THMTM: Explanation Prologue: Crossovers (Part 2)

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Before we begin with the rest of the story, there are many different accounts of some of the events of the next few adventures. The following will only feature one account of the adventures.

Either after the events of the previous story or the one prior to the previous story, Jimmy made plans to make a new universal portal. For some unknown reason, Goddard had access to these plans in his database. At some point, Professor Calamitous inserted a flea robot inside of Goddard, which gave him access to Jimmy’s plans. Professor Calamitous then uses the plans to make a portal of his own. He gathers three of the worst villains in the Nickelodeon Multiverse. They are Sheldon J. Plankton, Denzel Crocker, and Vlad Masters AKA Vlad Plasmius. They each agreed to help the other to destroy their enemies. Professor Calamitous’ enemy is Jimmy, Mr. Crocker’s enemy is Timmy, Vlad’s enemy is Danny Phantom, and Plankton’s enemy is SpongeBob SquarePants. The villains’ team name is “The Evil Syndicate”. It is unknown if Mr. Crocker and Professor Calamitous remembered each other from their brief interaction in the second Jimmy Timmy adventure. The Evil Syndicate built different robots, called, “The Syndicate Troops” to destroy the heroes. They reside in numerous locations in the four universes. They started using the energy from Jellyfish electricity, Fairy magic, and ghost energy to power a secret plan. After finding this out, Jimmy gathered Timmy and Danny. It is unknown the order, but it can be assumed that Timmy was first since Jimmy knows Timmy. The final member of this team was SpongeBob. This is the only gathering that has a detailed record. Shortly before SpongeBob was gathered, it was morning in Bikini Bottom. There was a wall next to SpongeBob’s house, which was not normally there. SpongeBob walked outside and greeted his snail, Gary, who had already started the day. SpongeBob then asks Gary what they are going to do that day. In this underwater world, snails are the counterpart to cats. Gary, being a snail, has very limited speech and usually just says, “Meow”. Gary suggests either visiting Patrick or just visiting a friend. This is known because SpongeBob can speak snail and says, “Great idea! Let’s visit Patrick!” Before SpongeBob can go to Patrick’s rock, a speaker, on another wall that is usually not on his road, starts up with Plankton’s voice on it. Plankton says that he and the Syndicate, a nickname used for the “Evil Syndicate”, will be ruling Bikini Bottom. When he says this, giant tanks, with vacuums and a net, appear. Plankton says that he is fair and will listen to the citizens. He then asks if the Bikini Bottomites, the name of the citizens of Bikini Bottom, if anyone opposes him being ruler. Several fish raise their fins. The tanks then suck the fish up. SpongeBob sneaks to the side of his house, so that the tanks cannot see him. SpongeBob says that Plankton cannot capture people like that. SpongeBob then realizes that if Plankton is in charge, he will steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula and shut down the Krusty Krab. A portal opens and Goddard floats out. SpongeBob is scared of Goddard because SpongeBob has never seen anything like Goddard before. SpongeBob believes that Goddard is going to eat SpongeBob and begs Goddard not to. Goddard floats down to the sea floor and the flap revealing the TV inside his chest opens up. Jimmy appears on the screen. Jimmy says that he is SpongeBob’s friend. He explains that Plankton has joined forces with villains from other universes. He adds that with the help of the Evil Syndicate, Plankton is taking over Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob thinks he is dreaming and tells himself to wake up. He adds that he must have had too much ice cream the night prior. Jimmy adds that he has been gathering information about SpongeBob’s world and knows that SpongeBob has dealt with Plankton before. Jimmy begs for SpongeBob’s help. Plankton gets back on the speaker and asks if anyone else wants to defy Plankton. SpongeBob decides to help Jimmy. Jimmy tells SpongeBob to follow his dog to get into Jimmy’s lab. The communication finishes. SpongeBob tells Gary to guard the house and that he will be back soon. SpongeBob then goes through the portal. Like Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Libby, and Professor Calamitous did the first time they entered a universal portal, SpongeBob flings into Jimmy’s lab. Jimmy introduces himself to SpongeBob. Danny and Timmy walk over to SpongeBob. Timmy says that SpongeBob is a giant block of cheese. Jimmy corrects him by saying that he is a sponge from Bikini Bottom. This reminds Jimmy about his “Neutronic Moisture Sealant”. He sprays it on SpongeBob and says that as long as SpongeBob has the spray on him, he can remain moist in the air. SpongeBob’s says that it is the strangest morning SpongeBob’s had since the Tuesday prior. Danny is surprised that SpongeBob can talk. Jimmy explains that where SpongeBob comes from all sea creatures talk. Jimmy then explains the situation. After, Timmy says that it is cool and that it is like one of his video games. Cosmo and Wanda poof in and Wanda tells Timmy that it is more serious than one of Timmy’s video games. She adds that the fairies have lost their powers. Cosmo adds that his wand is just a “glorified back scratcher”. Jimmy says that the team must work together to stop the syndicate. He adds that because each of the Heroes has defeated each member of the Syndicate, he gathered them to help him stop the Evil Syndicate. He adds that if they combine their knowledge, they can defeat the villain. Timmy says that he is exited to work as a team to save the day. Danny says that now that the entire team is assembled, it is time to get started. Jimmy says that because they do not know where Professor Calamitous’ lab is, the only leads are in each of the other Heroes’ worlds. Jimmy adds that they should begin by stopping the Evil Syndicate from draining the energy. SpongeBob asks where they should start. Danny suggests Amity Park, his hometown. SpongeBob says, “Let’s go!”, and runs towards the portal. They go through the portal. They end up in a castle-like place. Jimmy finds that something is wrong and that he programed the portal to go to Casper High, Danny’s high school. Vlad’s voice is heard saying that he has made no mistake. The Heroes turn around to see Vlad. Vlad explains that he has taken residence of Casper High. He adds, “…at least, where Casper High once stood.” He says that he is glad that the Heroes could join him. He adds that he has been waiting for them. Danny apologizes for being late and says that they should start the party. Vlad says that it is not that simple. He says that he has the upper hand. He then reveals that he has taken control of Danny’s parents. Vlad says that all Danny has