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Will be at the Hospital

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 26, 2015, 9:30 PM

Just so you know, I'll be confined in a hospital for a couple of days for awhile. It is kinda sudden, but my doctor said it was urgent and I need to be hospitalized as soon as possible.

But I hope this doesn't worry you too much since it's not like my illness suddenly got worse or something. I'm just going to be hospitalized so that my doctor can conduct some needed mediacl tests so that she'lll be able to check on how the chemo-meds had helped with my condition and it will determine my future treatments in the following weeks. You see, I've been undergoing treatment for every 15 days since August last year and supposedly the estimated time my chemo-session will end will be around March this year. Hopefully this medical workout will show some nice results and that I'll fully recover from this silly cancer strain of mine in the following months or sooner.

After all the sooner I get better, the sooner I can truly hang around here once more. :)
They adviced me to stay out of any activity here or elsewhere in general since the doctors said that I should avoid getting stressed out and just get some rest. Sadly enough, I was never really a person to stay put so I had been secretly lurking about here and there. I couldn't reply to any of my messages here yet since if I reply, I might get caught if they see me doing too much activty here when I shoudn't be. :XD:  

I have permission to write this though at least. I'm just letting you know in case you might need me for something urgent and I don't reply. I always read new messages even though I may not reply to all of them instantly. But I do really appreciate every comment I received and I will reply to all of them as soon as I'm able to. If ever you also add any of my deviations to your favorites, thank you so much as well. :la:

By the way, I have new deviations that I'll post here when I come back. Some old/new drawings and scenery photos. They're quite a load, so you can expect a lot of them will be posted on the same day since I rarely have a lot of free time to stay here for longer hours.

With that being said, I'm still hoping that my medical examination will be alright. Since if that's the case then maybe I could go back to being active around here this February. I want to do some group activities on my main group again you see. I feel terrible for leaving the group kinda dead. If you're a member of that said group, I'm really sorry for the inactivity... But at best, all I can do for it now is just help accept some submissions for the group. Hopefully, it will change next month though. I already have some ideas for it and I'm hoping to pull them through. :aww:

For now though, I have to go and get ready. I'll be around in a couple of days. Hmm... by that, more or less, I'll be back in three days. Hope to see you around then~  :wave:

PS: By the way, I just want to feature this drawing:   Moonlit kiss by Werehorse89  I saw this drawing in my inbox just before we head out to the hospital. I'm probably at the hospital by the time you see this and since I really don't have much time earlier to say much but, Thank you so much for sharing this drawing, Werehorse89. I Really, really love it since thanks to you I have this drawing on my mind when I left for the hospital instead of wondering how painful some of the medical tests would be. :lol: 

...I'll probably still have RoyAi feels when the actual medical tests starts so I doubt I'll feel any pain though ha ha~ Since I'm most likely occupied with thoughts and ideas on what to write for some of my stories to even notice the test are beginning. :XD: Anyhow, thanks again, Werehorse89 for not just the drawing but also for your comments. I'll properly reply to all of them and all my other messages on my inbox after I get some rest when I get back. :heart:

To anyone in general, Thanks for reading this journal again and see you all later~ :salute: 

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New Year, 2015

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 31, 2014, 8:51 AM

(Edit: Is now fast asleep. Will post the other drawings later.)

Just a short journal before I go have a late dinner and fun time with my family and relatives for this special occasion,

Whether or not a new day has already began for you, I still just want to wish you all a very happy and hopefully, another wonderful New Year! :la:

Wow, it's already 2015 from where I'm from. How time flies... A lot of things happened to me to the previous year and most of them, as some of you might know, isn't all that great for me. So 2014 ended abruptly and in an instant for my case. But still, I'm not really harboring much negativity and I'm looking forward to this year nonetheless. With a silly grin like this~ :D

My New year's resolution is quite simple; I'm going to have to be braver and stronger to face this somewhat strong disease that I've unfortunately stumbled upon and keep on being cheerful and hopeful. 

I'm seriously going to be needing that motivation since in this couple of months, I'll be going through this many tests for my health condition and I hope that it'll pass without much trouble. I am praying for my health to feel better as soon as it can as well so I can hang around with you guys again more. :)

But I just wanted to state that I never really stopped drawing either and just a heads up, I'll be posting a lot of my works later on.

They're both old and recent drawings I did last year but I couldn't post them till now so they kinda piled up. Sorry for the bother, but this day might be my only chance to post the lot of them since I have to go to the hospital again soon and I do get... terribly weak for awhile. That said, I really don't want to keep piling my works any longer than it already has so I need to get some of them posted now. ^^; Hope you don't mind. :heart:

Well, this is getting a bit long already so I'll leave it like this for the time being. But before that, I do hope you're having a great time right now and hope that all is well for you guys. :hug: 

And again, I just want to wish you all, a very happy, peaceful and wonderful, NEW YEAR! :party:

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Just my Health Update...

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 8, 2014, 2:08 AM

Heya, how are you guys lately? Hope you're doing fine out there~ :heart: 

I just noticed that it's been awhile  since I last made a journal and nor did I managed to hang around dA and became quite a stranger lately because I haven't really gotten much chance to be online due to my health condition, so I thought about giving a short update on what's happening for me right now and just to say that, I'm fine, despite my health to those who had been asking lately. 

I honestly haven't read all my inbox yet so I've yet to reply to all my messages and I really feel bad for not replying and being a stranger since as some of you know, I'm really not like that since I always reply but... it's just too flooded because of my hiatus and some of the questions asked had been too long since they were posted so I've been contemplating whether or not to answer individually since it's already been too long and you might have probably forgot about it by now and I'm honestly really not in my finest condition either to put up with so much comments and notes so I'll just answer some of those questions here in general.

Red stands for some questions I found and Yellow stands for my answers. Some questions were too personal so I'll get back to you regarding some of the questions personally. This journal is also a tad bit long since I might not make a new one any time soon so you don't have to read this in one go or even read it at all if you didn't want to since this is a very sensitive subject that I am bringing up but thought that some of you wants to know so... I'll confide some of my thoughts to you.

:bulletred: What stage are you in and what strain of cancer was is again? How did you get it and what did the doctors say?
:bulletyellow: I'm currently fighting a Stage 3 strain of Hodgkin's Lymphoma. They checked my medical history and since I have been pretty healthy and I never really got confined to any hospital for my whole 20 years before August this year, they traced that I got this strain because of family blood lineage, my aunt had recently survive, non-hodgkin's lymphoma and some of my relatives had experienced different cases of cancer as well so eventually they pass it through me and I'm now a potential carrier of the strain as well, sadly... :( 

As for my treatment, Though Lymphoma's a pretty common case and is highly responsive strain, it's still fairly rare for young adults from our country, much more for a girl such as myself. I was surprised to find out that most that share my strain are males from the hospital I'm in and I'm the only female being treated with this strain, so I am being heavily monitored since females who have this strain are quite rare here and majority of them had... no I won't say it. But to make it worse, there are more medications for the Non-Hodgkin's type so I'm quite in a bind, but fortunately, I'm getting by pretty well.

:bulletred: Did you undergo treatment for chemotherapy and if so, for how long? 
:bulletyellow: Yes, we've contemplated this matter for a long time since this is a very sensitive and crucial decision that has many risks and eventually the only sure way to get better as well. I made the final decision to proceed the treatment than rather waiting for it to get any worse than it is. I've started treatment on September, 25, 2014 and I just recently undergo the fifth one this December, 02, 2014 and my next us supposedly scheduled 15 days later and every 15 days after that till next year.

:bulletred: Is it expensive?
:bulletyellow: It is insanely expensive. Not just financially, but it also eats up a lot of your time since you have to go in and out of hospitals frequently. We aren't really a rich family but we aren't really that poor either, but what really helped us get by is the continued donations from everybody around me. I am truly grateful for having so many friends and relatives and surprisingly, even kind strangers who are willing to help us and keeps on supporting me till now. :) 

:bulletred: How have you been lately?
:bulletyellow: Well, I won't deny that I've seen and felt better days. I feel extremely tired due to the facts of my illness and from going in and out of hospital and confined to the house/hospital all the time and being the active girl you might've known me to be. This isolation is excruciatingly painful for me. It's sad that I can't even hug someone dear to me or even my animals since the doctor asked me to avoid any contact to avoid any infection since my Lymphoma targets my immunity system and the side effects of chemotherapy is making it even worse. :( The good news is that there hasn't been any major problems so I'm adjusting and slowly getting used to it.

