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Before you start reading this story, please read the other parts, which can be found in the description.

Our story begins in Dimmsdale Elementary School, Dimmsdale, California in the Fairly OddParents Universe. For years, Mr. Denzel Crocker, a teacher at Dimmsdale Elementary School, used a transportation science fair as a way to get to the legendary Fairy World, the place where magical creatures, called, “Fairies”, live. One year, Mr. Crocker had a student named, “Timmy Turner”. Timmy had fairy godparents, fairies that are assigned to miserable children to grant the child’s every wish (within the rules of Da Rules, the rule book). Timmy did not do his science project and was distracted with a game called, “Decimator”. One day, Mr. Crocker reminded the students of the project. Realizing that he did not do the project, Timmy wished that he could go to the greatest lab in Dimmsdale. He ended up in his friend A.J.’s room. He knew that A.J. would know that Timmy would have stolen a device, so he poofed home using a device his fairies gave him called, “The Auto-Poofer”, a device that transports the user to Timmy’s room. When he returned, Timmy wished that he was in the greatest lab in the universe. However, due to an unknown error possibly with the phrase, “the Universe” not being clear which universe, Timmy ended up in the lab of Jimmy Neutron, a boy genius, in Retroville in the Jimmy Neutron Universe. Before Timmy arrived, Jimmy Neutron was giving his robot dog, Goddard, a tune-up. When Timmy arrived, Timmy found some of the devices and planned to take something. He messed around with some things and one of the devices was an invention that makes people dumber or smarter when they use it called, the “Brain Drain Helmet”. Jimmy walked over to his chair, when he found Timmy wearing the Brain Drain Helmet. He fixed Timmy and asked who Timmy was and how he got in his lab. Thinking that the lab was not Jimmy’s, Timmy claimed that the inventions were his. Using a device called, the “Hypercube”, a storage cube, Jimmy told Timmy that the inventions were his and started putting things in the Hypercube. Timmy accidentally is sucked into the Hypercube and Jimmy finds Timmy’s Auto-Poofer. Jimmy thinks that it is one of his mini-lasers, but realizes that it is not. When he notices this, he is moving the Auto-Poofer back in forth. He then hits it in his hand. This causes him to transport to Timmy’s room. Once Jimmy leaves, Timmy escapes the Hypercube and thinks he has the lab all to himself and that he scared off Jimmy. He then plays with some other inventions. He then finds Goddard thinking that it is a video game dog box. He then inserts his disc of “Decimator”, which messes with the tune up. While the game downloads, he searches for his Auto-Poofer. He then finds the mini-laser that Jimmy was using to fix Goddard before Timmy arrived. He thinks that it is his Auto-Poofer, but cannot tell because everything is “bulgy”.* Jimmy’s friends, Carl Wheezer and Sheen Estevez arrive. They think that Timmy is Jimmy that just shrunk his head. Timmy asks them if they know anything about the inventions. The two agree to help “small-headed Jimmy”. They then play with some other inventions. Timmy ends up with a hover board. He then crashes and then Jimmy’s mom, Judy Neutron, appears thinking that Timmy is Jimmy. She starts to scolds him and Sheen suggests that Timmy uses a device called, the “Hypno-beam”, a device that Hypnotizes people. Timmy does and tells Judy that she is Mighty Mom, who in Timmy’s world was his mother’s superhero alter ego. Because Judy did not know who Mighty Mom was, she then thinks that she is a superhero with motherly abilities. She then “flies” into the house. Timmy then tries to use the hover board again. He flies out of Jimmy’s backyard and ends up crashing into two girls named, “Cindy Vortex” and “Libby Folfax”. Cindy thinks that it was Jimmy that crashed into her and Libby. Libby then corrects her by saying that it is not Jimmy. Cindy thinks that Timmy is one of Jimmy’s online chess friends. Cindy then shows Timmy how to use the hover board. Timmy then asks Cindy if she will help him on his science project. She then agrees. Meanwhile, Goddard has transformed into a decimator form of his former self. Once the game is done downloading, he wakes up. He then walks outside and notices Jimmy’s dad, Hugh Neutron, trying to follow Judy into the house. She closes the door and he knocks to get inside. Hugh then notices the Decimator-Goddard. Earlier, in Dimmsdale, Jimmy is in Timmy’s room. He notices that he is now “flat”.