to do is join him and he will release Danny’s parents. It should be noted that neither Vlad nor Danny says that they are Danny’s parents. Danny says that he only uses his powers for good. Vlad says that with every moment, the ghost portal behind him is providing power for the Evil Syndicate’s ultimate plan. He adds that it also providing him with an unlimited amount of ghost energy. Danny says that he will never join Vlad. Vlad says that Danny will get plenty of time to consider his offer when they are rotting in the Ghost Zone Prison. Vlad then shoots them with a blast of ghost energy that knocks them out. He then sends them to the Ghost Zone Prison. When they wake up, Walker, the prison warden, is standing in front of them. Timmy asks where they are. Walker says that they are in his world now. Danny is surprised to see Walker and asks Walker what makes Walker sure that he can keep him locked up since Danny escaped last time he was there. Walker says that he has made some changes since Danny was there last. Walker adds that if the Heroes stay out of trouble, they should be fine. The heroes talk to their bunkmate, the Box Ghost. The Box Ghost introduces himself and says that if the heroes deal with the seven rats in the sleeping area, he will help them. The Heroes walk into the sleeping area. Danny hits the beds and defeats the ghost rats. The heroes walk back to the Box Ghost. The Box Ghost holds up his part of the bargain and somehow turns off an electric wall. The Heroes go through the prison facing some Syndicate troops and ghost guards. At one point, they go through the cafeteria. Before we continue, it should be noted that Danny has lost most of his powers when Danny entered the Ghost Zone Prison. Eventually, the heroes stop at a transporter-like area where Danny gets his “Overshadow” power back. He uses this power to overshadow guards and open doors that he would otherwise not be able to open. They continue to fight syndicate troops until they reach Walker. Walker scolds the boys and then they have to fight him. After the heroes win, Walker falls down. Timmy then asks how they are going to escape the Ghost Zone. SpongeBob finally realizes that they are in the Ghost Zone. He also realizes that since they are in the Ghost Zone, they were fighting ghosts. He screams because he is afraid of ghosts. Danny says that Vlad is not the only one with access to a ghost portal. Jimmy asks if Danny has access to a ghost portal. Danny says that it is nearby. Later, the Heroes exit the portal in the Fenton’s basement. Jimmy notices that the technology in the basement is in ghost-hunting technology. He asks Danny if he built the technology. Not revealing that he is Danny Fenton, Danny says that the Fenton family invented them. Timmy asks if the Fentons are the couple that Vlad had in his throne room. Timmy adds that if they are ghost experts, the Heroes should try to rescue them. Danny says that they cannot because Vlad is too powerful with the ghost portal open. He adds that they need to find a way to shut it down. Jimmy says that if he studies the gadgets that he might be able to come up with an invention that would be able to close the portal. Cosmo says that there is no time for studying. Timmy agrees and says that they are heroes and heroes do not sit around and study. SpongeBob agrees and adds that heroes go out and save the world. Danny says that they should get going and that they will come up with a plan once they get to Vlad’s castle. The heroes notice another of the areas where Danny got his Overshadow power. It is revealed that they are called, “ability pods”. This time, the ability pod is for Jimmy. He enters the pod and is given his shrink ray. Jimmy uses his shrink ray on a piece of furniture that is blocking the way out of the lab. He then moves the piece of furniture. The Heroes then leave Fenton Works; the name of Danny’s house/the Fenton’s work. Outside, Danny’s friends, Sam Manson and Tucker Foley, greet the Heroes. Timmy says that everyone looks like they have been turned into zombies. Sam corrects him by saying that the citizens have been overshadowed by the ghosts that Vlad has released. She adds that they had better deal with all six before heading up to Vlad’s Castle. Danny agrees. Tucker says that he and Sam will meet the heroes at the Amity Park Cemetery. Danny and the heroes go around defeating Syndicate troops and saving people. While they are doing this, the heroes notice another ability pod. This time, it is for Timmy. Timmy enters and receives a freeze glove that freezes Syndicate troops, specific areas, and anything water. Once the Heroes save the townspeople, they head to the Amity Park Cemetery, where they find Sam and Tucker. Sam thanks the Heroes and tells them to go through the Cemetery to Vlad’s Castle. She opens the gate and the Heroes go through it. They walk through the Cemetery and fight Syndicate troops. The Heroes end up at Vlad’s Castle. SpongeBob says that Amity Park is a ghost-free zone. Jimmy says that there is one big ghost left, Vlad. (Technically, he is half-ghost) Danny tells the team that they should close Vlad’s portal for good. The Heroes then enter Vlad’s Castle. When they get inside, SpongeBob timidly says that the castle is not creepy. Timmy says that the castle is awesome and that it looks like it is from a horror movie. Danny says that they need to shut down the ghost portal because they cannot defeat Vlad without it. Jimmy says that Vlad would need a lot of energy to keep it open. He adds that there must be generators around the place. Danny says that the team has to find the generators and shut them down. The Heroes notice another ability pod, this time it is for SpongeBob. SpongeBob enters and receives the ability to soak up water. SpongeBob soaks up some nearby water and then shoots the water into a bucket that causes a bridge to move to where the Heroes are. The Heroes cross the bridge. Throughout the castle, the Heroes fight Syndicate troops. Soon after the Heroes cross the bridge, they encounter a gate. Near the gate, there is a fountain. SpongeBob soaks up some of the water from the fountain and shoots a nearby flame, which opens the gates. The Heroes go through the gate. The Heroes continue until they reach an animal holding area. In the animal holding area, there is a purpleback gorilla, a rare gorilla species that exists in the Danny Phantom universe. After going through a tight-rope-like walk across some boards above the gorilla’s holding area, Danny enters the area and overshadows the gorilla. He uses the gorilla to escape the holding area and to help destroy wooden platforms to make them stairs to get to switches that open doors to the next area. The Heroes continue through the castle, passing a statue of Vlad. Finally, the Heroes enter the library, where they find a secret passageway into the underground of the castle. The Heroes go through the passageway and continue until they reach the