:bulletred: How are you feeling? Does treatment hurts?
:bulletyellow: I'll be honest with you, I feel like a lawnmower run me by every time I go home after treatment and I feel excruciatingly exhausted after the first days after treatment. I feel like very nauseous all the time since they're giving me one of the strongest medicines, by medicines I mean around 7 are injected on me every time and one of them is even colored deep red so being the FMA nerd that I am, I feel like the philosopher stone is being injected in me and it freaking hurts! But aside from feeling incredibly weak after that, fortunately enough I had never threw up ever since I started so that means that no matter how strong those medicines might be, my body can apparently handle them and despite the excruciating pain that goes along with, know that I can bare it as well. No way am I giving up without a fight.

:bulletred: Is it true that you lose hair after the first treatment?
:bulletyellow: It's every girls worse nightmare when your hair slowly falls off and though I already know that losing hair is indeed possible and I thought at first that I didn't mind since that was a cheap price to pay in order to get better. It still made me depress when it slowly happened after my second treatment. 

I was planning on waiting it to all fall out by itself slowly but I cut my long hair to a cut similar to Riza Hawkeye's short hair when I couldn't bare to see it go so painfully slow every time I accidentally run my hands on my hair from time to time. Surprisingly enough, I still have the same amount of hair though even after five treatments and I think it's starting to grow back now in fact so I really love my hair's strong will, yet I don't know why but my dark chocolate, ash hair is slowly getting quite... blonde. I don't know if it's a side effect from the medications but lol, it's getting even more yellow-y ash (much like corn husk) in color that's for sure! It's hilarious. :XD:

:bulletred: How are you getting by? Are you feeling alright?
:bulletyellow: I've already come to terms with my condition and everyone close to me; my family, relatives and close family friends and even strangers had been really supportive of me both spiritually and as I stated above, financially as well. In truth, cancer is also known to stir up depression and I'm no superhuman that is immune to it as well, even though I'm known to be a very strong willed and cheerful person by almost anyone who knows me since I was amusingly nicknamed to be their wall or pillar of support since I am extremely relentless and stubbornly willing to help out whenever and wherever I'm needed to be when I'm able to. 

Now that I'm the one feeling under the weather makes me feel gloomy at times since I'm not used to this. But I don't really show it and keep it to myself, since I'm used to keeping my emotions in check and it helps when I think about that It's great that I have this sickness rather than anyone close to me since I realize that it would hurt me even more if it were otherwise. Besides, it wouldn't do me any good to wallow on depression right? So I'd rather face it with smile to not only raise my morale up but also to those who frequently worry and cares about me as well.  So hooray for positiveness~ :happybounce:

:bulletred: Is there something I can do for you? Anything I can help you with?
:bulletyellow: Draw or Write me something FMA related or draw any of my Original Characters? Lol, no you don't have to worry about that. Well it would honestly make me happy and grateful but it's not really necessary. Maybe a prayer for my well being would be enough or wish me luck in my somewhat long journey to recovery is already a big help for me. It really warms my heart to know how you guys are concerned for me even though we hardly knew one another personally. :hug:

:bulletred: What have you been doing lately? You haven't been around dA lately...
:bulletyellow: Ha ha, sorry for not being around for longer, I feel a little ill whenever I stay in the computer for too long but know that I have been drawing traditionally no matter how my hands hurt from being injected with chemo drugs alternatively. Drawing is still one of my few remaining stress relievers and when I get a chance, I'll be sure to post a couple of sketchbooks worth of drawings as soon as my scanner is up and running again. I've been drawing a piece everyday you see so I never really stopped being an artist. :)

Apart from that, I've began writing again and no, not just fan fictions but I'm also writing original stories and poems! Since I find myself cooped up from being alone in my room for long periods of time since I have to quit school for the meantime due to my health, I'm left to just muse on my playful thoughts and think of scenarios for my stories a lot. It helps clear my mind of negative thoughts regarding my health as well since I feel like I'm role-playing characters in my head so it's not that bad.

Also, I'm born into a family of video gamers so you'll find me playing video games a lot when I don't feel to ill to have some fun. I'm avoiding too much hardcore games though and play casual games for the time being since they don't want me to stress myself since I take gaming far too seriously at times. ^^; But, I am playing a new game you might be familiar with. Me and my brother are playing the new, well somewhat new Pokemon game. Mine is Pokemon Omega Ruby and he has the other one. I got to chose my third starter buddy again, my awesome Mudkip!  (Note me if you want my Friend Code) :la:

:bulletred: What are you doing now?
:bulletyellow: Aside from the fact that I was typing this. (:lol:) In all seriousness, me and my family are preparing for the powerful typhoon Hagupit (Ruby, in our country) that will supposedly hit our place later this evening our time. (It is noon when I typed this) It's far from the infamous Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda, in our country) It is still another strong force to reckon with so we should be careful all the same and make the advance preparations. As we saw on our news, this storm has already devastated some places of our country earlier, including the places that Typhoon Haiyan destroyed last year. Geez... did they just had to go through it all over again? Why can't storms like this just stay in the water? Those poor people haven't really gotten back up from that big blow last year and here we go all over again. -_-

As for my case, I'm somewhere in Metro Manila so being near the capital city, typhoon Haiyan didn't really affected us much last year. But now that this new storm, Hagupit might landfall either beneath or directly at us. I don't know what will happen later, but hopefully nothing to disastrous. I am not in my best condition to help out now if that was the case and if I get sick, even the slightest of fevers would already be a very, terribly dangerous situation for me and I don't want that to happen, I want to go to those places that were immensely affected by this storms personally with my relatives the sooner I get better to offer our combined donations personally, we had donated already earlier last year but we thought of helping out again you see.

Sigh... It's already starting to rain outside now actually. I can see the heavy drops of water fall down our windows but it's still nothing to alarming fortunately. Hopefully it would get weaker soon. I don't think our house can handle any other heavy storm this past months. I hope and pray it will not be another Typhoon Haiyan wreckage, it's significantly weaker but this strong storm is also abnormally slower. Who knows how long this storm will stay in one location and that long period of downpour isn't any better. :ohnoes: I know the Philippines has this wonderful island views and the perfect tropical climate to go along with it, all year round but this storm should not dare take a vacation here and get a suntan before leaving. :XD:

:bulletred: Will you be around here longer soon? And how flooded is your inbox that you haven't seen my earlier comment/note.
:bulletyellow: If the storm wouldn't get worse and when I feel a little better I might hang around longer. I really miss my activity here in dA, especially managing my group and it's sad that I've missed out a lot. I mean look, I was shocked to see dA like this when I was on hiatus. What on earth happened here? I was surprised my front page looked all cramped and messy the first time I saw the new look when I couldn't logged in for some reason. It looks fine now that I'm back online though. Was it just a glitch or something? ^^;

DeviantArt looks a bit different to me now and like the new dA Logo, it took me awhile to realize the new bookmark icon on my desktop/laptop was my dA link as well. Ha ha, I think I personally liked the older one better, because of it's more simple and less abstract tackle they're aiming for nowadays, but I never really mind changes and I quickly adapt to them and eventually like them in a later time. But I think I'll study about those other changes in a more later time. My eyes are getting a bit sore from being in a computer for some time now.

That said, I'll get back to the other messages and notes pending in my inbox in a later time as well. If you want a more immediate reply for any question or anything in general that I can reply to, post a newer comment or send a new note so I can see it sooner. Because if I was to snap a screenshot and see how much messages I've left hanging, it would take me quite awhile to get back to you since I currently have 262 feedback messages to settle.

Actually, It was far worse than that earlier last weekend. It was thrice more, but of course some of them were just notifications on llama's and faves so... I just deleted that after I gave back a badge or given one. The ones remaining are mostly unanswered comments here and there and everywhere... and some other people who I haven't gave back a llama to yet since I got lazy. But I promise to get back to you soon when I feel a lot better. ;p

If you have any questions or just want to tell me something interesting or anything in general. It's best to comment below this journal so I can see it easily. Please feel free to talk to me about anything random since I could use some company and I really want to know what you guys are doing nowadays that you're willing to share with me. Oh and I might have missed a question as well so you might see a new answered question above randomly as well.