* He then tries to find a manual for the Auto-Poofer, thinking that Timmy used the device to poof him out of the lab. He searches in Timmy’s drawers, closet, fishbowl, and underneath the bed. When Jimmy is underneath Timmy’s bed, Cosmo and Wanda, Timmy’s fairies, return from their trip to Hawaii that they took when Timmy was in Jimmy’s universe. Jimmy then pops his head out from under the bed, asks who Timmy is, and introduces himself. Cosmo and Wanda then scream. Thinking that it is just the way that people greeted each other in that universe, Jimmy screams back. Jimmy then looks outside to see A.J. with some clones on a bike. Jimmy then screams and A.J. or one of his clones says, thinking that Jimmy is Timmy, that he can scream all he wants, but they are going to beat him at the science fair. Cosmo points out that Jimmy is not Timmy because of Jimmy’s fudgy hair. Wanda adds that if he finds out that they are Timmy’s fairies, they will have to go away forever. Cosmo and Wanda introduce themselves. When they do, they use their traditional, “’I’m Cosmo’ ‘and I’m Wanda’ ‘and we’re your fairy godparents!’” However, because they cannot reveal that they are fairies, they do not say the “your fairy godparents!” part. Instead, Jimmy finishes their sentence thinking that they are holograms. Mr. Turner, Timmy’s dad, walks in, thinking that Jimmy is Timmy, tells Jimmy that it is time for school. Jimmy then denies it and Mr. Turner thinks that it is one of Timmy’s avoidance disguises. He then tells Jimmy that Vicky, Timmy’s evil babysitter, will be driving him to school. When he is dropped off, Cosmo and Wanda are in cat form. Jimmy asks them for help to get to his home. Wanda says that Timmy has to wish for it for them to do anything. Jimmy thinks that they only obey voice commands. Jimmy then realizes that Cosmo and Wanda are in cat form and is fascinated with Cosmo and Wanda being in a different form. Wanda says that Timmy does not want to know about them. Jimmy thinks it is because they are prototypes. Jimmy then walks into class. They kids think that he is Timmy using one of his avoidance costumes. A.J. says that Timmy did not do his science project. Jimmy then points out the Auto-Poofer. He then uses the pen and Mr. Crocker notices that he is gone. He then leaves to go into the Crocker Cave, a lab that he built that spans from underneath the school to underneath his house. He then realizes that Timmy’s head getting bigger is a work of fairies. He then plans to get the Auto-Poofer, so he can get to Fairy World to rule. Meanwhile, Jimmy has ended up in Timmy’s room. He thinks that the Auto-Poofer is voice activated, so he tries to go home, but he ends up in Timmy’s room. Thinking that there is too much technology in Timmy’s room, he tries outside. He then tries at the edge of Dimmsdale. He then tries in Mexico. All attempts end in him returning to Timmy’s room. Wanda explains that it only goes to Timmy’s room. Jimmy finds Timmy’s Game Buddy, parody of a Game Boy, and puts the pen in and pushes a few buttons and Retroville appears. He is about to leave, when Mr. Crocker shows up. Mr. Crocker then takes the device and pushes a few buttons until Fairy World appears. He pushes a button and Mr. Crocker, Jimmy, Cosmo, and Wanda get transported to Fairy World. Meanwhile, in Retroville, Timmy and Cindy are on a date at the “Candy Bar”, a candy shop that looks similar to a restaurant. Libby, Sheen, and Carl interrupt the date to tell the two about Goddard. They all walk outside. They notice that Goddard is trying to kill Hugh. Timmy notices that Goddard turned into the Decimator. Timmy explains that Decimator-Goddard is too slow at this point. He also explains that Decimator-Goddard will get bigger with each target it destroys. Timmy and Cindy leave to do more science projects. After Timmy and Cindy use two more inventions in the park, Libby, Sheen, and Carl show up. Timmy tells them that there is nothing to worry about because Decimator is a harmless video game. Decimator-Goddard then shows up and blasts them. Timmy realizes that the situation is bad. Timmy realizes that he needs Cosmo and Wanda’s help. He gets out the mini-laser that he thinks is