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A request from lasticlover to see an O.C.tober 2017 entry- here is Origami from the Planetary Paladins...

Origami- Can transform into any origami shape (think Kubo and the two strings).

And... O.C.tober 2018 is a wrap! I hope you guys have enjoyed the month as much as I have. Over 100 characters in the past month, so I hope you found one or two you might like! 

I love seeing your versions of my characters and have enjoyed the feedback from this past month. Hoping you will spread the word on these characters and send more folks to see them. Thanks again!

Guess you gotta wait for O.C.tober 2019!!!
Seen as creatures or monsters, this band of creatures are coming out of the dark to protect their kind, save the world and start changing perspectives... They have changed costumes to give a more superhero feel and look to embrace the human race that has feared them for so long.

Crane- The Headless Horseman
Aisa- One of the Fates. She differs from her sisters and has decided to change the dark future she sees coming. Now- A party child, always changing costumes (RAVE style) and using her powers where she can. Separated form her sisters- her powers are weakened and continue to change...
Shadow Chaser- Offspring of The Boogey Man... goes to dark places and can control the shadows.

Zola- Medusa's heir- Cursed to never gaze on another person- but honing her power and augmented strength to lead the team.

KoKo- The dark daughter of Dracula- is the enforcer of the bunch and the one that needs to be controlled before her Bloodlust gets the better of her. Super strenght, can turn to a bat or mist and low level telepathy...

Kid Chimera- A young Chimera who can alter his body like the mythological Creature...just getting the hang of his powers, his new colleagues and new mission in life.

Yowie- The Australian BigFoot- Wants to party and embrace he people that have shunned him.
The Holiday Specials
Mentored by Father Time, These Holiday Agents are responsible for keeping the world safe from all sorts of supernatural threats... They are agents of each Holiday tasked to work together to keep the World safe and to keep mankind's faith in holidays alive.

T&T- Trick and Treat. This mischievous sorceress is all fun and games as she uses her sorcery and her fast wit.

Hoodoo- Voodoo's brother sent to watch over T&T and to make sure Halloween is taken care of, as a great deal of the threats they face stem from their holiday. Has creatures in his cape at his control and can use the shadows to obey his whims.

Cottontail- The rookie- he has been tasked by Easter to represent them. He has the distinction of being the first human to serve on the Specials, as the Easter Council have great faith in him. He has a sharp mind, is an inventor and has Easter themed gadgets and weapons to fight evil.

Noel- The Winter Warrior- Centuries old and battle tested. She commands the team with great confidence and authority.

Rapture- The Archer and Lover BOy of this bunch. He's out to save Love, so he is a bit of a romantic, but quick to pierce hearts if needed...

Pearl- Pearl is the tag along. She refuses to believe that the Tooth Fairy Coalition is not represented on the team, as she believes that her job is a special occasion and needs equal time. She is also the one with a firm fist and ready to knock some teeth out too!

Chance- is an excellent acrobat and has Luck powers that can be used through his magical coins. He is the party animal whois always up for a great adventure.
Code Red
A team that doesn't mind getting their hands dirty.

Red Tide- enhanced speed and ability to disrupt waves of matter- can create Matter waves with surrounding materials.

Bloodbath- Cursed by a demon, only way to stay empowered is to be in contact with blood...struggling to deal with her ailment, but without other's blood- she is doomed...So she embraces her role as the judge, jury and executioner...

Blush- Can use her powers tone person at a time. Creates a rapport with someone in proximity and can morph into something from their imaginations...think Hulk or model or cowboy or talking toy from their childhood...  can sustain that body form for a limited time depending on the energy she expends.

Crimson Giant...Yup- his teammates mock that he is named after a Radish- but this big guy doesn't care. Can absorb energy to change size...

Imperial- A tech inventor who believes he is the reincarnation of a Great Roman imperial Guard...

Ruby Rojo- The light spirit in the bunch...playing maternal figure and protector to all these folks, but also the liaison who needs to take them down should they deviate from their mission. Enhanced strength, intelligence and athletic ability due to using a somewhat addictive serum.



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