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CAPTIAIN O’MALLEY: Ahoy! 'tis th' fourth tale.

The story begins showing Patrick, Squidward, and SpongeBob’s houses. The scene fades to show SpongeBob’s front door. He opens it and sniffs the air. He says that it is a wonderful day. He sneaks to the end of his walkway while saying, “The sun is out and birds are chirping.” As he says, “…birds are chirping”, he stops and a bird flies by. SpongeBob continues saying, “So peaceful.” He pauses for a few seconds and then grabs some planks and poles of wood and a hammer. He starts building something. The scene pans to Squidward’s window. He looks out it with an angry face. Squidward says, “Can we lower the volume please?! I can’t work with all that racket going on!” SpongeBob tells him that he will try to keep it down. Squidward walks away. SpongeBob then tries to slowly hammer a nail in, every time looking at Squidward’s window after words. This goes on for a while.

Meanwhile, Squidward, in his art room, starts to play his clarinet. Outside SpongeBob has stopped and realizes that he can just hammer the way he was doing it before while Squidward is playing his clarinet.

Squidward rushes to his window and starts to yell at SpongeBob, but stops when he sees that SpongeBob is done. SpongeBob, who is now at a bubble stand says, “Hey, Squidward. Wanna blow some bubbles? Only 25 cents.” Squidward sarcastically says, “Like I would spend a moment of my time blowing bubbles.” SpongeBob says, “Uh-huh.” Squidward says, “Oh, puh-lease. I mean, who in the world would pay to blow bubbles?” Patrick walks out of his house, greets his neighbors, and walks to the bubble stand. SpongeBob then acts like Patrick is a potential patron of his bubble stand and asks him if he wants to blow bubbles. Patrick ponders this for a bit before asking how much it is to blow a bubble. SpongeBob says that it is only a quarter. Patrick then says, “Sounds reasonable.” Patrick then asks SpongeBob if he can borrow a quarter. SpongeBob gives him the quarter. Patrick then says, “Ah. One quarter.” He then hands SpongeBob the quarter. SpongeBob makes sure that it is real by biting it and then puts it in his pants while saying, “Thank you.” Squidward sarcastically says, “Business is booming.”

Squidward walks back into his art room and wonders how he got surrounded by such loser neighbors. He then plays his clarinet, poorly.

Meanwhile, SpongeBob prepares the bubble blowing wand for Patrick. He then hands Patrick the bubble wand. Patrick then attempts to blow the bubble for a while. Eventually, SpongeBob puts a sign up that reads, “Lessons 25₵” Patrick continues to attempt to blow a bubble until he has to breath. SpongeBob takes the opportunity to tell Patrick about the lessons. Patrick says that he will do it, but needs another quarter. SpongeBob gives him a quarter, Patrick gives SpongeBob the quarter, SpongeBob checks the quarter, and puts it in his pocket. SpongeBob then proceeds to do a complicated technique. After which, he blows then blows a bubble duck and two bubble ducklings. Patrick thinks it is cool. SpongeBob runs to Patrick and blows bubble cubes. SpongeBob spins around and blows a bubble caterpillar. SpongeBob then spins around again and blows a bubble boat. When it pops, it makes a foghorn sound, which disturbs Squidward. He thinks that it might be his clarinet and checks. Outside, SpongeBob then blows a bubble with two hands it. It is a bubble elephant. Patrick thinks it is a giraffe. It enters Squidward’s house and pops. This makes Squidward angry and he walks outside to the bubble stand and Patrick and SpongeBob hide behind it. SpongeBob puts up a sign that reads, “Closed”. SpongeBob, who is in front of Patrick, who is on his hands and legs, tells Squidward that the stand is closed. Squidward then asks how SpongeBob and Patrick could make this much noise, just blowing bubbles. SpongeBob says that they are not just blowing bubbles and that they are making bubble art. SpongeBob then does the technique. He then makes a bubble butterfly. It then lands on Squidward’s head and pops. Squidward then says that it is not, but instead that it is just annoying. Squidward then says that it is the lamest idea that he has ever heard. SpongeBob and Patrick, now sad, walk into SpongeBob’s house, while Squidward tells them that they should be ashamed of themselves.

Squidward murmurs for a bit, takes the bubble wand, looks around, inhales, and is about to blow a bubble when SpongeBob and Patrick appear, the former of which tells him that to blow a bubble Squidward will need to give SpongeBob 25 cents. Squidward is surprised to see SpongeBob. Squidward wonders who would pay 25 cents to blow a bubble. SpongeBob then says that he provides lessons for beginners. Squidward wonders what could be more simple than blowing a bubble. He then gives SpongeBob a quarter. SpongeBob checks the quarter and Squidward tries to blow a bubble, but it falls to the ground. It pops and Squidward gives SpongeBob another quarter and tries again. Squidward tries a few more times, while SpongeBob and Patrick repeatedly remind him of the technique. Squidward repeatedly says, “Technique.” He then does the technique and yells out a giant bubble. SpongeBob and Patrick are impressed. SpongeBob says that it was because Squidward used the technique, but Squidward says that it is because it is in his genes. SpongeBob and Patrick repeat, “Squid’s got genes,” while Squidward enters his house.

Squidward starts to play his clarinet in his art room. Outside, SpongeBob and Patrick repeatedly say, “Squidward.” Eventually, the bubble returns and this praise turns into a warning because Squidward’s house has been enveloped in the bubble and is now floating away. Squidward still thinks it is praise. He eventually looks out the window to see if that he is way above the ground. The bubble pops and SpongeBob and Patrick walk to their houses. Squidward’s house falls and lands in its normal place. Squidward then continues to play clarinet, weakly.
This is the fourth story in the Human SpongeBob series.

I have no idea if I am going to release the second and third stories due to certain plot points in those episodes being hard to turn into a human form.

First story: Human SpongeBob - Help Wanted
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