first generator. A ghost appears that they would only encounter when they are near a generator. It can be assumed that these ghosts are the generator-keepers. Timmy freezes the generator and breaks it, destroying the generator. Part of the ceiling falls and makes a bridge for the Heroes to cross to the next area. The Heroes continue until they reach another generator. Timmy does what he did before and a gate that was blocking the way falls over. The Heroes continue and find another purpleback gorilla. Danny overshadows it and uses it to knock over a platform to allow the Heroes to continue. The Heroes continue and they find two large wheels of rope that are attached to a giant door. Timmy freezes them and then breaks them, causing the door to fall. The Heroes find another generator. Timmy uses his freeze powers again. The Heroes continue. The Heroes notice another Danny ability pod. Danny enters and receives the ability to “phase shift”, the ability to become invisible to go through walls. Danny goes through a wall and it opens. The heroes find the final generator. Timmy uses his freeze powers again. After they destroy the generator, a door that was blocking stairs to the throne room opens and the heroes walk up the stairs. Before they proceed, Danny says that now that the portal has lost power, they should find Vlad. They enter Vlad’s throne room. Vlad recaps what the Heroes have done since Vlad last saw the Heroes. Danny tells Vlad to give up. Vlad says that Danny underestimates Vlad. He says that with the help of the Evil Syndicate, he will have it up and running again. He adds that it does not matter anyway since they gathered enough ghost energy for their secret device. Danny asks if the Syndicate is building something. Vlad says, “Yes” and that soon they will bow down to the Syndicate. Danny says that it does not matter what the Syndicate is planning because the Heroes will stop them. Vlad uses Danny’s parents to threaten Danny. Danny says that he will not stand for Vlad’s treatment of his parents. The Heroes then fight Vlad. Danny overshadows Mr. Fenton to defeat Vlad. Vlad is surprised that the Heroes have defeated him. Danny says that the Heroes have defeated Vlad. Vlad says that they have only defeated him for now. He adds that the Heroes will regret standing up to the Evil Syndicate. A portal opens and he says that the battle is far from over. Vlad enters the portal and it closes. SpongeBob says that Vlad has escaped. Timmy says that at least the Fentons are safe. Mr. and Mrs. Fenton are starting to be unhypnotized. Danny says that is a relief. Danny says they should escape so that they do not notice them. Jimmy says that he was hoping to learn more about their ghost hunting technology. Danny says that ghost hunters and ghost boys do not mix. Danny adds that Amity Park is saved and that they have other worlds to save. A portal opens and the Heroes enter it. They end up in Jimmy’s lab. Jimmy reprograms the portal to go to Bikini Bottom. Jimmy gives Timmy and Danny “Neutronic Air Gum” and tells them to chew it when they are in Bikini Bottom. The heroes go through the portal. They end up in front of SpongeBob’s pineapple. Timmy is surprised about what Bikini Bottom looks like. He is also surprised that they are under the sea. Jimmy reminds Timmy and Danny to keep chewing the Neutronic Air Gum. SpongeBob says that he cannot wait to show Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny to all of SpongeBob’s friends. He lists them off. They are Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs. Before SpongeBob can finish “Mr. Krabs”, Danny interrupts him by asking SpongeBob where everyone is. SpongeBob notices that it seems quiet. Jimmy says that if everyone is missing, the Syndicate may be responsible. SpongeBob does not think that it is the Evil Syndicate, but instead that everyone is hiding for his “surprise birthday party”. SpongeBob checks above Squidward’s house, behind a nearby house, and behind a nearby wall. SpongeBob says that everyone is hiding so well, that it is going to take him forever to find everyone. Jimmy does not think that everyone is throwing a surprise party. Jimmy starts to say that he thinks it is something else, but before he can continue, six robot Syndicate troops show up and say, “Surprise!” SpongeBob, still thinking that it is a surprise party says, “Is it a costume party?” Danny says that he does not think that they are costumes. Sandy shows up and karate chops the back of one of the Syndicate troops. It falls. Sandy tells SpongeBob that they should get out of here. SpongeBob says, “Sandy! I knew you wouldn’t miss my surprise party.” Sandy tells SpongeBob that his birthday is not for another month. He then tells SpongeBob that he and his friends should follow her. The heroes follow her, fighting syndicate troops and breaking walls, along the way. Eventually, Sandy crosses a bridge, but before the heroes can cross it, it collapses; they must find an alternate route to get to her. They take another path and continue to fight syndicate troops. Soon, they find another type of Syndicate Troop that looks like a submarine with spider legs and a Plankton eye. It has the ability to use a force field and shoot bombs. The heroes continue to fight syndicate troops and progress. One of the tasks they need to complete is to spray water on an anemone to make it bouncy. They eventually find Sandy. They continue to follow her until they reach another bridge. The heroes go on it first and then it collapses. Sandy tells them to continue until they reach The Krusty Krab, where they will find her. The Heroes continue until they reach The Krusty Krab. They meet Sandy there and she tells them that they have to save five Bikini Bottomites before they can deal with Plankton. Next to The Krusty Krab there is a gate. Danny uses his ghost powers to get through and pulls a lever that is on the other side. The other heroes walk in and there is an ability pod for SpongeBob. SpongeBob goes in the pod and gains the ability to shoot DoodleBobs to distract Syndicate troops or lure them to hit a button. He uses it on a robot syndicate troop. The troop then rolls onto a button that drops a bridge to allow the heroes to save the Bikini Bottomites. After the heroes save the five Bikini Bottomites, they head back to Sandy. She tells them that Plankton has taken over Bikini Bottom. He has locked up anyone who has resisted. She says that Mr. Krabs was one of the first to be captured. Sandy adds that Plankton is stealing Jellyfish from Jellyfish Fields and transporting them to his Fortress Factory, where he is extracting power from their sting. Sandy says that she has a plan to overthrow Plankton, but she needs the heroes help. SpongeBob says that the heroes would be happy to help. Sandy says that first the heroes need to get to Jellyfish Fields and destroy the Jellyfish Harvesting Machines (the giant tank vacuums from the beginning of this story). Sandy