his Auto-Poofer. Before he can do anything, Decimator-Goddard eats him. Cindy thinks she can help and leaves. Inside Decimator-Goddard, Timmy is moving over Goddard’s Stomach. Cindy then talks to Timmy. She tells him that she is talking to him through the mini-laser. Timmy then realizes that the mini-laser is not his Auto-Poofer. Cindy tells Timmy to do a bunch of things. He then does all of these things and gets free from Goddard. Cindy then uses Jimmy’s hover car to get to the scene. She tells Timmy that she thinks he is sweet for putting himself in danger just so she could save him. Goddard then turns back into his normal self. There is a transmission from Jimmy. Sheen then realizes that Timmy is not Jimmy. Timmy asks what Jimmy is doing in Fairy World. Jimmy then tells Timmy that Mr. Crocker sucked them into his computer simulation. In Fairy World, Mr. Crocker takes a tour and finds out about the Big Wand, the thing that powers Fairy World and fairies, and the Fairy Armory. He then goes to the Fairy Armory. He then takes some weapons and takes down the Big Wand. At first, Jimmy does not want to help the fairies because he thinks it is a game and everything will return to normal if he just resets the game, but after Timmy convinces Jimmy to help, Jimmy does. He then uses a robot in a battle suit made of the parts of other inventions at the science fair to distract Mr. Crocker while, Jimmy fixes the big wand. He then realizes that he needs to plug it in. He does and Fairy World returns to normal. Jorgen Von Strangle, an important fairy, is in Schnauzer form because Mr. Crocker turned him into that form earlier. He then attacks Mr. Crocker making him forget about his trip to Fairy World. Timmy then contacts Jimmy again. Timmy then wishes that the two were back in their own universe. In the void, two portals open, one is from Fairy World and one is from Jimmy’s lab. Timmy leaves Jimmy’s lab and Jimmy leaves Fairy World. They formerly introduce themselves and return to their homes. Later, at the science fair, Miss Geraldine Waxelplax, the principal of Dimmsdale Elementary School is judging the contest because of Mr. Crocker’s incident with Jorgen. Timmy does not have a project ready. When Miss Waxelplax gets to Timmy, a portal appears and Goddard enters the science fair. With Goddard, Timmy wins the science fair. Timmy thanks Jimmy.

The next time that Jimmy and Timmy would meet is on Friday the 13th. Both of the boys were planning to have a dance. Timmy did not have a date, so he decided to go to Retroville and ask Cindy. Jimmy was going to ask Cindy, but he gets distracted with two of his villains working together. Meanwhile, in Fairy World, Anti-Cosmo returns to Fairy World Prison, after he had previously escaped, to free the other Anti-Fairies. However, Jorgen stops him. Using bad luck, Anti-Cosmo makes Jorgen fall. Jorgen then makes the Anti-Fairies have the ability to appear on Earth without special glasses and adds locks that no one in “this universe” can open. Anti-Cosmo then realizes that there are other universes and devises a plan. In Dimmsdale, before Timmy wished that he and his fairies were in Retroville so he could ask Cindy to his dance, Mr. Crocker tells Timmy that no one will go to the dance and that everyone will be at his birthday party. Later, in Retroville, Professor Calamitous, using his robot suit, and another of Jimmy’s villains named, “Dr. Sydney Moist” work together to rob a bank. After they do, Jimmy shows up and Professor Calamitous ejects Dr. Moist because he was supposed to be look out. Jimmy then stops Professor Calamitous. Sheen and Carl then show up to help, but find that Jimmy has already taken care of him. Jimmy starts to leave to ask Cindy to his dance. Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy show up. Timmy notices Jimmy walking by and tells his fairies to hide. They hide in a wristwatch-like device, similar to the one that Jimmy has. Jimmy then notices Timmy. Timmy tells Jimmy that he is there to ask Cindy to his dance. Timmy then asks Sheen and Carl if they know how to get to Cindy’s house. The two boys say that they will help him if he gets them there in an irresponsibly and unsafe manner. Timmy then says that he wishes that he could do that. Since magic does not exist in the Jimmy Neutron universe, Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen look confused. Timmy then goes behind a tree