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Pet TF, collaring and adoption as holy sacrements? :D

WickedPrince's avatar

Looks like they turn their converts into pony-girls and boys. :D

Ambrose65's avatar
Impressive welcome! ;-)
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar

Not a place for wild stallions and jug heads.

What if you show up in wrangler gear?

TikTikKobold's avatar

I'd like to know more about this place

ClassicalSalamander's avatar
Puts on two :P
she's so cool looking
love those legs and hair
G-Rett's avatar

I'm guessing it doesn't matter if you already have a collar of your own; there seems to be a specific quality about the monastery's. Is it just the addition of purple coloring, or can you also expect to take on a particular shape?

BleedinZombie's avatar
Maybe I can use the collar I'm wearing already?
freaknr1's avatar

Now this is interesting. Hope we get a sequel. :)

laserhawk64's avatar
Well... I assume this is not merely a one-off? I hope not, I'd like to see where it goes!
Twilightbourne's avatar
Oh my.. very cute!
SigurdsGuide's avatar
Very beautiful and subtle design.
The art is magnificent.
leoryff's avatar
I am already wearing a collar, but the material is magical, only the horniest of horndogs can see it.  :P  
kanyiko's avatar
The transformation is so subtle, I neigh on missed it. >.>


Well, I better reign it in now, don't want to saddle you up with a ton of lame horse puns. ^^;
Xython's avatar
... transformation?
kanyiko's avatar
Human at first sight, not so if you look closer, as if she transforms as you look at her.

Look at her bottom half, you see in pink some hooves and a tail.

Xython's avatar

I see fancy gradient leggings and pretty shoes, but maybe that's just me. :)

HeroesFanboy138's avatar

I don’t know what’s going on but I’m intrigued.

Nice design for her. Took a second look to realize she has horse features.

KoboldPrincess's avatar

What list? What is lore on this pic?

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