says that this will interrupt Planktons plans. SpongeBob adds that it will also save the Jellyfish. Sandy continues with her plan. The heroes will then sneak into Plankton’s fortress and shut down the machines. SpongeBob adds, “And save the captured jellyfish!” Sandy continues. She says that with all that chaos, they should be able to sneak into Plankton’s control room and stop the operation completely. SpongeBob adds, “And save Mr. Krabs!” Timmy says that it is like a spy movie. He asks Sandy if they have any secret agents. Sandy says that they have an agent in Jellyfish Fields. The heroes’ first mission is to get in contact with the agent. Jimmy asks how they will know the agent. She says that his code name is, “Agent Star”. SpongeBob wonders who it could be. The heroes go to Jellyfish Fields. They are in a gully right before they get there. They fight syndicate troops and proceed to Jellyfish Fields. When they get there, SpongeBob says that they have to be quiet so no one knows that they are there until they find Agent Star. Patrick pops his head out from behind a rock. Patrick greets SpongeBob. Patrick tells SpongeBob that he is a secret agent. SpongeBob warns Patrick of a Jellyfish Harvester, but it is too late. Patrick is sucked into the Harvester. Patrick cries for help. SpongeBob starts crying. Danny says that SpongeBob should not worry because they will get Patrick back. He adds that they should stick to the plan. They continue through Jellyfish Fields and fight three Jellyfish Harvesters by shrinking them and hitting them. They also fight syndicate troops while travelling through Jellyfish Fields. Eventually, the Heroes find another ability pod. It is for Jimmy Neutron. He gets the power called, “Neutron Flare”. It allows him to shoot a flare. Soon, the heroes see a Ghost ship and a ghost pirate. They climb aboard. The ghost pirate is the Flying Dutchman. The Flying Dutchman threatens the heroes, not realizing that SpongeBob is among them. He says that they have been cursed and have to stay with him forever. SpongeBob greets the Flying Dutchman. The Flying Dutchman notices SpongeBob and says that he can leave, but his friends have to stay. SpongeBob says that he cannot leave his friends and he will have to stay with the Flying Dutchman. The Flying Dutchman does not like this idea. He says that if he had his old crew back, then he would not need them. Danny asks if they can find his crew. The Flying Dutchman laughs and says that his crew would not listen to the heroes. Danny says that he thinks that they will listen to him. The Flying Dutchman agrees. He says that if they can get his six crewmembers back, he will let them go, but if they do not they will have to be the Flying Dutchman’s crew forever. The heroes complete the task and report to the Flying Dutchman. He lets the heroes go. SpongeBob says goodbye to the Flying Dutchman as the Flying Dutchman sails away. When The Flying Dutchman is sailing his anchor opens up a large door that leads to the factory. They enter the doors. Inside the Jellyfish Factory, the Heroes assess the situation. Timmy hears something. The heroes look up to see Patrick in a glass jar. They fight some syndicate troops. Jimmy shrinks a boat. The heroes go up to a platform that is accessible because of the shrinking of the boat. The platform is also across from Patrick. Timmy uses his Cosmo gun to break the jar, freeing Patrick. They follow Patrick, who is still above them until he is stuck. The heroes see an ability pod that is for Timmy. Timmy enters the pod and receives his Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder ability. This allows him to have a robot hand that lets Timmy move large objects or turn wheels. He goes over to a wheel and turns it. It causes a platform to appear, which allows Patrick to continue until he is stuck again. They follow Patrick. They enter the next room. They find more syndicate troops and a giant jellyfish in a cage. Timmy freezes the cage open. SpongeBob finds a water source and shoots the Jellyfish. One of the heroes goes up onto a platform with a lever. He pulls the lever and Patrick is able to continue. The heroes follow him, entering a hallway with syndicate troops. Patrick is stuck, again. The heroes then enter the next room. They solve the puzzle in that room and Patrick continues and so do they. They enter a hallway with syndicate troops. They enter the next room. Patrick is behind a giant motor and there are giant jellyfish on several conveyor belts. The heroes jump on the jellyfish to get to the engine. They destroy it and Patrick is free. Patrick tells the heroes that they will need to turn four emergency release valves. The heroes go through the factory, fighting syndicate troops and turning the valves. On their path, they find Patrick next to a door. When they finish turning the valves, they return to Patrick and the door opens. Patrick tells them that Mr. Krabs will be with Plankton. The heroes find Karen, meaning that the factory was attached to the Chum Bucket. They fight their way until they reach a cracked wall inside a room with Plankton’s Labrador, which is just an image of a dog. The room also contains an ability pod for SpongeBob. He goes inside and gains the ability to shoot bubble bombs. He uses one on the wall and the heroes continue until they reach another wall. SpongeBob uses a bubble bomb on that. The heroes enter a room with a refrigerator, which Timmy can lift up as Cleft. He does so and moves it to an area where a valve is. He gets on the refrigerator, then goes to the valve, and turns it. The heroes then proceed. They enter the dining area and fight some syndicate troops. They then enter a door that has a staircase on it. The heroes go up the staircase until they reach the roof of the Chum Bucket. There, they find Plankton next to Mr. Krabs in a machine that is pulling money from his pockets. Plankton tells Mr. Krabs that he has tried being reasonable and unreasonable with Mr. Krabs, yet Mr. Krabs refuses to give Plankton the Krabby Patty secret formula. Plankton asks why Mr. Krabs will not give him the formula. SpongeBob tells Mr. Krabs not to give Plankton the formula. Plankton turns around and is surprised to see SpongeBob. SpongeBob tells Plankton that he has gone too far this time and asks him what his mother would think. Plankton tells SpongeBob that she would be very proud of him. He adds that his mother was always his favorite. He then tells the heroes to prepare to be crushed. A giant robot crab machine appears. The heroes then defeat Plankton and his machine. SpongeBob then asks what Plankton’s mother would think. Plankton then says that his mother would be disappointed in him and faking, says that he can change and that he will help people from now on. Danny says that Plankton might not have learned his lesson, but he is not ruling Bikini Bottom. Plankton says that he is not too sure about that. Patrick falls out of the sky and lands