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''Campfire Song'' Panorama


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Anti-Cupid Photobombing

Anti-Fairy Album

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Planktopolis Gazette 4/12/2031 Pg. 3

Bikini Bottom Gazette

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Squidward Card


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Fairly Odd Comics Issue 1-The Big Problem!-Cover

Fairly Odd Comics

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Human SpongeBob - Bubblestand

CAPTIAIN O’MALLEY: Ahoy! 'tis th' fourth tale. The story begins showing Patrick, Squidward, and SpongeBob’s houses. The scene fades to show SpongeBob’s front door. He opens it and sniffs the air. He says that it is a wonderful day. He sneaks to the end of his walkway while saying, “The sun is out and birds are chirping.” As he says, “…birds are chirping”, he stops and a bird flies by. SpongeBob continues saying, “So peaceful.” He pauses for a few seconds and then grabs some planks and poles of wood and a hammer. He starts building something. The scene pans to Squidward’s windo

Human SpongeBob

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THMTM: Explanation Prologue: Part SpongeBob

Our story begins in the Pacific Ocean in the prehistoric era. A time machine lands and a six-legged octopus named, “Squidward Tentacles” walked out and eventually invented “Jellyfishing”, a sport that involved capturing Jellyfish and letting them go. Shortly after Squidward Tentacles invented the sport, he returned to his own time. Thousands of years later, in the fictional underwater city of Bikini Bottomshire, there was an evil wizard named, “Planktonamor”. He controlled a giant dragon Jellyfish that terrorized the citizens of Bikini Bottomshire. The crab king, King Krabs, could do nothing. One day, a tim

Nicktoons Crossover Fan Fiction

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Nega-Krabby Nega-Land

Nega-Places and Nega-Things

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''Campfire Song'' Panorama


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Phineas and Ferb Comics Issue 1-Cover Version 1

Phineas and Ferb Comics

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Squidward's Profile Ver. 2

SpongeBob SquareFiles

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SpongeBob SquarePants Word Cloud Typography

Word Cloud Tyography

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