Again, despite feeling tired almost all the time. I really don't feel too ill or too sick and this is something that I really think I can handle or at least, I believe that I can. There's really no use beating myself up after all, what's here is already here and I'd rather face it with arms than run away from it to eventually get stab in the back, figuratively that is and with that, I feel so amusingly poetic nowadays and that just shows how bored and even how dorky I truly am despite my health so... as much as I know some of you might be worrying about me, know that I am alright and I'm getting by with a smile on my face everyday. ;)

See you guys later and hope you have a good day, take care as well! :wave: 

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I have bad news to share I'm afraid...

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 3:05 AM

Yes, it's about my medical condition But please don't consider it to be TOO Bad or Terrible. :p

It might be best if you wish to read this in all prepartion since it's really a sensitive disease that even I, really had a hard time contemplating on whether to say this here or not. But thought better that you deserve to know if you've been wondering about how I'm doing. So I''l be direct after this.

During my confinement in the hospital as I said in my last Journal, I was diagnose to have Hodgkin Lymphoma, yes it's part of the infamous disease, Cancer. It's also known to be the cancer of the blood like Leukemia. So with that finally out... I want to say that from here on out, I'll be undergoing numerous medical tests and examinations. To tell you the truth, just this month I've been operated upon to get the biopsy from the lymph nodes and biopsy from my bone marrow. Which is by the way, very painful! But ha ha, don't mind that too much since I can take the pain if I think about I'll get better soon this way, hard enough.

What's really painful is the expenses. :(
It already costed us hundreds and thousands just for finding the cause of my syptoms and as far as I know, chemotheraphy isn't that friendly about costs either. A part from that I have to do countless of tests and examinations to monitor my health critically since Lymphoma and I guess every cancer is a senstive and fatal disease. So the doctors are very caredul and they're checking for any other symptoms and monitoring every single thing related to my disease in my whole body.

With us being not very rich is a huge problem financially since It might take millions since Lymphoma is not a common disease from where I'm from or even the whole area of Asia in general. But they say that this cancer that I have is very responsive and it can be healed if I be careful about it. That's all that matters to my parents, they say that I should just focus on getting better than to worry about the expenses.
Thankfully enough, my relatives and a lot of my mother's close friends has donated to help us in any way... it might not be much if you see the bills but if you think about it, it's already a huge help from us... Especially For me.

For now, I can't say when I'll get better since as some of you might know, Cancer is not an easy disease to fight. But I will fight it with an open heart. I can't be depressed now since it's already here so I have no regrets. Why I have it is a wonder though. In all tests that I took recently, it shows that I am actually pretty healthy and all results aside from the biopsy was actually pretty good. So they say that what caused my Lymphoma was heriditary since different kinds of Caners has been frequent in our entire bloodline being mostly half European and Asian. Diseases such as cancer is quite common. But chances of passing it down to later generations aren't that high... so I've been wondering why me, but as I saw everyone's tears and fears... and pain in seeing me like this. I thought I was thankful that they didn't got the disease instead and I had it since I know, In all my heart, that I can handle it. For them and even for you if you cared about me much as well. ;)

I'm very grateful and thankful. Excluding my family since I already know how much they care for me and their concerns are far greater than anyone in general that wish for my wellbeing. I was quite taken aback when a lot of my relatives and friends, even people I don't know well or even complete strangers are offering their prayers and support. Some of my online friends and visitors such as yourself also worry about me and are concerned about my health as well... It's really heartwarming~ Thank you so much. :hug: :heart:

I'm sure I'll get better with all the support and prayers for my health and with enough rest and a healthy life style. I'll surely be up and around soon enough. As for those wondering about my activity around here. Well apart from my visits from the hospital. I'm technically under house arrrest because of my weakened immune system. It's a pain, but if I think about it, I actually have time to be around here.

But of course I won't be that active yet since I'm still a bit weak now and I'm adjusting to my disease so I won't be online that much. I have to go to the hospital again tomorrow. Maybe next month, I'll be back to doing normal dA activities again. But I'll reply to any query if I'm able.

For now, thanks for reading this quite long Journal and know that I'm thankful for all your concerns and worries.  I'm quite exhausted and quite tired so there might be misspelings here and there in this Journal. But I'll be fine after some much needed rest. See you all later. :wave: :heart:

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Confinement to the Hospital

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 13, 2014, 1:24 AM

Edit: I'm back from my confinement. (August, 20, 2014)

Edit: As of this time. I'm probably at the hospital now. So no more replies after this. (08, 13, 2014-9pm +8 Gmt)

Yep, it's me. Not one member of my family, relatives or friends.
I'll be confined to the hospital within a few hours so I might not be able to be online here and be active again as I planned. Given the chance, of course I do not want to be confined to a Hospital and just laze around the computer and even attend my lessons in the University. It'll be also my first time to be confined in all my 20 years so I'm quite anxious. :(

I know it's kinda sudden and I just came back in dA. But my latest medical results are... well to be direct, It was very terrible. Since my respiratory health is one of the main concerns, I'll be honest with you and tell you what my medical status is to get it out of my chest.

So... They found some sort of mass surrounding my lungs in my latest x-ray exams and another problem is that my blood exam results didn't end up too well either. I have very low RBC and very high WBC which is not a good sign. Various of Lymph nodes has also spread across my neck throughout the years and they continue to multiply.

Apparently, the mass on my lungs could be those beasties as well (There might be even more!) but that's still something to clarify... since we didn't know what it is, when it came and how long it has been there... and what caused all of this. I had another exam last June 2013 but my Lungs were clear then so it's not that old but still... I didn't know something that dangerous was already within me. So I'm honestly terrified but I'm not showing it since my family and close relatives are already freaking out. So... I hope you don't mind, if I let out some of my fears and slight frustration here. ^^;

Sigh... I loved being in the hospital but I hated being the patient. I was once a medical student you see and I got chances to help people who are Ill. I really love having the chance to help them get better but... sadly, I got a bit weak and had to stop studying the medicinal field. Actually I never stopped reading books so I'm still quite knowledgeable in that field of study. :eyes:

That's why~ I have an idea on what this disease might be already. Which is awkward... because they're still treating me like a child since they say 20 years old is still to young to know this things and she only talked to my mother about the process I'll undergo in my hospitalization. But I overheard them say something like a cancer prevention program thingy so... as I said, I already know what it could be.

But I won't tell you directly~ It has something to do with both my lungs and my blood stream so take a guess. :D

Sigh.... I want to tell a joke and laugh but I feel too depressed. Hmm... The doctor has been kind to tell me that I seem to have a high survival rate but of course, It's still fatal since there will be numerous tests, exams and even one or a couple surgical operations involved.

The upside is, since the doctor also stated that I was too young to have this sort of ailment/conditions, she sent my medicinal form to one of the best hospitals in the country so I'd be treated to professional medicinal facilities and doctors. But the downside is that they are so expensive so I feel bad that we have to spend a lot of money but my mom and dad cheered me up and told me my health is more important.

Hearing that made me cry a bit but it also strengthened my resolve. I will survive and live through it... no matter how painful my hospitalization is. I must and I will endure it. I promise. :nod:

Now, I made this journal for a reason stating my disappearance again and During my absence, I may not be able to reply to anything for a few days. Please bare with me and Hope you'll understand what I'll be going through, please be patient and don't get mad if I don't reply to an important question or something. I'll get to you as soon as I'm able! 

But please don't worry about me much as well. Yes, I am quite anxious but if you could see me now, I don't look like it. I'm pretty known to be brave and strong to the people around me so please just pray for my well being and believe in me. I'll come back, after all, I have to manage my groups here and spend some time with you guys! Definitely. :icondeterminedplz:

Well this is farewell for the time being. See you guys later~ :wave:

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Medical Issues

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 3:00 AM

Why wouldn't it just go away? 

Sadly enough, I'm still Ill even after all these years as some of my watchers may know. The only difference about my health problems from two years ago is the fact that I now have a vague idea on what my disease could be now. It's vague because I'm still undergoing medical exams and various of tests but they told me what the possibilities are already based on my symptoms.