on Plankton. Plankton says that he needs a shower. He adds that the heroes may have defeated him, but the syndicate is still getting power in Dimmsdale and they almost have enough energy for their doomsday device. Plankton adds that they will soon bow down to him. He takes an escape pod and flies away. They heroes decide to go to Dimmsdale. The heroes go through a portal to Jimmy’s lab. In Jimmy’s lab, Jimmy reprograms his portal to go to Crocker’s lair. The heroes enter the portal. At Crocker’s lair, they notice that it is made of gold. Wanda notices that there is a rainbow of pure fairy energy flowing into the lair. Jimmy, thinking that it is a real rainbow, asks why that is bad that there is a rainbow flowing into the lair. Wanda explains that the rainbow is made of fairy magic. Jimmy concludes that what she is talking about is that Crocker is sucking energy from the Fairy World computer program. The heroes see an ability pod for Jimmy and a giant button. Jimmy uses his shrink ray on one of the pillars and shrinks it giving him access to the ability pod. He enters and is given the power to hit Slam Pads, the button from earlier. Jimmy uses his shrink ray to shrink another pillar giving him access to the Slam Pad. He presses it and the heroes are given entrance into the lair. The heroes fight syndicate troops through the lair until they reach a room with a giant diamond. The room has five hallways that lead to the diamond. Timmy says, “Yeah! We made it… Fairy World, here we come!” Wanda then tells Timmy that it is not that straightforward since they need to redirect the magic to the diamond before they can get to Fairy World. Cosmo is about to say that it will be easy to do that since Timmy can just wish it, but he realizes that is why they are there. Wanda tells the heroes that they need to follow the paths until they reach the rainbow beams and redirect the energy back to the center crystal in each room. Cosmo then reiterates what she said, but simplified. One of the paths leads to a yellow room where the crystal is in the front of the room. The room has net platforms and bridges that lead to the redirection switch. Jimmy sees a candle and uses his flare gun. It causes a platform to appear. The heroes follow the first bridge and stand on the first net platform. Jimmy notices another candle and fires his flare gun at it. It causes two more bridges to appear. The heroes follow the path until they reach a solid platform that has a slope leading to the redirection switch. One of the heroes slams on the switch and the magic is redirected to the Diamond. The heroes head back to the main room. One of the rooms is blue and the crystal is in the front of the room. Two cages are blocking two platforms of two different heights. Danny uses his phasing power to enter one of the cages. He picks up the platform and the cage moves down. Danny then moves it near an area further into the room that has a high platform and a button that Timmy with his Cosmo gun can hit. Danny then goes back and does the same for the other cage and platform. Timmy uses the platforms as steps to the high platform. He presses the button and a caged area that was blocking the heroes opens. Behind it, there is a slope leading to the redirection switch. One of the heroes slams on the switch and the magic is redirected to the Diamond. The heroes head back to the main room. One of the paths leads to a dark pink room where the crystal is in the front of the room. The room contains skinny platforms and giant machines that go down and up. One of the heroes follows the path, missing the machines. At the end of the path is a slope leading to the redirection switch. The hero slams on the switch and the magic is redirected to the Diamond. The heroes head back to the main room. One of the paths leads to a purple room where the crystal is in the front of the room. At the front of the room, there is two platforms on the side that are connected by a cage door that is blocking the heroes. On the sides of the cage door, there are two caskets. The heroes hit the caskets. Both caskets contain ghosts. Danny defeats them. The casket on the left contains the switch. One of the heroes pulls it and four more caskets are revealed; two on one side and two on the other. Like before, there is a cage door blocking the heroes. The heroes break the four caskets and again all four contain ghosts. Danny takes care of them. The one closest to the cage door on the right contains the switch. One of the heroes pulls it. The cage door opens revealing two paths to the platforms that were next to the cage doors. There are three caskets on one side and three on the other. The one on the left contains two caskets with ghosts and one with a switch. The one on the right contains three caskets with ghosts. One of the heroes pulls the switch, which makes stairs appear in the backside of the room. They lead to a button. One of the heroes slams on the switch and the magic is redirected to the Diamond. The heroes head back to the main room. One of the paths leads to a light blue room where the crystal is in the front of the room. The room contains a pool of water on the left and some separated platforms with rings at the bottom between the platforms that are above some ice. SpongeBob absorbs some water and hits the rings, causing two ice cylinders that are about the same height as the platforms they are between to appear. The heroes walk across them. SpongeBob sees another pool of water on this larger platform. He absorbs the water and spits it on three rings that are between the final platforms. The cylinders appear and the heroes cross them. The path leads to the button and one of the heroes slams on it. The magic is redirected to the Diamond. The heroes head back to the main room. After each redirection, the heroes have to face Syndicate troops. After they face the last Syndicate troops, it is time to go to Fairy World. Wanda tells them that on the count of three Cosmo and Wanda will touch their wands to the diamond and they will all transport to Fairy World. Jimmy does not understand what is about to happen, but he trusts them. Timmy tells them that it will take them straight to Fairy World. He realizes what he is saying and adds, “simulation” at the end. Timmy then adds that they have to figure out what Mr. Crocker has done. Wanda says, “Okay, here we go, three…two…” Cosmo interrupts her by asking, “Was that three, two, one, go? Or just three, two…” Wanda finishes her statement and Cosmo’s by saying, “One.” They are transported to a platform near the Fairy World sign. Wanda says that Mr. Crocker taking the power from the Big Wand to feed to the Syndicate’s doomsday machine is not good. Jorgen shows up and Jimmy, Danny, and SpongeBob scream. Jorgen is relieved that there is finally help. However, he does not like that Cosmo and Wanda brought “puny” children instead of mighty heroes. Cosmo and Wanda then point out that they may be small, but