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Anaglyph Plugin:

* Compiz-plugin: anaglyph
* Author: Patryk Kowalczyk <>
* created: September 2007
* License: GPL

I fixed some stuff.

You need red-blue glasses to watch it [link]

To install on Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex):

$ sudo apt-get install compiz-fusion-bcop compiz-dev compizconfig-settings-manager build-essential libtool libglu1-mesa-dev libxss-dev libcairo2-dev libpango1.0-dev git-core

$ tar -xvzf Anaglyph_by_11e097.gz

$ cd anaglyph/

$ make && make install

Restart X: Ctrl + Alt + BackSpace

Open Compizconfig Settings Manager, look for Anaglyph plugin and check the box:

$ ccsm

Use F12 to make it work.
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AetheralMeowstic's avatar

How about adapting it to Ubuntu 18.04?

You think you could make something like this for windows 10?

the screenshot is black-white. it works in colors too? ithere is color anaglyphs, or "partialy colored" anaglyphs...
didnt work forme. any sugestion, please? thats the error:

>> make && make install
convert : -> build/anaglyph.xml
schema'ing: build/anaglyph.xml -> build/compiz-anaglyph.schemawarning: failed to load external entity "/schemas.xslt"
cannot parse /schemas.xslt
make: ** [build/compiz-anaglyph.schema] Erro 4
wyatt8740's avatar
I like Linux, but occasionally have to use Windows. Does anyone know a theme like this for Windows 7, or is it even possible?
i think yes... in brazil, nome notebooks have a "fake" 3d, with red-blue glasses. these notebooks are sold with win7 installed...
cestru's avatar
my pc is anaglyph too, congratulations
Supermazter1's avatar
Hi, I seem to be having a problem, whenever I enable the plug-in it disables itself a second after,
I think it might be my enabled plug-ins but am not sure
am running ubuntu 10.10
Memory 2.9 GiB
Processor Pentium (R) Dual-Core CPU T4500 @ 2.30GHz
Supermazter1's avatar
I seem to be having a problem...
when ever I try to enable it, it disables itself like a second after
am running ubuntu 10.10
i386 hp netbook
Memory 2.9GiB
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU t4500 @ 2.30Ghz
Please help! It's working when I turn on with F12 but my opened windows and programs don't have this effect like your picture..only my wallpaper and my gnome-panel have it!:(
Try turning off the Blur Windows plugin. It was causing the same problem for me.
Many Thanks 4 You!!!!
felix-leg's avatar
$ tar -xvzf Anaglyph_by_11e097.gz
Where I get this file? In above line you install Compiz (which I have got), but there is not Anaglyph download. No "wget"...:confused:
Erik-Schepers's avatar
Yeah real nice.

I only have some questions:
The cursor is not in 3D so its infront/behind the windows which looks weird,
is there a way to make the cursor appear infront of all the windows.

When I put my 3D glasses on I loose some color depth, Due to the red/blue glasses,
Can I use some color settings to get my screen colors back to normal when viewing through those glasses?
AetheralMeowstic's avatar

The only anaglyph format that gives nearly flawless colors is ColorCode, a proprietary system. Red/cyan and red/blue preserve around 20% of the color data, and green/magenta preserves around 46%. Color Code has a whopping 98% color preservation, the 2% loss being a very faint yellow cast.

Let me explain: in the ColorCode system, the left eye is covered by an amber filter that transmits virtually all color (the color data with some parallax data), and the right eye is covered by a blue filter so dark that the right eye image is monochrome (the remaining parallax data). Due to the fact that the amber and blue almost perfectly cancel each other out, there's virtually zero color loss, but this system has one drawback: You need a bright image and possibly a dark room. Also, looking through the blue filter has been likened to looking through muddy water.

The ColorCode system created in the early 2000s by a Danish company called ColorCode 3-D ApS and was used to create the 3D version of the Disney film Bolt, as well as the 3D release of Monsters vs. Aliens. It was also used in five issues of Time Magazine and, get this, a Superbowl commercial. Furthermore, it was by Channel 4 in Great Britain for their brief all-ColorCode 3D content run.

In short, it is impossible to preserve more than 20% of the original color with red/blue or red/cyan anaglyph 3d. If you want near-perfect color in your anaglyph 3D theme, find a ColorCode theme.

Here's a link to some excellent ColorCode 3D glasses that look great, too:

In CompizConfig -> Anaglyph -> Uncheck Desaturate
frsantos1's avatar
work just fine, tested on ubuntu 9.04 and the effect it's awesome, but istill limited a little. thanks for the plugin and the install script, some error messages where given but ignored as well.
jgbarber65's avatar
Cool! I have red/blue glasses. I wish I was running Linux or Ubuntu.
beyecixramd's avatar
una pregunta rá;pida....

los pone todos a la misma distancia, en el efecto 3D o están posicionadas todas las ventanas según algun rango?
Hola beyecixramd, me alegra que preguntes, son tres niveles, uno para el desktop otro para los paneles, y otro para la ventana activa.

Puede cambiarse la forma como se presentan en el archivo "anaglyph.c" lineas 198-220.

Aunque si solo quieres cambiar la profundidad también puedes hacerlo desde el compizconfig settings manager.

Espero que te sirva.

Gracias por comentar!
beyecixramd's avatar
de nada! creo que voy a comprar plástico azul y rojo y me voy a hacer las gafas esas :D

tiene que estar guay!

muy imaginativo!

Jellings's avatar
awesome! i want this for mac!
beyecixramd's avatar

Only for Linux :meow:

Migrate to Linux and forget the old and untrusty Mac OS X (also, Windows)
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