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The story begins in Timmy’s room. It is nighttime. Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, and Sparky are looking at a black and white image of an exploding Dimmsdale Hospital with Mr. Turner, Mrs. Turner in a bed and Baby Timmy in her arms. Timmy says, finishing a statement, “…and no one died that day, except for Mrs. Johnson who died a few hours earlier.” Downstairs, Mrs. Turner tells Timmy, “Light Out!” and Timmy responds sweetly with, “Okay, Mom!” He puts the book away. Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof poof into their fish forms in the fishbowl. Timmy says, “Night,” to each of his fairies. Simultaneously, his fairies respond with, “Night, Timmy.” The fairies start sleeping. Sparky gets comfortable on the end of Timmy’s bed. Timmy says, “Night,” to Sparky. Sparky does the same for Timmy. Sparky starts sleeping. Timmy turns off the light and goes to sleep.

Meanwhile at the Dimmsdale Bank, a dark figure that looks like Timmy without his hat is exiting the bank. The alarms go off. He runs off.

Meanwhile, in Amity Park, at the Amity Park Bank, a dark figure that looks like Danny exists the bank. The alarm goes off. The dark figure states, in a voice identical to that of Danny, “I hope this works. Going Ghost!” He flies away.

Meanwhile, in Retroville, at the Retroville bank, a dark figure that looks like Jimmy exits the bank. The alarms go off. He runs off.

Meanwhile, in Bikini Bottom, behind the Krusty Krab, a dark muscular figure with a square head unloads a truck full of boxes into the Krusty Krab freezer.

The next morning in Dimmsdale, in Timmy’s room, Timmy sighs and stretches. Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, and Sparky also wake up. Wanda states, “So, Sport. What are we going to do today?” Timmy responds with, “Well, since it is summer—” He is cut-off by an angry mob outside his window. Among the crowd, there are a few police officers. Timmy goes to the window. A male citizen assuredly says, “There he is!” A female citizen, as assuredly says to a cop, “Yeah, that’s the bank thief! Cuff ‘im, officer!” Timmy screams. The mob breaks down the front door. Timmy runs out the front window. Timmy runs for a while with Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof in squirrel form and Sparky are close behind. Timmy says that he wishes that he was not there. Wanda apologetically says, “Sorry, Sport, but there are too many people here for us to grant the wish. You’re on your own.” Timmy continues to run.

Meanwhile, in Amity Park, Danny finds himself in a similar situation. He runs until he remembers that his portal was upgraded to become a Multiversal Portal after he met Jimmy, Timmy, and SpongeBob. Danny yells, “Going Ghost!” Danny makes himself invisible, flies back to his house, and goes into his lab. He is too frantic to see which universe he is entering. He enters the portal.

Meanwhile, in Retroville, Jimmy is in a similar situation as the last two heroes. While he is running, he remembers that he has a porta-portal. He throws it and runs through.

Meanwhile, in Bikini Bottom, at the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob is cooking up what he thinks are Krabby Patties. The customers in the dining room are not feeling too well. Two male fish are at a table. “I don’t feel too good,” one of them says. The other says, “Neither do I.” More customers start to get sick. They start walking up to the order window. Squidward notices the sick customers. Squidward says, “I gotta get outta here!” Squidward gets out of the boat and runs out the front door. SpongeBob hears the doors close as he continues to flip patties. SpongeBob asks, “Squidward?” He looks up and sees the crowd. A female customer nastily says, “Hey, fry cook, what’s with the weird patties?” SpongeBob says, “I can assure you, I make the best patties in town.” A male customer, who is not either of the two previous customers says, “Well, that isn’t what my friend thinks.” SpongeBob sees the customer’s friend gagging on the ground. Concerned, SpongeBob says, “Okay, maybe I should check the patties to see if they’ve expired.” He turns off the grill, goes to the freezer, opens the door, and notices that the boxes say “Krabby Nega-Patties”. “What are Krabby Nega-Patties?” he asks. He walks back over to the customers. “You ate “Krabby Nega-Patties,” he says. The male customer whose friend is gagging says, “What are ‘Krabby Nega-Patties’?” SpongeBob says that he does not know. The male Customer angrily says, “You fed us something you didn’t know about?!” SpongeBob timidly says, “Yes.” The crowd grabs SpongeBob. He manages to escape. He runs out of the front door. SpongeBob says, “Thank goodness, their stomachs are too weak to go after me. Let’s see. Poisoning customers seems like something Plankton would do.” He runs over to The Chum Bucket. Plankton runs up to SpongeBob and has a smile of his face and his eyes are closed. He also has a pencil and a pad of paper. Confidently, Plankton says, “Welcome to the Chum Bucket! How may I take your order?” He opens his eyes and his smile fades. He drops his pencil and pad of paper. “Oh, it’s just you. What do you want SpongeBob?” he says, disappointedly. SpongeBob asks, “Do you know what ‘Krabby Nega-Patties’ are?” Plankton responds with, “No, but that sounds similar to a thing Mr. Crocker said in some of our weekly Evil Syndicate meetings. He went on and on about how a creature helped him a couple of times. I wish I could remember what they are called. Maybe he would know.” SpongeBob asks Plankton if he can use his Multiversal Portal. Plankton asks why he should help SpongeBob. SpongeBob says that if they do not figure out what is going on with the customers, their might not be any for Plankton to try to steal. Plankton agrees to let SpongeBob use his portal. He instructs SpongeBob to follow him. The two walk to the back room to the portal. Plankton sets the coordinates to Dimmsdale. He says, “I would get you closer, but there seems to be a disturbance in the Crocker Cave.”