I've known since last year on what it could be but I couldn't tell since it's quite a sensitive disease. If I told you, you'd probably be worried about me. It's a pretty dangerous one indeed. That's why I made the poll about the leaving dA thing last year. "… " I wanted to tell you that it's just because of my disease and the stress. I just got scared since the doctors frightened me of having... well... a very scary disease. I'll tell you when I'm ready. For now I still can't. ^^;

Plus Tyhpoon Haiyan (More known as Yolanda from where I'm from) came and practically disintegrated our house a few days after I posted that poll above so I couldn't be online much to reply since we were quite busy rebuilding our house... It was a terrible experience mind you and it also worsened my health condition in the long run. But honestly, I'm just thankful to still be alive. Some others were more unfortunate. :(

Anyhow, I only posted this journal because quite a lot are still wondering how I'm feeling in my notes. In general, I feel fine and trips to the hospital are quite natural to me nowadays and they only usually talk to me if I feel better than last time in which I told them I do. But if you happen to find me missing in action again, it's probably just medical issues again. I just got home from the clinic today actually and got yet another blood test and x-ray exams. I'll find out about the results tomorrow then I might visit my doctor again. Hopefully she'll tell me good news instead of the usual randomness of my disease... I'll be praying for that. :D

Other than that, just wanted to say that I will reply to my other messages that I've yet to answer, soon enough. They kinda filled up on my hiatus and since I'm still not in my best condition. I can only answer a few at a time since I can't stay longer. If the results from my previous medical exams are well then I'll get to managing my main group as well and I'm planning on not leaving any time soon after that. I want to spend some time in dA more and catch up on things. For instance you can edit comments now that's news to me. :XD:

But for now, I need to rest my left hand since it still hurts quite a bit because of the blood exam. I used to hate needles but for some reason, I'm used to it by now. Ha ha~ :lol: Hope I do get better soon though so I can spend more time here and spend time with you dears again. :)

See you all, later. :wave:

PS: I want to do the "My deviantART Story" but knowing me, I'd probably write a long journal about it. So... I'll do it when my arm is not too sore anymore. Maybe I'll do it when it's not too hyped. Hee hee~ ;P For now, Just wanted to say Happy 14th Birthday, deviantART. :la:

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Double Contest Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 1, 2014, 2:20 AM
I found two W.i.t.c.h based contest at this time so I wanted to share. Who knows, you might be interested in it as well. There are high prizes.

Firstly, There's a contest about the previous guardians before the main heroines. If you know the Fandom, Yup, it's C.H.Y.K.N.

Here's more info about it: 
C.H.Y.K.N. contest! ($175/13800 points)Hi! Welcome to my first contest about the former Guardians from the Disney's "W.I.T.C.H." comics and TV series - Cassidy (Water), Halinor (Fire), Yan Lin (Air), Kadma (Earth) and Nerissa (Energy, Keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar). I know that there are many CHYKN fans like me, so I think it's about time our loved former Guardians to get a contest about them. ;)

RULES - Please, read:
You must write a journal about this contest.
Your entries must contains at least one CHYKN member in her young appearance.
The drawings for the contest must be drawn by yourself - no pics from the WITCH comics or the TV show and screenshots from dress up games. Do not steal another people's work. Just draw it yourself.
Colored arts only. No sketches and line-arts.
Show your creativity. Your drawings should be on your idea and conception. If you just draw a scene from the comics or the TV show without any changes made by you, you won't have a chance for prize.
There is no limit of number entries -

Hope you'll enter with me if you can! :la:

There's also this awesome contest hosted at :iconw-i-t-c-h-universe:

Wherein you have to draw Elyon Brown, one of my favorite characters in the comic book/anime, W.i.t.c.h.

More details can be found here:
  Epic Eylon Contest (Closed)Firstly I have edited the prizes with equal bonus theme prizes from the ones I advertized before I just made them 2,000 points a price so if you decide to use one of the four bonuses it will not be anymore or less than another to make it fair in that respect :). This contest will be for members only. The point of this contest is mainly to gain more Elyon art for this group DA and for fans of the W.I.T.C.H. Universe!  Now with that let me welcome you to our and the first ever major Elyon Brown contest :D.
:bulletred: Theme: Elyon Brown from W.I.T.C.H. the animated series (2004) and/or comic series (2001) is the theme you can do any art type you like with her in the contest as long as it's 'family friendly' PG-13 rated.
Bonus Themes include 4 possible themes: Elyon

Sorry if I posted it a little bit late or rather it is late since the deadline is today. I also found out about it late since I've been quite inactive lately due to health reasons again. ^^;

But I still managed to finish my entry so might as well give it a shot~ :dance:

Next time I'll feature contests like this, I'll be sure to post it in advance so that to those interested can still join.

The more the merrier, right? It'll make it more fun too~ :la:

It's been awhile since I posted a journal too, haven't I? I'll post another later on since I have something important to tell my lovely watchers or sweet visitors, such as yourself. So just a head's up~

See you, guys later~ :wave:

Happy New Year!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 31, 2013, 7:58 AM

This maybe the only time I have to post this since tonight since it's getting quite loud and wild here. Both the loud noises from radios and fireworks are exploding here and there. :XD:

I'm sorry for not being around, after the trip I was suddenly invited to my brother's best friend's wedding. The groom and my brother's group was actually one of my best friends too so I couldn't miss it. Plus, it was a really great event to see. I really miss hanging out with them. It's been so long.

 Now I still can't stay here for too long because I'll probably won't be online again for a couple of days since of the following party traditions in our family and my dad really wants us to go for a short trip with the whole family somewhere. I don't know where yet but I',m sure it'll be fantastic.

Anyhow, It's almost midnight.

So here's to everyone who have supported me all this time and wishing more luck and support to my faithful watchers and curious visitors this 2014. 

   Happy New Year Stamp by ladieoffical   Happy New Year!    Happy New Year Stamp by ladieoffical
Let's all welcome 2014 with a smile! See you guys after the celebration~ :heart:

Skin by Shinji-bpm

Leaving for A Short Trip

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 25, 2013, 6:33 PM

First thing's first: :iconsantalaplz: Merry Christmas!     :iconsantalaplz: Hope you're enjoying the holidays~ :happybounce:

In my case. it's going to be quite a busy week though. It's always been a tradition of ours to make this holiday a week longer. It's definitely going to be quite exciting till New Year. In fact, I'll be leaving dA again for awhile but just for a couple of days. Me and my mom will be headed to one of our provinces later this afternoon, accompanied by our aunt in order to celebrate my cousin's 19th birthday as well as another Christmas Party. :meow:

It's going to be a long trip there so we're planning on staying the night there. We're going back home early tomorrow but there's slight chance that I'll be on until 28th but since we have to prepare for New Year as well, I doubt there's much I can do here so whatever art you see that I posted here earlier would be my last deviations for this year. I don't know if I'll add more, it depends on my free time but yes, I can still add more artworks if I have some time. Hmm... I could also try and draw something at our province. Maybe some sceneries... or maybe I'll even try photography for a change. :D

But I honestly haven't slept well since Christmas Eve so I am very exhausted now. I'm just cheerfully thinking of the fun things I'll do later so that's were I'm getting my remaining energy. I was up all night posting those deviations as well since our internet works well in midnight so it's the best time to post something since our internet is very slow during the holiday season. Not to mention that it's also raining at times so that also deteriorates our Wi-fi signal. :XD:

Well, I'll go and prepare for the trip now.,.. and maybe take a short nap first. See you guys in a couple of days~ :wave:

Edit: We'll be leaving shortly now so I may not be able to reply to your comments or notes until I can get back home in a few days or maybe as soon as I get a Wi-fi signal from my cellphone somewhere. ;p

Oh and If you're wondering about my Christmas gift, well I've got two new sketchbooks and various shades of pencils, a new set of water color pencils and a new desktop computer from my family. Hmm, aside from that I guess I also got some chocolates, some cash and... a bottle of red wine. Ha ha~ I'm not kidding. I love to drink them from time to time too.

As for the gifts I've given, majority of them are hand-drawn portraits of themselves. I ended up drawing dozens of them this year since many requested for it. My hands are quite numb with drawing them but it was worth it seeing their faces. :la:

Tell me, would you like to receive a somewhat late Christmas gift from me? I can draw it after my trip. Just leave a comment here if you wish for me to draw you something, I'll handle most request that's not Yaoi or Yuri and I can draw up to three characters. Human or Animals. Fan Art or Original. Just either leave a comment here or send a note. Thanks! :aww:

Again, :iconsantalaplz: Merry Christmas!     :iconsantalaplz: and Hope you'll have a fantastic day! :squee:   

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Just testing out a new Journal Skin

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 12, 2013, 3:08 PM

The way I see it... 
It's cute... but it get's tough to see what I write once the text
gets too long and it hits the picture here.... ^^;

My brother suggested using green but...
Do you guys know any other colors than can see
right through them?