they are mighty heroes. Jorgen accepts this and says that with the heroes’ help, the fairies can fight back. He first asks the heroes to free the captured fairies. He adds that they will need all of the fairies to take back Fairy World. Timmy says that they should get to it and that they need to stop Mr. Crocker as soon as possible. They hop on some bouncy clouds. They then run to the end of the rainbow bridge, fighting Syndicate troops along the way. When they reach the end, they find themselves in downtown Fairy World. There is a statue of Mr. Crocker. There is also an ability pod for Danny. More Syndicate troops appear. The heroes defeat them. Danny then enters the ability pod and gains the ability, “Ghostly Wail”. This ability can knock out Syndicate troops or break glass. There is a switch on a platform that is incased in a glass bubble. Danny uses his ghostly wail on it and it breaks. He pulls the switch. A set of doors that are in front of a path that leads to more of Fairy World opens. More Syndicate troops appear on the path and the Heroes defeat them. When the heroes get to the other side of the path, there is an area with a captured fairy, more Syndicate troops, and a set of closed doors. The heroes defeat the Syndicate troops. A hero frees the Fairy and it poofs away. The closed doors then open. The heroes find a similar situation. They do the same thing and continue. This repeats two more times. However, in the last time, instead of the fairy opening the doors, there is a button that Timmy has to hit to open the doors. Timmy hits it and the heroes progress. They reach a circular area. There is a fairy in a cage, a glass incased button that opens the door that is in the far end of the area, and more Syndicate troops. Danny phases through the cage and frees the fairy. He then helps the heroes defeat the Syndicate troops, uses his ghostly wail on the glass and presses the button. The door then opens and a path is revealed. The heroes follow the path until they reach an area that has been partially destroyed. It is a dead end. There is a crack in front of a tall building. Syndicate troops appear. SpongeBob decides to use a bubble bomb near the crack. It makes an explosion that knocks a nearby pillar down over the crack. Going through and over the wreckage, finding a fairy on the way, the heroes get to the other side of the tall building to find a path that splits. One goes to a building and the other continues the path. The heroes decide to continue on the path. The path leads to some bouncy clouds that make something of a staircase to a platform near a giant castle-wall-like structure with the drawbridge up. There is a switch on the platform. One of the heroes pulls it and the drawbridge goes down. When the drawbridge goes down, it reveals more of the path. The heroes follow it until they reach an area with a staircase, an ability pod for Timmy, and closed doors that are on the opposite side of the staircase. Timmy enters the pod and gains the ability to heal himself and the other heroes. The door opens and it reveals an area with a bunch of cages, some of which have fairies inside of them. One of the cages has a switch. In front of the cages is an area with Syndicate troops. There are also wanted posters of the heroes near the cages. The heroes defeat the Syndicate troops. Timmy freezes the cages and breaks them. He then frees the fairies and pulls the switch. The switch opens a set of doors on one of the sides of the area. They enter the area with the Fairy World Capital building. There is a fountain in front of it. Near the fountain, there are two plant areas with a captured fairy in each. Timmy freezes the fountain and two heroes get to the plant areas and free the fairies. These are the last two fairies. The heroes then defeat the Syndicate troops in the area. They then follow a path that leads to some floating boats and some bouncy clouds. They follow the path it makes and defeating Syndicate troops along the way. It ends up not being useful and they head back. They follow another path that leads them back to the area after the rainbow bridge (not the Big Wand area). Jorgen is there now. Jorgen thanks the heroes and tells them that Mr. Crocker is at the top of the Big Wand with his machine. He then tells them to take the path he is near, through the mountains, to the Big Wand. The heroes follow the path and jump on cloud “staircases” until they reach a star-shape castle. They reach the top and continue on more cloud “staircases” until they reach the mountains. They go through the mountains, beating challenges and Syndicate troops, until they reach the Big Wand. The heroes get to the top of the Big Wand and meet Mr. Crocker. Mr. Crocker is in a mech suit. He points out that Timmy has finally made it and that he has brought his fairies. SpongeBob asks what a fairy is. Mr. Crocker tells the heroes that they are too late and that Professor Calamitous and the Syndicate have enough power for the doomsday device. He adds that soon the syndicate will demonstrate the power it has over all worlds by destroying one. He adds that with Fairy magic under his control he is unstoppable and the syndicate will rule the universe and he will rule Dimmsdale and Fairy World. Wanda says that Mr. Crocker is right and as long as Crocker’s machine is draining magic, they cannot do anything to him. Cosmo says that they can make fun of his outfit. He then insults Mr. Crocker’s pants. Timmy says that they have to shut the machine down. Going through three levels of the Big Wand, many Syndicate troops, and Crocker, the heroes manage to shut down the machine by having Timmy freeze and destroy the generators as he did at Vlad’s Castle. Mr. Crocker does not believe that he has no power. Timmy states that the Fairies have their magic back. Wand adds that Fairy World has its magic back too. Mr. Crocker states that Timmy may have beaten him this time, but Fairy World will be his again. He adds that the Doomsday Device is fully charged. Danny states that the heroes would have figured out by now that the members of the Syndicate run away after they beat them. SpongeBob says that he assumed it was part of the plan. Jimmy says that if what Crocker says is true, they need to head back to Retroville right away. He adds that they must find Professor Calamitous before he uses the Doomsday Device. Timmy says that he thinks he can fix everything now. Timmy then wishes that none of the problems ever happened and all the bad guys were in jail. Wanda says that Da Rules states that they can only make changes to Timmy’s world. Timmy says that they will just have to do things the old-fashioned way. They take the portal back to Jimmy’s lab. When they get there, Cindy is there. Jimmy asks what Cindy is doing in his lab. She says that she is there because Jimmy has managed to ruin the lives of everyone in Retroville, again. Jimmy asks why she thinks he is involved. Cindy states that it does