Meanwhile, in the Crocker Cave, Mr. Crocker yells to his mother, who is upstairs in the house. He says, “For the last time mother! Stop using my lab as a tanning salon! You’ll never be beautiful!”

Back at the Chum Bucket, SpongeBob says that it will have to do and he thanks Plankton. Plankton says, “Just leave so I don’t have to see your stupid face any more.” SpongeBob walks into the portal.

Back with Timmy, he is still running. A portal opens and he sees Danny. Timmy says, “Hey, it’s Danny. Why is he getting closer?” The story has to go into a bird’s eye view to get the full effect. Two more portals open one to Timmy’s left and one to his right. The situation looks similar to four torpedoes going to hit their target. The four crash into each other. SpongeBob, Danny, and Jimmy are on one side and Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, and Sparky are on the other. SpongeBob, Jimmy, and Danny look at Sparky and Poof confused because they have never met either of them. This goes on for a while. Out of the heroes’ view, someone with a deep voice similar to that of the Hulk says, “Sorry to break up the reunion.” He chuckles a little.

The Heroes turn to see who was there. The eight see a “person” who looks like Danny except his outfit is white and he has a black “N-D” on his front. Next to him is a large muscular blue “sponge” with greyish holes, buckteeth, a light blue bow tie, a black shirt, black tube socks with a light blue and a brown stripe on each, white shoes, and blue-grey sweatpants with white ties. The “Sponge”, who was the Deep Voice from before, says, “The boss wants to see you.” Jimmy asks who they are. The “Sponge” responds with, “I am Nega-SpongeBob and this is my cohort, Nega-Danny.” He points to the “person” next to him. “The boss will explain later. Nighty Night!” Nega-Danny sprays the Heroes with a knock out spray. The heroes start to fall asleep. The last thing they see before they are completely out is a net.

The heroes awake in a lab similar to the Crocker Cave and the Timmy Cave. There is a large computer across from them and the back of a chair at the bottom. Timmy says, “Huh. Where are we? Why can’t I feel my legs?! Cosmo? Wanda? Poof?! Where is everybody?” Jimmy says, out of Timmy’s view, “Well, if you looked to your left maybe you would see that we’re here.” Timmy looks to his left and sees Jimmy, Danny, and SpongeBob, all frozen up to their heads. Danny and Jimmy are suffering and SpongeBob is trying to soak up as much water as possible. Timmy looks at the computer again and sees two cages with fairy nets on them. One is empty and the other cage has Sparky in it. A voice laughs. Danny points out that it is coming from the chair. A voice coming from the chair that has a New English accent* says, “Indeed, Daniel. Hello Heroes!” The chair rotates 90 degrees. The Heroes see the image of Evil Timmy as they see a flash of lightning. After, the Heroes see a boy that looks like normal Timmy without his buckteeth and hat. He is also a black shirt and black pants. Jimmy and Danny both look at him mesmerized. Danny and Jimmy referring to the boy’s teeth, repeat the word, “Straight” for a while. SpongeBob looks at Timmy and shrugs.