Any ideas? Or should I just write like this..?
Just for me to use it? Ha ha ha~ :lol:

I can't lighten the image anymore,
by the way... because if I do it'll lose
all this art's colors. Maybe I'll also give it
a try one more time but I doubt it'll
help much either way.

Well, For now, 
I guess I could always write like this 
Just to use it if I really want to. :happybounce:

But then again, I'd rather use the other one
since it's more easier to read the contents.

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I hope you won't mind...

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 12, 2013, 12:49 PM

I'm going to be posting a lot of artworks all at once. You see, they were all the drawings I've saved up since I was gone. Some are even drawn a couple months ago, some are recent and some are very old files, more or less last year, that I found on some folders in my laptop that I seem to have forgotten about uploading it here. Ha ha~ 

Pardon me for the sudden swarm of drawings I'll be posting later today but there's a reason for it. I'm deleting all the files in my current laptop because we'll be receiving a new one soon but we have to exchange this laptop I'm using to the new one. This laptop and the next one actually belongs to my father. It was given to him from where he works and my father gave it to me since he thought that I could use it more than him. Honestly... I didn't want to give this laptop away. It is where I started drawing digitally after all so it has quite a lot of sentimental memories... but I guess my dad has to follow the protocols and he did persuade me that the new laptop is much better than this one so I guess it's okay. Well, I'm still a bit upset about it since I usually have a hard time in letting some things go but what could I do? But I'll get over it sooner or later. =p After all, I could learn to love the new one as well. :aww:

Also I hope you don't mind if Majority of the artworks I'll be posting are actually my Original Characters from my Original Stories, The Salvation and Sol Siberian. Yep, two different stories since I decided to share the characters from my other story as well. I've been in to drawing them lately you see... and since I had them scanned on my computer because I have too many sketchbooks lying around so it get's difficult finding the actual specific picture I've drawn. But since it is in my laptop it'll get deleted so I have no choice but to post it here for safe keeping. Most of them are traditional but I've colored some of it digitally since I was lazy but thought of at least giving it some color since it looks better that way. :XD:

Fan Art wise... Hmm... I did drew some fan arts as well. But those would be the last picture's I'll post here since I'm pretty sure that you'll be looking forward to that than my OC's and I want you too look forward to it and wait in anticipation. :eyes: Nah, just kidding. I just thought that posting them here last would give them more chance to be noticed than my OC's since they'll be pushed back to your inbox further and if you're wondering what kinds of fan arts I did... it'll be secret but you'll find out soon enough. =p
Well I guess I should prepare to post them now but before I go I just wanted to say that... I hope you don't mind if I reply to all your comments and notes after I've finished submitting all my piled up drawings in my laptop. It's quite urgent you see since the company is requesting for this laptop now since it's replacement is already ready. But since most of the drawings I've scanned has no color yet, it's going to be a lot of work and it'll take a lot of my spare time. I might even just post the sketches first If I don't finish earlier.

As for my group, FMA-ARTandLITERATURE, I'll assume back to my usual group duties as soon as I get back my usual pace being here on dA. Hopefully I'll get back on track so that I'll be able to take care of my favorite group as early as next week or even earlier. :nod:

And about the reason for my last poll and my sudden disappearance in dA... I'll also tell them after this. It's really a sensitive subject to talk about so it's not that easy for me to tell... but... I feel like you guys should know about it. Especially if something bad might happen... Now, I don't mean to think about that something bad will happen to me but it concerns mostly about my health and my very life - not figuratively but literally. There's more to that story than this and there's more than one reason why I left dA, but... I'll tell you more about it on my next journal.

But don't worry about it much. I'm trying my best to not think about it too... Let's just say that I'm a lot cheerful now than I was before and I want it to remain that way. It is almost Christmas so I should be happy and it does feel great to be back here in dA again. :aww:

I should go now. Oh! But just in case I disappear for some time again... (Hopefully not but...) Know that I'm just at the hospital again. My health condition hasn't really improve much since last year and some of you might know about my illness and it's progress. I should explain it more... but like I said above, I'll tell you about it next time because I'm kind off tired and feel a little weak again. Sorry if I still don't have much time to spare even till now. But I promise it'll change soon. :D

Oh and another thing, I'll be posting my drawings automatically by schedule so don't be surprised that I'm posting artworks when I'm not online. I was honestly just trying it out since I was curious about it but my, it is effective and I like it. Though it's kinda disappointing that you can only post three drawings at the same timeline but I guess it does prevent me from infiltrating your inbox all at once so it's also good. Ha ha~

Anyhow that'll be all from me for now. Hope to talk to you all again soon and have a nice day~ :heart:

On a side note before I go, hope you like the new design I coded for my new profile page too. It took quite some time to finish and I'm not that done yet. But it'll do for now I guess. :lol: See you later~ :wave:

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Not Feeling Well...

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 9, 2013, 1:14 PM

For some reason I really don't feel well this days. But what really confuses me is that I'm not really sick but I do feel extremely exhausted most of the time... even if I'm not even doing heavy work as I used too. Sometimes I'm even tired when I just woke up. I just feel restless and I don't know what's wrong with me. Well... I guess you could say I'm just tired... But I can't help but wonder why? As far as what I usually do... I'm not doing anything too stressful at the meantime so I just don't know...

Well... I have an idea but I don't think that's it. You see, I've been not in my best condition since January... even the last months of 2012 really isn't that great concerning my health either. But to make things worse, various swollen lymph nodes are on both side of neck. Yes, both. I know I told it on a journal before that I had them only on the left side since January but last month, I noticed that it has spread on my right as well. They say that swollen lymph nodes disappear on their own once whatever illness that's causing it disappears or I can have them removed by surgery but then again, if the virus that's causing is still in me then it will just return again so it's pointless.

But it's been nine months since I had them... so that means that whatever that's causing them is still within me. Which is why I'm very confused because I feel completely fine. I had no coughs, colds or fevers... nothing indicating an illness since February. The only known record that caused those lymph nodes was when I my asthma attacked last October 2012 to January 2013. It's a painful memory so I'd rather not talked about it again... but that ordeal has way passed so that's why I'm confused as to why I still have this swollen lymph nodes and why are they even multiplying...

Well, my doctor pointed out that I am still apparently ill... but even he doesn't know what that illness is. I went to other medical centers and they said the same thing. They see the problem but they don't see what's causing it since even they told me that I look healthy and I couldn't deny that... I feel fine except for my restlessness. To make matters worse I hardly have any appetite and I can hardly sleep I've already loss some weight drastically and look paler and weaker than before which has already concerned most people around me. They told me to relax and eat something... and I am trying me best to do it... but it's isn't easy... I just don't feel up to it and I don't know why.

I feel satisfied with my personal life lately actually. I love hanging out with my family, friends and relatives and as far as I can see it, things are actually going well for me for a change so I don't know why I feel so depressed. Might be because I'm thinking about my mysterious health condition too much. But can you blame me? The Lymph nodes is the least of my problems because the main problem is what's causing it. I'm suffering from an incurable illness because it's completely unknown so I'm currently under observation as of now. The doctors asked me to monitor myself at home and if the pain on my neck gets too unbearable, I need to be confined to a hospital as a soon as possible. Whether that day or not comes, it will cause me to go on another hiatus here if ever the situation worsens. 

But don't worry about it to much... I don't want to think about it anymore and just concentrate on the good things that has happened to me. For now, my neck does hurt most of the time but I can still bare it. I'm even quite used to it so I'm still hoping... praying it'll heal on its own. The doctors did say that could happen since I have quite a strong and health body... if it was someones else they thought that person would be paralyzed by fear and writhing on pain now so I'm quite thankful that I'm the one who caught this bizarre disease and not my family or anyone close to me. I'm really not the type of person to give up or lose a fight or challenge easily either. This is my war and I'll see through it to the end~ :la:

Hee hee~ releasing this pent up emotions has cheered me up. :heart: I apologize for the sudden random ranting about my problems here. I just wanted to let it out to someone. I just couldn't find anyone to talk to about it since I really don't want my family and close friends to worry about me since they already have enough problems as it is. So I decided to let it out in general here. I'm sorry that I took your time in reading this silly journal.

