉̽̔̔̚̕͜͠o̸̟̪̝̻̥͍̳͍̿́́͗̆͆̍̾͗̓̈́̌̽̆̈́̕͝͝n̸̡͚̰̤̹̯͕̟̰͖̦̤̩̗̋͒͛̂̌͜͝ĥ̴̢̻̦̲͍̹̯̯͉̥̤̞̒̄̾̒̈̆̍̓̆̿̒̊͛͌̈́̒̀́̄͑͑̈́̏̇̀̊̄̈͝͠͝͝͝͝q̵̛̛̛̽̔̀̓̔̔͆̓́͒͆͐̅̒̈̓̾͋̾͘͘̕͠͠
:icon12greenboy123:12greenboy123 3 17
question for the preacher
the cabin boy
made his way
from his place below deck
and up the stairs
and onto the ship as it'll sway
the pirate
the amphibian preacher and
the black sigiled wolf
continued to bicker
and the boy had enough for today
he walked up to the preacher
the pirate
the wolf
with question that had built up all day
"what in the world started all this
to make you three behave this way?"
the three stared at the boy
soon with grins on their face
and the three of simply shrugged
the green haired cabin boys jaw gaped
but soon a new question arose
and at his mind tugged
the boy shook his head
and decided at least
"um... are you a preacher or a priest?"
:icon12greenboy123:12greenboy123 5 40
Shade then me
It is dark
It is cold
It is bright
It is hot
There are no shadows
There is too much shade
But it is not reassuring to know that in order it is the
Shade then me
:icon12greenboy123:12greenboy123 6 32
The green cabin boy
The waves pushed against the hull.
He stared in awe
A green sparkle in his eye
From his place below deck
For through the wooden boards above
He saw three amazing warriors
One was a massive majestic wolf goddess, with unique fur patterns
With a beautiful poetic howl
The second was a tall burly man with a pointed hat and yellow eyes
Powerful magic his cowl
The third was a pirate, smart and brave
He could swindle you into the ground with well thought out words
The two men bickered
As the wolf rolled her eyes
Earning a chuckle from me
They prepared for battle
The most dreadful kind
For this conflict
Was all in the mind
This got them respect
Respect they deserve
I agree cuz
They also have mine
He, just a cabin boy
Never thought to catch their attention
Oh, but when he did
He felt that the world had fallen into suspension
:icon12greenboy123:12greenboy123 5 15
Greenboy (i can do better) by 12greenboy123 Greenboy (i can do better) :icon12greenboy123:12greenboy123 3 13 The runewalker child and the humans son. by 12greenboy123 The runewalker child and the humans son. :icon12greenboy123:12greenboy123 4 12 Inktober by 12greenboy123 Inktober :icon12greenboy123:12greenboy123 4 45 art trade: izzy (edited) i can do better by 12greenboy123 art trade: izzy (edited) i can do better :icon12greenboy123:12greenboy123 5 0 runewalker sketch: sam atop the wall by 12greenboy123 runewalker sketch: sam atop the wall :icon12greenboy123:12greenboy123 6 8

Random Favourites

Cliffside by TheArtOfDHT Cliffside :icontheartofdht:TheArtOfDHT 9 2
Tanka 7
Within these three lines
some details are implied
Despite the small form
a whole world is conceived
Writing haiku brings such joy
:iconprecariouslypeculiar:PrecariouslyPeculiar 6 6
UwU by Yonaka87 UwU :iconyonaka87:Yonaka87 98 6 Contest entry - Nadeshicon 2019 by FujiB13 Contest entry - Nadeshicon 2019 :iconfujib13:FujiB13 17 0 + nature spirit + by MellowKun + nature spirit + :iconmellowkun:MellowKun 1,111 22 Willy276 Request by Cookie-Cat-9551 Willy276 Request :iconcookie-cat-9551:Cookie-Cat-9551 4 5
A Mark-ed Predicament
Allow me to use one of my favorite Mark Twain quotes referring to his birth year corresponding to the year of the cyclical return of Haley's Comet, as it seems passing apposite:
"The Almighty has said, no doubt: 'Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together.'"
Hold on sec!  NO NO NO!  I don't mean "GO OUT" go out or anything like that! >_>  (egad, me and my big mouth)   You know, ummmmm, not like dating go out..  just as in it was what the quote said!  Ugh  Ummm
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Froggies are weird
So what can I do?

I hear Twain laughing from the afterlife.  After realizing he has my attention and pausing for dramatic effect, he transfixes me with his piercing stare, takes a long draw on one of Satan's stogies and speaks,
"Now, what we have here is a marvelously strange creature indeed! The Almighty saw fit in His infinite wisdom to create yet another unacco
:iconbarosus:Barosus 10 14
[R] Skunk by LeoDaZodiac [R] Skunk :iconleodazodiac:LeoDaZodiac 63 14 [ KH ] You're About To Hear My Name by KiraVonMeow [ KH ] You're About To Hear My Name :iconkiravonmeow:KiraVonMeow 15 10 Snow haven by LittleVulpine Snow haven :iconlittlevulpine:LittleVulpine 62 7 Loneliness or Solitude by logan-xlr Loneliness or Solitude :iconlogan-xlr:logan-xlr 23 0 Recovering the lost | Wyngro | by Alfalfa-RP Recovering the lost | Wyngro | :iconalfalfa-rp:Alfalfa-RP 18 11 Seasick Collab - Lynxheart and Pumpkinwish by Zichqec Seasick Collab - Lynxheart and Pumpkinwish :iconzichqec:Zichqec 14 4 Don't Give Up by Nightrizer Don't Give Up :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 2,746 64 Venom vs Carnage by bfulmore Venom vs Carnage :iconbfulmore:bfulmore 14 11

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Check out my cool friends requests! Only around two day left to request something! Its here down below!…  
By litatokun! *cough* My most trusted friend here on dA

And please, read her journal ALL the way through.
  • Listening to: anything, really
  • Reading: anything fantasy
  • Watching: murderofbirds
  • Playing: wish i was playing undertale
  • Eating: popcorn
  • Drinking: high C
but nothing really good either. 

I, like all high schoolers have a crap ton of work. and i make it a rule to work on poems and literature after work is done. 

here are some of those literature projects for after school work:

  • Runewalker(obviously) 
  • The Winged Cat 
  • cabin boy 
  • The green fire poems(note: a friend has a story she made i think it was inspired from this one, check litatokun out) 
  • random poems 
  • P-V58B74 

i think that maybe i need to cut back on projects for one, but i'm hoping i can edit runewalker, as that is my main priority, and when i feel satisfied, work on the winged cat, green fire, p-v58b74, and all the while post poems here and there and slip in cabin boy through some cracks. 

so work always comes first, runewalker second, winged cat, p-v58b74, and green fire are in an equilibrium at third, and cabin boy/poems are at fourth priority. just had to put all this down somewhere where people could remind me and be informed with what the fresh heck is going on with my work here on dA.

Greenboi out. 
  • Listening to: anything, really
  • Reading: anything fantasy
  • Watching: murderofbirds
  • Playing: wish i was playing undertale
  • Eating: popcorn
  • Drinking: high C


the sparked sylphs, lovers of the atmosphere
the vengeful dragon, hateful of mankind
and the blue tipped alabaster wolf, father of linguistic spell
watch over the child of lightning and the son of karma
gifting him the tongue of a dragon
the eye of a frog
and a wolfish movement. 
yeah, i don't think i'll finish g. foreighner e..
don't wait for a part two. in fact, i might just delete it. 
I am always a horrible person at heart...


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i cannot sleep. not because i'm strong or anything.


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