The boy apologies for having “carrots” in his teeth. He introduces himself saying, “I am Nega-Timothy Nega-Tiberius Nega-Turner, but you shall refer to me as Nega-Timmy. Danny asks why he cannot use his powers. Nega-Timmy explains that he has disabled Danny’s powers. Jimmy asks where they are. Nega-Timmy responds with, “You Humans sure do ask a lot of questions. We are in my laboratory, in my home, in a ‘town’ called, ‘Nega-Dimmsdale’, in a ‘state’** called, ‘Nega-California’, in a ‘country’ called, ‘The United Nega-States of Nega-America’, in a ‘continent’ called, ‘North Nega-America’, on a ‘planet’ called, ‘Nega-Earth’, in a ‘place’ called, the ‘Nega-Universe’ or ‘Nega-Verse’ for short.” Jimmy says, “Wait. Why did you say, ‘you humans’ earlier? Are you saying that you are not human?” Nega-Timmy responds with, “Yes. Now why don’t we get to introductions?”

An announcer on a loud speaker starts, “From the wonderful ‘town’ of ‘Nega-Retroville’, the reason you are all here today, give it up for the wonderful Nega-Jimmy Nega-Neutron!” A boy that looks like Jimmy, but with a plain red shirt and crooked teeth walks out behind a curtain. Nega-Jimmy, using a stereotypical southern accent says, “Howdy Y’all! I’m Nega-Jimmy.” Nega-Timmy says, “He’s stupid, but fun-structive. Next!”

The announcer starts again, “From the horrible ‘town’ of ‘Nega-Amity Nega-Park’, a boy you all despise, the one, the only, Nega-Danny Nega-Phantom!” Nega-Danny walks out from behind the curtain. He says, “Hello Humans!” Nega-Timmy says, “Next!”

The announcer stats again, “Finally, from the wettest ‘city’ you know, ‘Nega-Bikini Bottom’, a team isn’t complete without its strengths, Nega-SpongeBob Nega-SquarePants.” Nega-SpongeBob walks out from behind the curtain and laughs. Nega-Timmy says, “Thanks Jeff!”

The heroes looks over to the direction in which Nega-Timmy was talking to and see a robot that is about as tall as a normal adult is. He has one wheel for movement, two arms; a cylindrical body, a cylindrical head on a tube neck, two circular eyes, and an antenna in the middle of the top of his head. He looks old. He says, “Whatever.” The heroes look back at Nega-Timmy, Nega-Jimmy, Nega-Danny, and Nega-SpongeBob.
Nega-Timmy says, “We call ourselves the Nega-Heroes.” Timmy asks why. Nega-Timmy says that it is because the heroes never made a name for their team. Jimmy, Timmy, Danny, and SpongeBob simultaneously say, “Oh, yeah.” Jimmy says, “I think we should be called, ‘the Neutrons’; I was the one who started the team after all.” Danny says, “No way, why not ‘the Phantoms’?” SpongeBob says, “That sounds silly. ‘The SquarePants’ sounds way better.” Nega-Timmy commands them to stop and tells them that this is no time to talk about new team names. Jimmy says, “Wait, if you are supposed to be the evil versions of us, shouldn’t you be called, ‘The Villains’?” The Nega-Heroes become angry. Nega-Timmy is angrier than the rest. Nega-Timmy yells, “DON’T CALL US VILLAINS!” Danny asks, “What about Anti-Heroes?” Nega-Timmy stares at him angrily. Nega-Danny says, “Calling us Anti-Heroes is worse than calling us Villains because an Anti-Hero is a person who generally does good things, but also, sometimes, does bad things.”

Timmy, panicking, asks, “WHERE ARE MY FAIRIES?!” Nega-Timmy calmly says, “That is a good question. That brings us to our informational part of the day.” He takes out a remote and presses a button. It turns on the giant computer. “You see, in the game called, ‘Fairy World’…” A click is heard and a pixelated version of the Fairy World Sign appears with part of pixelated Fairy World in the background. “…a child is given a ‘fairy’…” Nega-Timmy off-handedly says, “or two,” A click is heard and a device that looks similar to The Neutronic Game Pyramid Continuing with his normal voice, Nega-Timmy says,  “with this ‘fairy’, children are given a device that allows the ‘fairies’ to come out of the game, which is what you four are used to.” A click is heard and an image of pixelated Anti-Binky appears. “In the game, there are creatures called, ‘Anti-Fairies’. Jimmy has met them before. You referred to them as, ‘Rogue Computer Programs’. They are the opposite of the ‘Fairies’. Every ‘fairy’ has a counterpart. They are one of the enemies in the game.” A click is heard and a pixelated image of Da Rules appears. “Also in the game, there are rules, called, ‘Da Rules’. These rules limit the abilities of the fairies.” The Da Rules opens up to show a rule. “One of the rules used to be, ‘Anti-Fairies Cannot Be Seen on Earth’,” The rule changes to what it is now. “…but Jorgen changed it to ‘Anti-Fairies Can Be Seen on Earth’.” A click is heard and a pixelated image of a green book with blue letters that reads, “Da Anti-Rules” appears. “The Anti-Fairies also have their own set of rules called, ‘Da Anti-Rules’. Before I continue,” A click is heard and a pixelated version of the Anti-Fairy World sign appears. “…I should mention that there is a game in this Nega-Verse called, ‘Anti-Fairy World’. Let’s continue.” A click is heard and the “Da Anti-Rules” book appears again, opens, and flips to a page that reads, “Fairies cannot be seen on Nega-Earth”. “There is a rule that states, ‘Fairies cannot be seen on Nega-Earth’. In short, Timothy, the answer to your question is right over there.”