This is actually very childish of me since I'm usually the person that comforts other people when they're down so it's kinda hard for me to find a shoulder to lean on myself when I'm the one who's depressed, since I don't want to be a burden to them so I usually just carry this ponderings to myself which can be difficult since it weighs heavily at times. I'm also tired of talking about my problems to a wall... I guess I just needed someone to talk to.

... err.... please do just ignore whatever depressing things I said above and let's all move on! I have some new sketches done and I'll post them here once I've colored them in. Drawing seems to be my only stress relief so I'll be focusing on that. See you guys later! :aww: and thank you for listening to me. I really appreciate it. :hug:

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Contest advertisement~

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 3, 2013, 1:13 PM

Sorry for announcing it quite late but I didn't know about the contest until yesterday since as you might know, I just recently returned from my long dA Hiatus since May. dA has change quite a lot too since I've returned, so I'm still adjusting to it~ :XD:

I'll be more active and submit more Artworks soon though I just need to catch up on what I miss first... It has been a couple months. :heart:

Anyhow, the contest from :iconw-i-t-c-h-ultimate: has a lot of prizes so I decided to give it a try. I don't even know I will make it either but I had an entry in mind and I thought it would be a waste to not try it. =p

Here's the Group Journal containing more info about the contests and it's prizes:  
The Ultimate W.I.T.C.H. contest (Closed!!!)Hello I'm EvilMadness the group founder of this the only W.I.T.C.H. Super Group on DA that I have personally seen, I love W.I.T.C.H. all the contests I have been apart of have been worth 25,000 points I want to keep this great series alive I have held two contest my first was a hypno W.I.T.C.H. contest to boost W.I.T.C.H. art on DA and use one of my personal favorite types of art hypno. If you keep up with me you'll find I've always been interested in hypnosis and 'uniting' the two was a unique idea I have had since I started out here at DA... the contest was worth 35,000 points the biggest contest for W.I.T.C.H. I've seen on DA... until now :). The second contest I was honored to be apart of was to co-host with :iconenchantedseekers: and was mainly to boost membership for her Will Vandom (the leader of W.I.T.C.H./the over all main character and keeper of the heart of Kandrakar) group that was

That'll be it from me now.  I hope everyone is enjoying themselves out here and feel free to talk to me about anything in general. Good day, everyone. :salute:

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Win a Three Month PM from me~

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 21, 2013, 4:55 PM

In celebration of being part of deviantArt for Two Years as well as my first group, FMA-ARTandLITERATURE's Second Year Anniversary. I decided to held a contest for it.

Check the group's journal for more info:  VIII: FMA x Silver Spoon Contest (( Updates! ))Update: The last episode of the Second Season of Gin no Saji is now up! Here's the Eleventh episode:
This Contest is a collaboration between Our group, :#FMA-ARTandLITERATURE: and our affiliate, :#SilverSpoonFan:!
Greetings Dear Members and all you wonderful visitors! It's this time of the year again and I would like to take this moment to say...
:party: Our Group, :#FMA-ARTandLITERATURE:, is now officially Two Years old! :party:
(( Second Year Anniversary ))
    Time does really fly by so fast, I can't believe it's already been another year. Ha ha, although I still feel like I just created this group a few days ago. I never really thought that this group would ever be what it has become now since I really didn't know how to run a group from the beginning. So I'm very happy to see this group continue to grow up till now and it's all thanks to you, you who has contributed in the group's development. So

I'm also looking for prize donors. Kindly comment your offer below or leave a note if interested. I really need your help to make this contest more exciting and interesting. Faving this journal and sharing it on your journals or polls and even by just telling your friends would be great help as well. Please Spread the word about the contest, if you can.

Thank you for your attention and Good Day~ :la: 

:salute: Journal Skin by 11KairiMayumi11 :salute:

Just an Update/ Making AMVs / Gin no Saji

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 20, 2013, 1:34 PM

Hey guys, it's been awhile since I last wrote something. I guess I did disappeared for most of the couple of months again haven't I? I wish I could tell you all about it since I really feel lonely and very tired, but I'd rather not give you my problems. Let's just say that it's been hard on me both physically and mentally this past months... I've suddenly lost quite a lot of my friends and loved ones and I'm still sick, and it's still the same disease I had since as early as New Year and if this lumps on necks won't disappear by next month, I might go under surgery which will surely make me leave dA again for some time. 

I'll let you know that much about what has happened to me during my disappearance, but I'd rather not talk about it anymore. If May and June had been bad, I'd rather moved on this July and I must say that things have been a lot better. I'm back to my usual cheerful self again and I feel great that I hardly noticed the pain on my neck nowadays... Well... that or I'm just used to the pain now. :XD: 

The doctor advise me to rest most of the time and told me not to strain myself so I've been pretty lonely at home. I can't even stay online more since my vision is getting worse if I stay in the computer for some time. Sometimes I ask my brother or even my mom to use my account just to accept some submissions on my groups ... and my other accounts on different websites. I'm not supposed to be online now, but I was very bored and since there is something I have to do in my main group, I've been littering around here for awhile. :lol:

I honestly haven't been resting much either since it's not like me to laze around on my bed all day so I'm usually still drawing. I hope to post them here soon too. They're all traditional, so I'm going to have to scan them first. Another thing I've been doing is crafting clay figurines. I used to design a lot of clay figures when I was young but I stopped since high school since I barely had time for it. Since I have time now, I thought of starting that hobby again. I might post them here too as well. As for literacy, I'm going to update some stories and write some new ones over at soon too.

I know, I should be resting since I'm unwell. But I am honestly full of energy, very happy and full of inspiration now. Thank Despicable me 2 for that. Hee hee~ ever since I watched it on it's premiere night from where I'm from. (July 3) I'm still hooked at it and I've watched it a couple of times already. I've always been a fan of that movie since it's predecessor last 2010 so I was expecting that I will love it and I did. Oh and Don't be surprised if I drew a fan art about them. My head is still filled of minions, Gru and the girls and his 'partner'. Ahh, the movie was pretty sweet. :XD: Has anyone else watched it too by any chance? :) 
Hmm... what else have I done... Ah, out of boredom and to release some stress... I made a couple of RoyAi AMVs. Its not anything fancy since it was my first tries in making one and ha ha, I just did it for fun. It even took me awhile to make since I had to take breaks because of my eyes. It's not that great, but I'd greatly appreciate it if you can watch it.

First:…  ~ Find my Fan Art and I'll draw you something as a reward. ;)
Second:… ~ This is inspired by watching Despicable me 2. :lol: 

Oh and Hiromu Arakawa's latest manga, Gin no Saji or rather Silver Spoon is now officially Animated! Well, I knew about it since last week but I haven't had much chance to tell it. There's still only a couple of episodes but it's very interesting. It's exactly how I remember it when I first read that manga sometime ago. I can't wait for the next episode! =p

If you're interested, You can watch it here:…;


Other than that... well I guess I'll be hosting a contest at FMA-ARTandLITERATURE very soon. It's for my and the group's Second Year Anniversary Celebration. I hope you can hang around the group as well, if you're interested in participating.

Well, that's all from me now. My head's starting to ache again and my swollen neck isn't that fine either so I'll be taking a nap. :meow:

I hope you guys have a nice day and I'd love to hear from you guys again~ :salute:      

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Going on another trip~

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 27, 2013, 2:12 PM

I know it hasn't been long since I went to another trip out of town (last Tuesday) amusingly, I'm off to another trip even though I'm still quite jet-lagged from the previous trip. It's going to be fun though~ :dummy:

Last time as I stated before, we went for a nice summer vacation get away and my aunt rented the whole resort for a family reunion. So we basically owned the two pools the entire day. I think I swam for 7 hours straight so I think that's the reason why I feel like my body is killing me up till now, well add the long trip from our province then back home is enough to tire out any person I guess. Didn't get much sleep the entire vacation as well since I've spent most of the time with my cousins to make up for the lost time since we haven't seen each other for quite a while. So that's why I've mostly been asleep this couple of days in preparation for the next trip which is today. Still a bit tired though~ ^^;

So where am I going this time? Well it's almost the same location where I went to on the last trip, it's near our province so I'm expecting another long trip in a crowded vehicle since there's roughly 20 people coming along with us in a single van. We're going to the amusement park for 04Dusk29's advance Birthday party and most of her friends are coming along too. To those who lived in the Philippines as well, You must be familiar with Enchanted Kingdom. Yup, that's where we're going...