and wishes for it there. It is a helicopter backpack. Eventually, Jimmy and Timmy end up at Cindy’s house and start fighting. The two eventually get into rockets, Jimmy finds out that Timmy is using Cosmo and Wanda, and they two pass a mountain that is owned by Professor Calamitous. He is looking for a partner. He notices Cosmo and Wanda on his monitor and gets the idea that he will capture Cosmo and Wanda to use their power. Cindy finds Jimmy and Timmy. Eventually, Timmy and Cindy leave to Dimmsdale. Jimmy says that he has to go to Dimmsdale. Professor Calamitous says that he will go to. Later, Jimmy, Carl, Libby, and Sheen go through a portal to Dimmsdale. Professor Calamitous takes the opportunity to go into Jimmy’s lab. When Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, and Libby get to Dimmsdale, Jimmy suggests that they split up to find Timmy. Meanwhile, Timmy is giving Cindy her dream date, which he got from her diary. Timmy even makes his parents into billionaire super models. Cindy asks to see Timmy’s lab. Timmy, not having a lab is about to wish to go to a fantastic lab, but Cindy tells him not to speak until they get there. Timmy uses A.J.’s lab. While they are there, Timmy pockets a “gene splicer”. Cindy says that she is ready for Timmy to ask her to his dance. However, Cindy insists it is somewhere romantic and that Timmy not say a word until they get there. Meanwhile, Professor Calamitous goes through Jimmy’s portal. He is holding Jimmy’s hypercube. Professor Calamitous hits the “Welcome to Dimmsdale” sign. Here, Mr. Crocker is nailing up a sign that reads, “Home of Crocker’s Party”. This marks the first meeting (although, it was informal) of Professor Calamitous and Mr. Crocker. Meanwhile, Jimmy goes to Timmy’s house, which has now been replaced by a castle. Mr. Turner answers the door and thinks that Jimmy is Timmy in one of his avoidance costumes. Mrs. Turner appears and tells Jimmy to scrub the toilets. Meanwhile, Timmy has taken Cindy to Dimmsdale Beach. He is about to ask her when Carl and Sheen show up. They explain that Jimmy is looking for Cindy. Timmy then wishes for a sandstorm that is heading for just Carl and Sheen. Timmy then takes Cindy to a fountain. He is about to ask her when Libby shows up. Timmy then wishes for a famous pop star that Libby likes. Timmy then takes Cindy to a wooded area. He is about to ask her when Libby, Carl, and Sheen show up. Timmy then gives Cosmo and Wanda to Carl, Libby, and Sheen. Carl wishes for them to go to where the llamas are. Carl, Libby, and Sheen wish for lots of things. Back at Turner Castle, Jimmy finishes cleaning the toilets. Jimmy walks outside. Professor Calamitous notices Jimmy. He then decides that he can just destroy Jimmy on his own. He takes a device out of the Hypercube. However, he finds out that it is a transportation device and he goes flying past Jimmy. Jimmy notices Professor Calamitous and goes to his hypercube. He notices Professor Calamitous’ list that says that he wants to capture Timmy’s fairies and destroy Jimmy. Mr. Turner walks out and tells Jimmy that he is going to eat another high fiber energy bar. Jimmy runs away with his hypercube. With Professor Calamitous, while he is flying around, he goes under ladders, breaks some mirrors, and breaks a hole in a black cat adoption agency, causing him to have black cats cross his path. This summons Anti-Cosmo, who is attracted to bad luck. Professor Calamitous says that he has never had that much bad luck in his universe. Anti-Cosmo asks Professor Calamitous if he is from another universe. Professor Calamitous notices that Anti-Cosmo looks similar to Cosmo and Wanda. He adds that Anti-Cosmo can help him destroy Jimmy. Anti-Cosmo says he is willing to help, if Professor Calamitous helps him. Meanwhile, in the Fairy World Prison, Jorgen has locked all of the Anti-Fairies, Fairy criminals, and lawn gnome criminals in individual prison cells. Professor Calamitous walks by Jorgen and into the control room. Professor Calamitous asks Binky, a fairy that often appears with Jorgen, if a button Professor Calamitous is about to press will open the prisons. Binky says that it is and Professor Calamitous presses, freeing the prisoners. The Anti-Fairies knock down Jorgen and leave the prison. After the Anti-Fairies are gone, Professor Calamitous says that Anti-Cosmo must help him destroy Jimmy. However, Anti-Cosmo decides to trap Professor Calamitous and Jorgen in a prison. Anti-Cosmo then leaves. Jorgen tries to use Professor Calamitous to free them, but it does not work. Professor Calamitous notices that Anti-Cosmo left the keys in the lock and they free themselves. Meanwhile, in Dimmsdale, Timmy is about to ask Cindy to his dance, when Jimmy shows up. Jimmy tells Timmy and Cindy that Professor Calamitous is there to use Timmy’s computer programs for evil. Timmy thinks that nothing bad will happen. A wormhole opens up and Anti-Fairies start entering Dimmsdale. Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda approach Jimmy, Timmy, and Cindy. Anti-Cosmo says that he can send his Anti-Fairies to halt the Earth’s rotation, so that every day will be Friday the 13th forever. Jimmy asks why he is telling them that. Anti-Cosmo says it is because they cannot stop them. Cindy tells Timmy that he said that there was nothing to worry about. Nervously, Timmy says that he is not worried. Jimmy says that Timmy should be because the sky is filled with Timmy’s evil computer programs. Forgetting that Jimmy thinks that these characters are from Timmy’s computer program, Timmy denies they are his and Jimmy insists that they are his. Jimmy then performs a dance called, the “In-your-face dance”. Anti-Cosmo says that Jimmy should not be “dancing in anyone’s face” because soon every day would be Friday the 13th and bad luck will rain forever. He adds that it is because of Jimmy and his "friend", Professor Calamitous. Timmy says, “Way to go, Nerdtron.” Anti-Cosmo adds that Timmy is to be thanked as well because he was the one who showed off Cosmo and Wanda, which caused Professor Calamitous to come to this universe. Anti-Cosmo then performs the “in-your-face dance” and leaves. Jimmy and Cindy are now mad at Timmy. Timmy says that if he can find Cosmo and Wanda, he can stop the Anti-Fairies. Cindy says that they are with Libby, Carl, and Sheen, but because Carl wished for them to be “where the llamas are”, they could be anywhere. Later, Jimmy finds some trash and builds an invention. Cindy asks what it is. Jimmy says that it is a sound wave detector. Since Jimmy knows that Libby would be with the funky beat, he sets it to “Funky”. He says that they should be able to find them with that. Meanwhile, Anti-Cosmo rallies the other Anti-Fairies and tells one party to halt the Earth’s rotation and one party to spread bad luck. Back with Jimmy, Cindy, and Timmy, they find the others. A llama is chewing on Carl, Libby cannot take the funk anymore, and Sheen cannot take Morgan Freeman anymore, which was one of his wishes. Timmy says that they are suffering from wish overload. Timmy runs over to Libby and tells her that he has to wish them back to her. Libby does and Timmy wishes all of the wishes were gone. Timmy tries to wish away the Anti-Fairies, but there are too many of them. They are too powerful. Timmy wishes that they were at the Crocker Cave, realizing that Cindy was there, he corrects himself and says that it is his other lab. Cosmo and Wanda grant the wish. Jorgen and Professor Calamitous show up and Jorgen tries to stop them. Just like Cosmo and Wanda, it does not work. Anti-Fairies then chase Professor Calamitous and Jorgen away. At the Crocker Cave, the kids fall through the roof of the lab. After making excuses to prove this is Timmy’s lab, he digs through a chest in the Crocker Cave. He throws out some of Crocker’s past inventions, but then pulls out a butterfly net. Cosmo and Wanda freak out about the butterfly net because it is one of the only weaknesses of a fairy. Cindy and Jimmy are confused. Timmy explains that if it has wings and flies, a butterfly net can catch it. Jimmy takes out his hypercube and combines the butterfly net and the hypercube to create a device that can catch and store the Anti-Fairies, which he calls, “rogue computer programs”.  