He points to the supposedly empty cage. “If you want to see your ‘fairies’, I could always give you this.” He takes out a pair of “Anti-Fairy Goggles”. Timmy eagerly says, “Give them to me NOW!” Nega-Timmy says, “I will, on one condition, you read this card.” He hands him a card. Timmy reads the card in his head. Timmy says, “I will never do this.” Nega-Timmy says, “I guess if you really don’t want to see your fairies.” Jimmy asks what the card says. Timmy says that Nega-Timmy wants him to wish away Sparky. Nega-Timmy walks over to the supposedly empty cage. Nega-Timmy says, annoyed, “If it wasn’t for that pesky dog, I would have been able to capture you earlier, but no. He had to ruin everything with his stupid fairy fleas. Sparky says, “Don’t do it, Timmy!” Timmy says that he doesn’t know what to do. Nega-Timmy says, “Take your time. I have all day.”

Timmy considers his options for a long time. Looking at Sparky and then at Nega-Timmy, specifically the Anti-Fairy Goggles. Timmy Finally makes a decision. Timmy says, hesitantly, “I…I… I wish…” Nega-Timmy takes the net off the cage. Sparky says, “No, Timmy!” Timmy starts to tear up. “I wish that I had never met Sparky and there was no evidence of his existence!” Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof grant the wish. Time reverses and Sparky and the cage he was in disappear. A little fairy dust goes around each character’s head. It disappears. It represents everyone forgetting about Sparky.

Nega-Timmy says, “Huh?” He looks at the Anti-Fairy goggles. “I think I am supposed to give these to you.” He tosses the goggles to Timmy. The goggles land on Timmy’s head. He sees that his fairies, who look blue because of the goggles, are tied up and have duct tape on their mouths. Timmy says, “Untie my fairies!” Nega-Timmy says, “I have a headache. Okay, whatever, Timmy.” He unties the fairies and takes off the duct tape. He puts the net back on the cage. Wanda says, Thanks Sport!” Cosmo adds, “Yeah. I was about to pass out.” Poof says, “Poof: Poof poof!” He continues, but is concerned, “Poof! Poof!”*** Nega-Timmy says, “I also feel like I need to tell you…” He seemingly turns “robotic” as he lists things that Timmy needs to do. “Don’t wish for a magic cellphone; make sure you change the filter on your magic dust collector and make Cosmo and Wanda forget about their anniversary…” Timmy says, “My what?” Wanda somewhat angrily says, “You’ve never changed the filter on the magic dust collector?!” Timmy asks, “What’s a magic dust collector?” Wanda says, “You know collector of magic dust that comes with each of your wishes.” Jimmy says to Danny, “What are they talking about? Magic doesn’t exist.” Danny shrugs. Annoyed Nega-Timmy says, “As I was saying, don’t forget Cosmo and Wanda’s 10,000 year godparent anniversary so that you have to mess up the past.” Nega-Timmy becomes normal, “That was weird.”

SpongeBob has a considerable amount of ice less than the rest of the heroes. SpongeBob says, “I know that I should have asked this earlier. Why are we in blocks of ice?” Nega-Timmy says, “Because SpongeBob, Timmy was given the power to use heat vision which he never got rid of, so…” His pupils start turning blue and a blue laser comes out and hits SpongeBob’s block of ice. It adds more ice to the block. “…I have freeze vision.” SpongeBob says, “Oh.” Surprised, Timmy says, “Wait, I still have heat vision?” He evilly smiles. Nega-Timmy says, “Uh oh.”

