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Husky problem

Up or down? That is the question. :D
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you did give me cool idea with this picture ^^
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This is my wallpaper it is that good love you art !
kyuubikurama2277's avatar
Oh my God she is adorable definitely zip up for extremely cute hsukyness lol
kary1988's avatar
Amazing! Interesting how it looks in the German shepherd version :p
Where is the german shepherd version? 
raydogg128's avatar
Woof. I'd invite her into my warm house, then feed her dinner. Up to her what she'd like, after.
It's cold. She'd be warmer with the zipper up.
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Buff55's avatar
Could I get a ref for her costume? I want to make an irl version of it
12-tf's avatar
Yes, of course. :)
pd-YT's avatar
may I please get a reference as well? Would love to have pajamas like this. Also are the feet digitigrade?
Xython's avatar
What does the costume look like when it is removed?  Footed pajamas?  (These are also called "onesies".)…
12-tf's avatar
Yes - something like this. Except, the suit is skintight - elastic. :)
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Just beautiful.
nickitsune's avatar
OO Donw! Not sure if it would lead to me ending up like her, but she is quite lovely!
HolyKaiser's avatar
Whatever you say, you beautiful b*tch! *zips up with all might*
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MisfortunateCostumes's avatar
I'd do anything for a costume like that!
Elynsynos's avatar
Zippers already stuck and paws for hands? Might just collar her and call it a day ^^
subjackel's avatar
Up!  I love costume TFs.  :)
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I found this picture quite...mesmerizing, so I showed it to my friend who described it the same way.

Witchcraft!! Of the very best kind.
Elbuono's avatar
So cute. ^_^
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