He tests it out on Cosmo and Wanda. It works and the kids poof away. Crocker then appears in the lab napping. He wakes up, thinking he heard a sound and then thinks that he was just dreaming about fairies. Meanwhile, in Downtown Dimmsdale, Anti-Fairies are causing bad luck havoc everywhere. The kids poof in and Timmy says that they all must get all of the Anti-Fairies in one place, so Jimmy can suck them up. After the plan succeeds with the help of Cosmo and Wanda’s magic, Jimmy and Timmy start fighting over Cindy again. In the fight, Jimmy’s hypercube falls out. Professor Calamitous notices it and says that with this power, he could be unstoppable. Jorgen steps in and says that Professor Calamitous will not be taking it. Jimmy and Timmy notice Professor Calamitous and Jorgen. Jimmy says that he cannot allow Professor Calamitous to get his hypercube. Timmy says that he cannot allow Jimmy to look good, so he pulls out the gene splicer that he got from A.J.’s lab. He says that he will stop them with that. He uses it and Jorgen and Professor Calamitous join together in a combination that is just Professor Calamitous on Jorgen’s body that still has Jorgen’s head on it. Professor Calamitous can now control Jorgen’s arms. Thinking that he can kill Jimmy and Timmy, Professor Calamitous uses Jorgen’s magic and a huge explosion happens. Calamitous-Jorgen takes Cindy. Jorgen tries to explain that fairy magic cannot kill people, but Professor Calamitous stops him from finishing his thought and Calamitous-Jorgen opens a portal to Retroville. Calamitous-Jorgen holding Cindy travels through the portal. Later, in Retroville, Professor Calamitous explains what he has done while in Retroville. He has terrorized the inhabitants with Prehistoric Creatures, prisoned Jimmy’s parents and Goddard in carbonite, and prepared a delicious picnic lunch. After lunch, Calamitous-Jorgen poofs up a bomb called, “The Big Bang Bomb”. It is so powerful that it will make Earth go back to its original state, so that Professor Calamitous can make the Earth in his image. Meanwhile, in Dimmsdale, Libby, Carl, Sheen, Cosmo, and Wanda are still grieving over the loss of Jimmy and Timmy. Jimmy and Timmy, now in snail form crawl out and Wanda says that Jorgen’s magic did not destroy them, but turned them into snails. Libby recaps what has happened and the boys agree to work together. Cosmo and Wanda poof the boys back to normal. Back in Retroville, Calamitous-Jorgen is programming the bomb. Cindy thinks that Professor Calamitous will also be killed. Calamitous-Jorgen then poofs up a magical desk that will allow him to survive. He then turns Cindy into a goldfish. Calamitous-Jorgen then turns on the bomb. Cosmo, Wanda, Sheen, Carl, and Libby inside Jimmy’s rocket, poof into Retroville. They fly around to distract Calamitous-Jorgen, so Timmy and Jimmy can appear with invisibility. Jimmy and Timmy get to the top of the bomb and notice that Cindy is a fish. Jimmy is about to defuse the bomb, when Cindy suggests that Timmy defuse the bomb. Jimmy says that Timmy is not smart and Timmy denies this. Timmy gets angry and starts pressing buttons on the bomb’s keyboard. The bomb shakes and Timmy stops pressing buttons. Meanwhile, Calamitous-Jorgen is controlling the rocket with a magic force field. Professor Calamitous notices Jimmy and Timmy and releases the rocket, causing the children to fall out. Cosmo and Wanda give the children parachutes. Professor Calamitous wonders why Jimmy and Timmy are alive. Jorgen explains that his magic cannot kill people because it is against Da Rules. Professor Calamitous captures Jimmy, Timmy, and Cindy in a magic force field. Professor Calamitous is about to try to kill them again, but Jorgen repeats that it is against Da Rules to kill people. Timmy notices that when Jorgen is angry, he has control over Jorgen’s body. Jimmy says that they need to keep Jorgen angry. Timmy calls for his fairies. He tells them that they need to make as much crazy magic as possible. Wanda says that she is not a loose cannon and Cosmo says that he is. He then asks where they are going to get someone who is as dangerously off kilter as Cosmo. They choose Sheen. Sheen is then transformed into “Fairy Boy”. Cosmo and Fairy Boy start doing things that are crazy. This makes Jorgen mad. Jorgen-Calamitous transforms Cindy back to normal. Timmy notices that just making Jorgen mad is not enough to break him free of Professor Calamitous’ control. Timmy says that they have to break Da Rules. Timmy starts making fake wishes that would break the rules, which in actuality could not be granted by fairies since any wish that is against the rules results in the fairy’s/fairies’ wand(s) not working, and Jimmy and his friends play along. The final wish is Jimmy wishing that Timmy was dead. This breaks Jorgen out of Professor Calamitous’ control. Cindy throws Jimmy A.J.’s atom splicer. Jimmy uses it and separates Jorgen and Professor