Timmy’s pupils start turning red. A red laser comes out of his eyes and hits the net. It burns the net to ashes. It then hits the cage and melts it. Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof escape and fly over to Timmy. Timmy wishes that the heroes were out of the ice. Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof grant the wish. The ice surrounding Timmy, Jimmy, Danny, and SpongeBob disappears. SpongeBob, Timmy, Jimmy, Danny, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof make a fighting pose. Nega-SpongeBob, Nega-Danny, and Nega-Jimmy do the same. Nega-Timmy walks up to them smiling and clapping. Nega-Timmy says, “Congratulations, Timmy! You managed to escape my trap.” Danny says, “I wouldn’t be too happy about it, Nega-Timmy.” Nega-Timmy says, “Oh, but you don’t know the funny part.” The heroes ask, “The funny part?” Nega-Timmy says, “Yes. You see, you cannot hurt us, because if you do…” Nega-Timmy pinches his arm. Nega-Timmy says, “Ow!” A second passes and Timmy also feels the pain. Nega-Timmy continues, “…You will get hurt too!” Nega-Timmy laughs. Timmy says, “Well, if we can’t hurt you, we’ll just have to tie you up. I wish I had a rope.” Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof grant the wish and a rope appears. Timmy continues, “Danny, will you do the honors?” Danny says, “With pleasure.” Danny quickly ties them up. Nega-SpongeBob sarcastically says to Nega-Timmy, “So, was this part of your plan?” Nega-Timmy says, “Shut up.” Timmy says, “I wish were home.” Cosmo asks, “Your home?” Timmy angrily responds with, “Yes!” “Nega-Timmy says, “You haven’t seen the last of us, Heroes.” SpongeBob says, “Wait! Before we go, what is the antidote to those ‘Krabby Nega-Patties’?” Nega-SpongeBob answers, “Simple. Krabby Patties.” SpongeBob says, “But, there are none at the Krusty Krab.” Nega-SpongeBob says, “Yes there are. They are in boxes in the dumpster in the back.” Nega-Timmy looks at him angrily. Nega-SpongeBob says, “What? You told me to get rid of the patties and come right back.” Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof grant Timmy’s wish and Timmy, Jimmy, Danny, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, and SpongeBob disappear.

The story remains in the lab. Upstairs, a voice that sounds like Mrs. Turner’s says, “Do you kids want some nega-cookies?” Nega-Timmy responds, “No, mother.” Nega-Jimmy sadly says, “I wanted a nega-cookie.” Nega-Timmy Angrily says, “What we need right now are some nega-rope cutters, mother!” Mrs. Nega-Turner says, angrily, “Don’t use that nega-tone of voice with me, mister.” Nega-Timmy says, “Sorry.”
Meanwhile in Timmy’s room, Timmy, Jimmy, Danny, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, and SpongeBob appear. Timmy takes off his goggles. Timmy says to the heroes, “I guess you guys have to go now, huh?” SpongeBob says, “I have to head back to the Krusty Krab before any of the customers pass out.” Jimmy says that he has to fix the whole misunderstanding with a bank. Danny says that he does too. Timmy remembers the Bank. He looks out his window and sees the mob. He asks, “How will you get home?” Jimmy says that he thinks that he can help. He takes out his porta-portal. He instructs SpongeBob and Danny to come with him. Jimmy throws his porta-portal and Jimmy, SpongeBob, and Danny go through the portal that it creates.

Timmy asks what they are going to do about the mob. Wanda suggests wishing them away. Timmy wishes that the mob was gone, they forgot the heists ever happened, and that all of the stuff the Nega-Heroes stole was back where it belonged. Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof grant the wish and the mob disappears.

Meanwhile, in Nega-Timmy’s lab, the Nega-Heroes are untied and enjoying nega-cookies. Nega-SpongeBob says, “Man, these are good. Did I ever tell you guys about how bad my grandma’s nega-cookies are?” Nega-Timmy says, “Anyway… I can’t believe we lost. It was a foolproof plan. Well, at least we still have these.” He holds up some of the stuff they stole. It disappears. He lifts up his arms and looks at the sky. He yells, “Timmy!”, but holds it for a while.
This version takes the script version and turns it into the classic style of Fan Fiction.

*A New English Accent is an English Accent (commonly called a "British Accent") that is spoken with a New England twist. The only known characters to use this accent is Stewie Griffin from Family Guy and Foop for Fairly Oddparents.

**For any non-Americans, it is the American definition of the word "State".

***Because Timmy never got Sparky, Nega-Timmy would have captured The heroes the next day, which was before pooferty.
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