not take a genius to tell that if something this bad is happening, then Jimmy is the first person to blame. She adds that she wants to know what Jimmy is going to do about it. Timmy greets Cindy. Cindy notices Timmy and greets him. Jimmy says that they don’t have time to catch up. Jimmy adds that they have to find Professor Calamitous before Professor Calamitous runs his doomsday machine. A buzzing is shown on Jimmy’s computer monitor and Professor Calamitous appears. He appears in front of a large device. Professor Calamitous says that Jimmy is too late. He adds that all of his heroics have been for nothing. He starts to explain the last part of his plan. He starts by saying, “All of the worlds in the…” he then struggles to continue. Vlad appears and he continues Professor Calamitous’ thought by saying, “Universe.” Professor Calamitous says that “Universe” is correct and continues, “…universe will bow down to the Syndicate’s power or be…” He struggles again. Plankton appears and he continues Professor Calamitous’ thought by saying, “Destroyed.” Professor Calamitous agrees that word is correct. Professor Calamitous continues his thought. “…destroyed. Now that the doomsday machine is ready, your worlds have no choice but to except our demands. You can’t stop us.” The transmission ends. Jimmy says that the heroes can stop the Syndicate if the heroes disable the Syndicate’s doomsday device. He adds that they have to find Professor Calamitous’ lab. SpongeBob looks at Goddard and tells Jimmy that Goddard might need a bath. SpongeBob says that he looks like he has fleas. Cindy is disgusted by the idea of Goddard having fleas. Jimmy states that Goddard does not get fleas. Jimmy then realizes something. He then says that Professor Calamitous must have been spying on them with some kind of flea bot. Goddard shows a side image of himself. Jimmy tells Goddard to do a self-diagnostic check for energy losses inside him. Goddard does so and finds that he has some in his head. He then shows an image of a flea-bot. Cindy wonders why Jimmy is caring about a flea when Professor Calamitous is about to destroy the world. Jimmy explains that if they can get the flea-bot, they can get a signal out of it that will lead them to Professor Calamitous. Jimmy says that they need a plan and has a brain blast. He says that they can shrink down with a shrink ray and fly into Goddard’s mouth using the hovercar. He adds that once they get the flea-bot, the can get the signal back to Professor Calamitous’ lair. The heroes go to a door to more of the lab. Timmy freezes it and destroys it. They go past the walkway until they reach another door. Here, there is a valve and Timmy uses his Cleft suit to open it. They enter another room and there is a door that can be opened with Jimmy’s football helmet. He does so and the heroes enter the room with the hovercar. They enter it and shrink down. They then enter Goddard. When they get there, Jimmy says that they need to get to Goddard’s visual/audio center of his CPU. They also need to stop minor energy drains throughout his system. The heroes go through an area in Goddard’s stomach and defeat flea-bots. They eventually reach an area that is in between two parts of the stomach. They meet a new enemy, which Danny overshadows to use to open the door to the next part of the stomach. In this area there are leaks in Goddard’s pipes and valves to fix them. Timmy closes the valves. The heroes continue until they reach another part of Goddard. They face more flea-bots and require one of the overshadowable enemies. Danny does so and opens the door to the next part. The heroes continue and have to repeat the same thing two more times. They then enter an “elevator” that sends them up to another part of Goddard. They then reach the main processor. Jimmy says that in order to let the others inside they will have to gain clearance by doing tests specifically designed for them. They all complete their tasks. After each task, another step to Goddard’s head is added. Once the last one is completed, they enter another “elevator” to Goddard’s head. Jimmy explains that once they get there, the main Flea-bot should be there. Once they enter, they see a giant Flea-bot. They defeat it by using Goddard’s eardrums to shake Goddard’s head and damage the Flea-bot. Jimmy gets the coordinates to Professor Calamitous’ lab. The heroes then leave Goddard’s head and grow back to normal size. They then head to an abandoned warehouse using the hovercar. They go underground and meet the Syndicate who are in the giant machine that was showing in their transmission. They all have force fields around them. Vlad’s is made of ghost energy, Plankton’s is made of Jellyfish energy, Mr. Crocker’s is made of Fairy Magic, and Professor Calamitous’ is made of Goddard’s energy. Mr. Crocker laughs and says that the Syndicate cannot be stopped. Jimmy says that they are there to stop the Syndicate. SpongeBob then adds that once the heroes stop the villains, then the villains will spend a long time in jail. Professor Calamitous says that the heroes will not quit until the Syndicate shows them… He struggles to continue. He then figures out the word and continues to say, demonstration of their power. The computer voice starts up saying, “Universal Doomsday Machine countdown initiated. Retroville destruction will commence in 5 minutes and counting. Have a nice day.” Professor Calamitous says that once it starts, it cannot be stopped. He says that he never got around to finishing the override switch. Danny asks them if they are crazy because they will be destroyed too. Vlad says that they will be safe inside the protective capsule. Mr. Crocker says that even Fairies cannot save Timmy now. Timmy says that they have to disable the doomsday device. Plankton asks what kind of amateurs do the heroes think the Syndicate is. Professor Calamitous says that it won’t be as easy as the heroes think to stop them. Professor Calamitous tells his Computer to activate the Doomsday Device’s defense systems. There are four paths in the room. Each leads to another switch that deactivates the villains’ protective capsules. The order of the villains is: Vlad, Mr. Crocker, Plankton, Professor Calamitous. It should be noted that it was not that Vlad was defeated, Mr. Crocker was defeated, etc., but instead the Heroes hit Vlad a few times, the machine started over, the heroes hit Mr. Crocker a few times, etc. Eventually, the Heroes defeat the Syndicate and power down their protective capsules. Professor Calamitous is surprised that the heroes stopped the defense system. Jimmy says that Professor Calamitous has taught Jimmy a valuable lesson in teamwork. Professor Calamitous says that it is not over yet since the heroes still have to stop the Doomsday Device. Timmy says that there are only 30 seconds until it goes off. Jimmy tries to think of an idea. Meanwhile, SpongeBob looks around. Danny suggests going ghost with it. He says