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ima perv
The time of the darkness has begun. After some time, filled with irritation, anger and rage... I think I'm relaxed enough to speak. I made a decision. I need a new home, so I upload my gallery to furaffinity and all my future work will go there. ( The gallery copy might be slow - reuploading pictures with tags, artist comments, etc. is kinda boring. ) https://www.furaffinity.net/user/12-tf/ I do not delete this account, just...leave... Sorry guys. I just reached 1 million pageviews and wanted to draw something to celebrate it, but... this became a funeral instead... My reasons: 1 - Forcing the Eclipse is pretentious and agressive. You get used to it or you run away. Well, okay. I leave. 2 - The most important functions like "Next picture" or "Select message" are popup checkboxes. Hidden until you find out where they should be. That is definitely not user friendly. Especially if the checkbox is not where it should be... 3 - The notifications section is illogical, irritating, ugly
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Dear DA staff! I tried the Eclipse and I have to share my thoughts. I love changes. My whole gallery is about changing. Over the last few years I realized, that the most important thing in changing is: How can we keep our identity while we change? I love DeviantArt because it's unique among art sites. Not the program code, bugs and features, etc... The coders and designers created a nice and useful environment where I really like to be, but I have different reasons. I love DA because when I come here, I feel I'm at home. No big words, just the natural safe feeling in my heart. If I glance at a screen from 10 meters distance I instant
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Hi everyone! First of all, I have to apologize. I planned to draw something nice for Christmas, but I spent the last two weeks in bed... flu ... was not able to do anything. I feel much better now, but there is a second thing I must apologize: When this morning I visited the comments on my cellphone. I found some spam and reported it instantly, but since my phone is new, I'm not sure if i clicked correctly. If I accidentally deleted someone's nice and kind comment, I'm deeply sorry. Thank you for every comment ( except the spam ), fav, mention, and for your kindness in general! Merry Christmas for everyone! :heart: Hope I can draw somet
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Miss your posts, hope you come back someday. :(

Hi! I love your work and have been following you for a while! Keep it up!

If you'd like, please check out my recent caption-stories and give it a life and follow!

Hope to see more of your work soon! -z

Thank you! Merry Christmas for everyone!