.... And guess what I mostly have to do there? Baby sitting Teens that's what! They're forcing me to watch them since I'm the one nearest to their age. Only a few of the parents will come, including my mom and brother but they always say that they're a bit old to ride some of what those rowdy teens wish to ride. Another reason why is that they have some slight problems with their blood pressure so no hardcore rides for them. I'm barely a teenager anymore since I'm turning 20 this November but I have to watch 13-15 year old's running around a large and popular amusement park. Well yeah, I'm still young but think of the responsibility... Oh well, it's best not to think about it too much and just enjoy it, after all, I am going to a famous amusement park in the country so I might as well just have fun~ :la:

We'll leave as early as 7:30am since it's going to be a long trip and since it's Sunday and it's Summer vacation too so there's bound to be lots of people going there today so we have to be there as soon as the gates open since I and I'm sure everyone don't want to wait in line for long just to ride a single ride when we only have a day to go around the whole park. We better make most of the time we have for it! Hmm... they say that we're going to stay there till the park closes so I really think we'll get home, the morning after so I don't think I can be online for awhile. Unless there's Wi-fi then I might be on in mobile. I might, since I might not have much time for it since I have to look after those teens so... I don't know when I'll be online here again since I'll probably sleep the entire day tomorrow once we're back home due to exhaustion. =p

I'll probably take some pictures as well as I did on the previous trip. Should I post some of them here? :meow:

The fun's not over after this Amusement park trip, we're leaving to our province again next week to get a special gift for me. What is it? A female puppy! Yeah! I only have one dog with me now and he's a two year old pure bred Japanese Spitz and he's kinda lonely and my aunt decided to give me one of their shih tzu puppies from the recent litter. She's two months old now, very playful and strong. She was so sweet when we first visited them too. What will I call her? Well I named my boy, Yuki, which means snow for it's pure white fur. So I'll name the girl, Aki because her fur reminds me of Autumn. Hee hee, pretty neat ain't it? Plus, it's a very easy name to recognize so it'll be easy for the pup to know her name too. Since Yuki and Tixie (My gray female Persian cat) know their names well too. Hmm... I just noticed that the names all sound alike. But I once had a boxer/sharpei dog that recently died last Christmas (:tears:) But his name was Copper so not all my pet names have i or ie endings. (But it's also because of he's coat color. :lol:)

Apart from that, there's still frequent trips planned but I won't name them all yet since it's not sure yet, but they say we're going to a family dinner too and maybe go on a picnic, this time my Father will also be with us so it's going to be awesome. He's busy with works this days so he can't join us for this trip but he told us to just enjoy ourselves and we're going on a trip together next time so I'm looking forward to it~ :excited:

Better get ready since we're going to leave in a few hours. Just need to fix something in my groups here first. Oh and I'm sure some of you noticed the many sketches I just posted, I apologize for not telling about the random submissions but I just had to post it before I color it in the next days so there's something I left behind before I temporarily leave dA again for another vacation. ;p