that that won’t work. SpongeBob spots something and runs to it. SpongeBob tries to get the attention of the other heroes, but they are not listening. Timmy suggests using Cosmo and Wanda to send it into a black hole. Jimmy then says that he can reconfigure the plasma flux and reverse the polarity. He then realizes he does not have enough time to do that. Danny asks what they are going to do. The machine then shuts down. Timmy asks what happened. The heroes look at SpongeBob to see that he is holding a bunch of plugs. SpongeBob is surprised that it worked. Professor Calamitous says that he never finished the backup power supply. Danny says, “Way to go, SpongeBob.” He then adds that SpongeBob saved the day. Later, in Jimmy’s lab, Jimmy says that with Professor Calamitous in prison and the other villains in the custodies of their respective heroes, Jimmy says that it is time to go their separate ways. Jimmy tells them to take the Neutron Recallers with them. He says that if anything like that happens again, the heroes can work together to resolve it. SpongeBob thanks Jimmy and says that he can visit SpongeBob in Bikini Bottom any time. He says that he must be going because he does not want to lose his job at The Krusty Krab. Danny asks, “Mr. Krabs would fire you after saved his life?” SpongeBob says that Mr. Krabs would not do that, but if SpongeBob is not on time, Mr. Krabs will start charging him for wasting his time. SpongeBob adds that sometimes he has to work all day just to break even, but he loves working there. SpongeBob says, “So long, guys,” and leaves. Danny says that it is his turn to say goodbye. Danny then gives Jimmy a Fenton thermos. Jimmy says with this technology, he can figure out what those “phantasmal projections” really were. Jimmy asks if Vlad is still in the thermos. Danny says that he is in another one that Danny has. Danny says that he borrowed Jimmy’s matter duplicator to make a second one. Danny leaves. Jimmy says that it is good to see Timmy again, but they should probably say goodbye. Timmy thanks Jimmy for lending Timmy his hypercube. He says that he will let Crocker out when he gets back to Dimmsdale. Cindy says goodbye to Timmy and that she is missing him already. Timmy leaves. Jimmy says that life is almost back to normal. He adds that there is just one more thing left. Jimmy tells Cindy to get out of his lab.

There are three more crossover adventures, but they are not that important, so I will sum them up. In the next adventure, Danny and SpongeBob are summoned to another universe on an island called, “Volcano Island”. Danny and SpongeBob meet an Old Crab and he tells them that there is an evil and super powerful creature called, “The Mawgu” that has taken over the Island. Timmy with Cosmo and Wanda, Sandy, Squidward, Tucker, and Sam are scattered around different parts of the island and Danny and SpongeBob have to find them all. The heroes defeat the Mawgu and his minions, which he has created with evil goo that controls the minds of other creatures and can bring life to inanimate things. In the next adventure, to win a competition called, “The Greatest Genius Award”, Professor Calamitous creates a Multiversal factory, capture fairies; make them eat Krabby Patties, which he anonymously requested, making them fart magic to make toys real. He has also captured some of the Nickelodeon heroes: Danny, Tak (A magic wielding human from Tak and the Power of Juju), Timmy, Jimmy, Ren (a cat from Ren and Stimpy), XJ-9 (a robot from My Life as a Teenage Robot), and Rocko (a wallaby from Rocko’s Modern Life), which he has made into Toybots. He has also made SpongeBob a Toybot version without even capturing him. While he and one of his living toys are at the competition, Professor Calamitous has built the Chad-bot, which runs the factory. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Tak, who has escaped, work together to rescue the other heroes and stop the Factory. In the end, the Chad-bot is awarded the Greatest Genius Award since to allow the heroes to get contact to Danny, he made a deal with them to get figurines of the heroes for the Chad-bot’s collection and the fact that he was the one actually running the factory. In the next adventure, the Evil Syndicate and the heroes work together after a super powerful villain, Globulous Maximus, attacks the universes of Jimmy, Danny, Tak, SpongeBob, and Zim (an alien from the planet of Irk from Invader Zim). The evil Syndicate members are Beautiful Gorgeous, Technus, Tralok (Tak’s enemy and another Juju user), Plankton, and Dib (Zim’s enemy), who only joined the villains’ side because Zim joined the heroes’ side. The heroes and Syndicate’s base is a base in the Volcano on Volcano Island. Globulous Maximus has the ability to control people with Goo. The heroes and the Syndicate have to beat enemies called, “morphoids”; as well as boss fight enemies in all of their worlds, except Tak’s world. The boss fight enemies are Bubble Bass, who was controlled by goo that landed on his patty, which made him giant; Cujo the Ghost Dog, who got hit with Goo; Gir (Zim’s robot sidekick), who got hit with Goo; and the Girl-Eating Plant. The heroes also have to save their friends and a few other notable characters. Using the Mawgu technology, each hero is given something that can help him or her defeat the Morphoids. SpongeBob is given a super powered bubble blower, Tak is given a more powerful staff, Plankton grows and is given a hammer, Beautiful Gorgeous is given a powerful megaphone, Dib is given a balloon launcher, Zim is given “The Plunger of Doom”, Jimmy was given a power hat, Technus was given powerful electric gloves, and Danny was given a power pack. After the heroes and Syndicate defeat Bubble Bass, some goo lands on SpongeBob, but because he is a sponge he does not become under Globulous Maximus’ control. However, he becomes a transmitter between Globulous Maximus and the heroes/Syndicate. After the first transmission, the Wise Old Crab shows the heroes and the Syndicate a ship called, “The Vessel of Portencia”. However, some of the pieces are missing and are scattered in the other universes. The heroes and the Syndicate find the pieces and are ready to get to Globulous Maximus. Before this, Globulous Maximus says that he likes SpongeBob and wants to take over SpongeBob’s body because he prefers it to his own. They all defeat Globulous Maximus, but the story does not end there. The Syndicate betrays the heroes and kicks them out of the Vessel of Portencia. The heroes learn that Globulous Maximus is a giant sentient bugger and he only attacked because he was jealous of those around him because he couldn’t do a lot. The heroes then agree to help them. He turns into a look alike of SpongeBob and defeats the Vessel of Portencia. Globulous Maximus drops the heroes off on the Volcano on Volcano Island and promises to do good as, “SpongeGlob”.
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