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Allegory of painting

The idea for the picture came when I read an essay about history of art.
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That's really clever.

It makes me think of an episode of the show M*A*S*H (Dramedy set at a mobile army surgical hospital during the Korean War.  The show is from the 70s/80s),  The camp commander liked to paint, and ended up painting a picture of the back of his thumb because he'd "painted everything else in camp".
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Wow, this is a beautiful piece. Really seems to feel "personal" if that makes any sense. 
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Totally impressive!

Love the details like the amulet and the colors and man these eyes!
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I have a hunch you would enjoy Steven King’s “Rose Madder”, his least popular and, in my opinion, most underrated book.

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Sorry. After one book of Stephen King i recognized two things.
- He is an excellent writer.
- I hate the horror genre.
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It’s really not a horror, per se, except briefly when the villan gets his comeuppance. My main point is that there are transformations in it that might interest you, but also, there is a mysterious painter we never actually get to see, yet is very important. This character is very much how I imagined him to be.

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So many meta levels in this one. Can you link the article that inspiroi this?
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Actually it was an old, paper based university note, but you can find almost the same everywhere if you search on the net. :)

As summary:
Many pictures have been painted about this over the centuries. Some of them are brilliant, some of them are... well, not so much.
As an allegory, the character on the picture has to be a symbolic personification of the concept/idea of painting.

Based on the centuries old tradition, the character has to be:
- female
- usually nude ( this depends on the prudery level of the actual painters cultural environment )
- long, black, disheveled hair
- painting, brushes and palette in hands, lost in the process creation. Obviously this means that the picture she is working on, is unfinished yet.
- wearing a golden face shaped pendant, sometimes a full sized mask as a pendant ( I don't know what this symbol means, but somehow really fits the idea. )
- muted. It's a mystery why, maybe because painting is a silent activity.

I felt, this last part of the symbolism is rather degrading, and I thought about it a lot... and suddenly realized why I was not able to speak sometimes while painting... and I knew instantly that I must to draw/paint her from her paintings point of view.
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A picture of a painter painting a painting that is probably a painting of you drawing the picture. 


it looks like either we are the painting or it is a painting of what it would look like to be painted.

Really cool how we see thru the back of the canvas frame.
This make a good art history book cover <3
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I would totally hang something like that in my livingroom! 0.o
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Really well done. :thumbsup:
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I'm getting a sense of self-portrait here, but that's the intention of only the artist in the waking world we live in, while the artist in the this picture is actually intending to paint something other than themselves.

Because we're looking from the back of the canvas, it's like we're viewing through a window to the artist while they work as opposed to a mirror of how the artist views their self. Perhaps this is how 12-tf believes some us view their self?

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Sweet! I love that it's on the back of the canvas :D

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Not really sure what I'm looking at, is she painting herself? Or is it something I just don't understand.

maybe to give thoughts?

she is on the reverse side of the canvas so would she be seen?

or is she painting the viewer?

Is her body not fully complete? or is that just our perception / assumption

thats the inner beauty - how does it make you feel?

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Makes me feel like I don't truly understand anything.

Is that a non-euclidian city rising from the sea?
I so tired today all I could think of when I saw this is " Oh the artist is left handed and using a mirror for the self portrait."
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Wait, is she painting her nipple?
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*Writes research paper about metacognition*
(metacognition is thought about thought, meaning this would be thinking about thinking about thinking)
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And this is just one of the many reasons why I absolutely love your art. :3
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that pendent looks familiar...but I cannot place it.
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