Nicktoons: THMTM: Bonus Chapter

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Before reading this, you should read the actual story.

This chapter takes place before the first chapter.

The story begins on March 21, 1992, on Nega-Earth in Nega-Timmy’s Nega-verse. The scene zooms into North Nega-America, then into Nega-California, then it zooms into Nega-Dimmsdale, and finally, into the Nega-Dimmsdale Nega-Hospital. The scene zooms into the hospital and then fades to show a doctor holding Baby Nega-Timmy. He hands him to Mrs. Nega-Turner. The doctor says, "So, it appears that everything is in order. I just need to ask you a few questions." The scene shows Nega-Timmy. He is grabbing for an IV machine. While he is doing this, the doctor is talking incoherently, off-scene. Nega-Timmy eventually grabs the IV machine and pushes it over. It hits a bunch of other hospital equipment, and Nega-Timmy says, "uh oh." The scene changes to show the nega-hospital. An explosion starts. The scene zooms out until it has reached the full view of Nega-Earth. Jorgen's head then appears. He says, "I feel a disturbance in the Fairy Force." Off-Scene, Anti-Cosmo says, "Let’s get back to the game, Jorgen." Anti-Cosmo's Castle appears, and the two scream off-scene. The scene then returns to the exploding nega-hospital, where The Nega-Turners leave. The scene stops. The image turns into a black and white photo and then into a black and white picture of Dimmsdale Hospital and the Turners leaving.
This is a bonus chapter to my story, "Nicktoons: The Heroes Meet Their Match". It takes place before the first chapter.
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