Calamitous. Jorgen uses his magic to shrink Professor Calamitous inside of a jar. Timmy says that the adventure was awesome. Cindy says that Timmy should not be modest and that it was Timmy who deactivated the bomb. Timmy remembers the bomb and how he did not deactivated it. The bomb then goes off, but before it can do any damage, Jorgen uses his magic to make the explosion implode until it is no longer dangerous. He also undoes every wish that was made in Retroville, including Fairy Boy, excluding Jorgen’s wish to shrink Professor Calamitous and put him in a jar. Libby then asks Cindy whom she will be taking to the dance. Cindy says that she realizes that Timmy is not a genius. She cannot decide who to go with and says that there should be a way to go with both of them. Jorgen then helps her since the kids helped Jorgen stop the Anti-Fairies and got him free from Professor Calamitous. He uses his magic to make, as Libby calls it, “The World’s First Ever Multi-dimensional Dance Party”. It features both the Dimmsdale Elementary School gym and the Lindbergh Elementary School, the school that Jimmy goes to, gym. While the group is partying, Carl wishes that Professor Calamitous could be replaced with Judy Neutron. Wanda grants his wish. There is a rule that is speculated to have been caused from this episode, where no one can wish for something to happen in a universe that is not The Fairly OddParents! universe.

There is another adventure that features just Timmy and Jimmy, but it is unknown where it fits in the timeline for the rest of the adventures. In addition, it is not very important to the story, so I will give a relatively quick recap.

Jimmy wants to hang out with Timmy. They fight crime in Retroville and Chincinatti, the fictional hometown of Timmy’s favorite comic book hero, The Crimson Chin. Before this, Timmy wants to hang out with Chester, who turns out to be busy moving some furniture around, and A.J., who cryogenically freezes himself. Timmy says that he is going to go to Retroville. After the two fight crime in Chincinatti, Chester is done with his work and notices that Timmy is hanging out with a new kid. Chester wakes up A.J., who thinks he is in the future. Chester and A.J. follow Timmy and Jimmy, who end up at Timmy’s treehouse. Timmy and Jimmy get bored with fighting the villains that exist, so they decide to create a new one. They go through Jimmy’s latest invention, the Porta-Portal. A.J. and Chester follow them. Here, they meet Sheen, Libby, Carl, and Cindy. Timmy and Jimmy succeed at creating the villain, which Jimmy later names, “Shirley”. However, the villain is nice because Wanda wanted them to add sweet emotions. When they were making Shirley, Wanda complained that they would toss him out like some of Timmy’s toys and friends. Timmy was supposed to make Shirley “adoptable”, but instead made him “adaptable”. When Timmy and Jimmy get bored of Shirley, they decide to make a new villain, leaving Shirley at the mall. Shirley becomes angry and then goes after Timmy and Jimmy. Eventually, Shirley eats Cosmo and Wanda’s wands, giving him magical powers, and makes Jimmy stupid, giving him Jimmy’s intelligence. Later, Shirley moves some of the objects and people from both Dimmsdale and Retroville and enslaves the people in a universe similar to the one Shirley was in before Cosmo and Wanda used their magic to make him real. Later, Jimmy and Timmy learn that they should not have blown off their friends. A.J. eventually learns that he never left the 21st Century. Later, Jimmy, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Sheen, Libby, Chester, Cindy, and A.J. join forces and make Shirley adapt away his powers. The kids then capture Shirley in a butterfly net, which does not allow Cosmo and Wanda’s powers to be used. Shirley barfs out Cosmo and Wanda’s wands to adapt the magic away. Feeling sorry for Shirley, Jimmy and Timmy allow Shirley to open up a pizza shop in Dimmsdale. Jimmy was given his intelligence back.
I realized that since it has been almost 10 years since the first crossover game was released and not everyone might know every little reference. So, I decided to write a six part explanation prologue to explain the references and have the reader understand how the Heroes got to the point they are in in the story.

*Bulgy = 3 Dimensional
*Flat = 2 Dimensional

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