Well, thanks for reading this! See you guys in a couple of days and I hope you'll have a good day~ :-)

~~~ :thumb368034088:~~~

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Going on a Vacation/Tagged

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 22, 2013, 1:47 PM

Just wanted to say that I'm going out of town for a couple of days to visit my cousins at our province in a few hours! I'm so excited~ :la:

    Why? Because we're going on a swimming trip! Being with my fun relatives makes it even more awesome! I've honestly been desiring to go to the pool since it's summertime here now from where I'm from and the heat is killing me! Seriously at 34~41 degrees is just too much. Well, I'm from a tropical country so it'd be weird if it was cold and I was expecting it would be that hot, quite used to it even... but still... There were times I've been suffering from my asthma because of it too so it's even tough to breath lately. But what I fear most is heat stroke... so I've been drinking lots of fluids lately. I sometimes feel weak and completely dehydrated but I'm still doing fine so there's nothing to worry about and I'll get by one way or another. :heart:

    We're going to a public resort for a swim but my Aunt rented the entire pools for ourselves and she even took care of most of the food and cottages. All she ever wanted in return was for me and my family (and even close friends!) to come over.  For a fun reunion, we maybe relatives but we live so far from one another so we hardly see each other. But even so, no matter how much distance and time separate us whenever we reunite. It's one of the best times indeed! We're probably going to talk about a lot of different things, but knowing my cousins we'll probably just talk mostly about Anime or Manga, Comics, Food, Games, Music and Some movies or television shows. Then a long dip to the pool and splash around like kinds again. :laughing:

    With the friendly atmosphere I could really find some time to relax by then. I think I really needed it this days. My past months concerning my health nightmare still left a mark on me. Just remembering those days really just makes me feel uncomfortable. But now that I lived to survive it, I actually feel really happy and cheerful again this days. Despite the heatwave, I always find myself quite satisfied for no reason. Well a lot of good simple things and fun times happened so I guess I should be happy... well now that I think about it. I'm not just happy, I'm quite thankful even. For a lot of things. In real life and here on dA, everything seems to be going well for me. So I really feel great. :happybounce:

     We're going to leave early today since it's going to be a long trip. Depending if the bus we'll ride and if the resort has Wi-fi connection will be my chance in getting online here on dA. So I might or might not be able to respond to any of your questions or comments soon. I'll be back home in a couple of days but there's also a scheduled trip this Sunday and we're going to the most awesome amusement park here! So apart from being jet-lagged from the continues trips out of town, I think I hardly have time to log back in here too because I'll probably be exhausted when I get back home.

    But I will post some new artworks sometime this week as well. Most will be traditional art though since I just bought a new sketchbook and I'll also be away from my laptop because my father will use it while we're away. He has to go to work so he can't come with us. It's just me, my mother, brother and younger sister, 04Dusk29 so it's quite sad. :( But he told us that we're going to go on a trip this May and the whole family will be together so I'm looking forward to it. :heart:

  Hmm... what will I draw? Well since I'm going to be out in our province there's no doubt that different plants and trees will greet me. So I might do landscapes for a change. It's good for background practice too~ Aside from that, I'll also draw the prize arts from my FMA-ARTandLITERATUREs events. Maybe you'll even see me draw fan arts wearing bikinis in the pool.  Major Armstrong and Grandma Pinako wearing sexy swim wears or a Jynx wearing a sexy bikini. :eyes: Ha ha ha, that was supposed to be a joke but lol, it depends on my mood and I might actually do it. :XD:

  Well better get ready since it's getting late. I'll be seeing you around then~ :salute:

Ah, but before I go I remember I was tagged! Well, I'm going to disobey some rules. If you want to tagged yourself, go ahead and do it. I can't give names now since I have to hurry~ :lol: Next time I might do it properly~ Might. =p

1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 6 things about themselves on their journal.
3. In the end you have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons.
4. Go to the page and send a message to who you tagged telling them to do the tag.
5. You can not the person who tagged you.
6. Not worth tagger things like "if you're reading this consider yourself tagged", the 11 persons have to be legitimate. 

I: I'm the only female in my Animation/Game development team at my school. ^^;
II: I have a special ability to make any dog, tamed or wild to like me. :eyes:
III: I haven't updated any of my stories at due to my writer's block (… ) lately so I've been bombarded with questions about updates in my notes. Don't worry I won't tell who and hopefully I'll feel inspired to write again since I'll be out in the fields. ;)
IV: I've been playing video games (old/new) the whole day since summer vacation started. B-)
V: I tend to stay up really late and only sleep for a few hours (2 hours least~4 hours usually) yet still be as active as usual in the morning. :dance:  But there are also times I slept for 18 hours straight when I am so exhausted both physically and mentally. :wow: 
VI: Errr... what else? Ah, I'm almost just as short tall as Edward Elric! :dummy:

Bye guys~ See you all again soon! Thank you for reading this! :wave: 

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W.I.T.C.H. Contest

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 7, 2013, 11:26 AM

Hee, Hee managed to do an entry. ;)

 :iconthexw-i-t-c-hxmaster: is hosting a W.I.T.C.H. Contest and more info about it could be located here:  Official W.I.T.C.H. Hypno Art Contest!This will be my first ever contest and I thought about how I could make it big so I decided to offer big prizes and as many contest winners and runner ups will be given prizes as well as a grand prize winner I want this to be as successful as possible for this contest and I wanted to add an angle to it as well so I thought of my favorite show of all time I must say W.I.T.C.H. and than I thought it would be ok to just post normal W.I.T.C.H. art like you can find all over DA AND LET ME TELL YOU THEIR ARE SOME GREAT ONES OUT THERE, but I also have seen some unique types out their two some that add my personal favorite angel hypnosis. It to me adds new feeling to the world of W.I.T.C.H. and I wanted to use some type of effect in the art submitted so I thought it would be great if some of the art entries had some characters of W.I.T.C.H. under the spell of the horn of hypnos (i.e. hypnotized forever etc, etc). Anyone who has been on my page knows that hypnosis is a hobby of mine and I love

And the prizes are here:


Grand Prize: 10000 points (a bonus for any art with hypnosis in it will be 2000 points making the total 12000 points for the grand prize winner) and a 24 month Premium account/membership (or two 12 month Premium accounts/membership given twice)

1st: 6000 points (a bonus for any art with hypnosis in it will be 2000 points making the total 8000 points for first place) and a 12 month Premium account/membership 

No Bonuses for any hypnosis used after 1st place...

2nd: 3000 points and a 6 month Premium account/membership (or two 3 month Premium accounts/membership given twice)

3rd Place: 1500 points and a 3 month Premium account/membership.

Runner up's:

4th place: 1000 points 
5th place: 500 points
6th place: 250 points

Honorable Mentions

7th place: 100 points 
8th place: 100 points
9th place: 100 points

That is 9 total winners and runner ups with a total of Over 35000 points in total prizes (bonuses included)

 Cut of Date: The contest will end on April 8 note: ANY ART SUBMITTED AFTER THE DEADLINE WILL NOT COUNT. Be sure you can finish this contest before you enter.

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Plans for Summer this Year

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 25, 2013, 3:54 PM

Before anything else, I just want to say that this is a very long journal. :lol:

Though it may seem weird to those living in other countries. It's actually Summer time her in the Philippines now~

And to prove that it's summer, the heat is already very unbearable. :faint::sun:
LOL, since I had some issues about fainting a lot a few months ago and since I'm still not in my best condition. Mostly everyone I know is telling me to drink lots of fluids and at most times, just stay indoors. Well apart from walking my dog for a stroll, I usually don't have any reasons to leave the house. Since I'm already on vacation from school~ Ha ha, I'll go back to school sometime in June so I could finally kick back and relax for awhile for as much as I want. :D

Other than napping and taking care of my wonderful pet animals. (Speaking of animals, I have bought new pets, Two cute birds and I love them.) I'll probably make up for the loss time in playing video games again. Although we bought it a little late since both my brother and I have been busy with work in his case and school for me. We don't have much time to play. We're playing Dragon's Dogma and It's a very amazing game! I love the battle system so much and those gigantic, massively scary monsters are awesome! It makes you feel good every time you beat them and the sceneries are so vast and wide. It's perfectly detailed and as far as the story line is concerned, its pretty great for a free roaming world.

My character in Dragon's Dogma is a Ranger and I amusingly named her Riza and since you get to keep a main 'pawn', it's a non-playable character that will always be with you whenever or wherever, as you might have guessed, I named him Roy and he's a sorcerer. LOL, they make a pretty badass team. I could fell any enemy in their path easily, using them. LOL, I even killed the dragon way too early. I think it's the Final boss since... oh wait, I won't spoil it. Let's just say that he was loitering around some woods so I tried to jokingly attack him, then I got serious when I felt I had the chance so I killed it. When I'm just level 39. LOL. I'll probably respawn since it was still not time for me to kill it but I couldn't resist. =p

Long story short, since I'm very hooked to playing it, I think I'll tell you in advance that I may not be drawing nor writing for a while. I haven't played video games for quite some time since school started so I want to make some time for it. But LOL, at the pace I'm doing, I'll finish that game way sooner than expected. I've been playing similar games like this such as Dark Souls, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, Diablo and Monster Hunter or other similar games that I'm quite used to this game style. It's even a piece of cake compared to Dark Souls, hands down. :XD:

Apart from that, I've also started playing old school games. Especially the Final Fantasy(s) when it was still Square Soft. I never stated this much but my favorite Final Fantasy game that can greatly rival my love for Fullmetal Alchemist is Final Fantasy... IX. It's very unusual to some, but despite the childish looks the game as said by others. It's actually has a very deep and overwhelming story line. It's great to see the character bond and change throughout the whole game and I miss the World Map! Oh, the world Map. Riding in a Chocobo and playing mini games. It's very adorable to see the Moogles again too! Gah, so many feels for an old game! I'm currently 19 now as you know, but I've beat Final Fantasy IX for the first time, when I was seven. It was my first Final Fantasy game as well so it's hold pretty much value to me since it was what got me hook to this kinds of games and was also the reason why my story, 'The Salvation' was born. He he, pretty awesome ain't it?

I usually listen to this whenever I feel like going back to the 'Game I'll always play Someday' Careful though! This video contains a lot of SPOILERs! I know it's an old game but I also know there are a lot who haven't played it yet. It tells about most of the story regarding about the two main characters, Zidane and Garnet AKA Dagger while listening to FFIX's main theme: "Melodies of Life" and it's a beautiful song indeed. FF IX has my favorite OST among the other Final Fantasy as well but the Japanese lyrics to this song touch me even more.

Meep~ I loved all the songs for Final Fantasy, as well as from Kingdom Hearts and even The world Ends with you. The only Square Enix song that didn't fancy me was "My Hands" (From Final Fantasy XIII) and no, I don't hate FF XIII, just the english song. I love the japanese, Eternal Love for it more. Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the other hand would have been better if they hadn't loss to the bad guy but oh well, there's Final Fantasy XIII-3. :o Well, I honestly don't know if I like it or not since I haven't played it yet so I'm still neutral about it. I just don't appreciate the fact that you can only use Lightning alone again. I prefer more characters and I don't like her new outfit much. I like her first attire in Final Fantasy XIII more. ^^;

Other than that, I am still looking forward to it, nonetheless~ I am and will always be Square Enix's fan girl no matter what! Hehehe, it's also one of the reasons why I got way hooked in Fullmetal Alchemist too. Man Apart from making me cry in the ending of Final Fantasy IX and VII's Crisis Core. Fullmetal Alchemist and the broken Angel was also so sad. :tears: But also in a good way. I was very touched that FMA stick to me as both my favorite Anime and second favorite Game and I have Square Enix to thank for that.

Aside from Gaming, let's go to drawing. I want to draw some Video Game Fan Arts, especially in Final Fantasy IX. So expect a barrage of artworks of Final Fantasy coming in your way (Not only FFIX but the others as well. Final Fantasy X will be remastered in PS3 AND PSVITA so I'm quite excited to playing that awesome game again as well.) Hee hee, I am currently Final Fantasy hyped now.

Writing on the other hand had been difficult, I feel too lazy or maybe just too tired to write for some reason. I just can't seem to get any ideas. Writer's Block are terrible but since I owe a prize story for sofipitch I'll try my hardest to write the story for you. Meantime writing commissions and requests are closed. (Well if it's a POEM, I can do it anytime. I expertise in Poetry when it comes to Literature.)

Other than that, I'm going for a vacation again. I'm suggesting we go to the beach since it is Summer, right? I also want to practice my photography skills so I thought it would be a perfect chance as well. Imma install Instagram on my phone when we'll go out on a trip, wanna follow me when I created an account? :meow:

I'll give you guys an update on a different Journal since this is already long enough~ Hope to see you guys again! Have a good day~ :salute:

But before I'll leave again on another trip to the Dragon's Dogma World (LOL :laughing:)
Here's a new drawing of my OC Kairi and this is a mouse drawn doodle for being too much game hyped. :lol:

Well, that's it. I'll be hanging around dA on mobile for awhile since me and my mom will go to the market first since we'll have some guests later. Then after helping out with the cooking, I'll play Video Games again! Woot :w00t:

Hee hee, see you!

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