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Vigas Map with Interactive Lore v2 by 113420 Vigas Map with Interactive Lore v2 :icon113420:113420 5 2 Snooze button by 113420 Snooze button :icon113420:113420 8 2 Leven reference doc by 113420 Leven reference doc :icon113420:113420 2 2 Gift Art: Butler burd by 113420 Gift Art: Butler burd :icon113420:113420 5 3 Dream School: The Senior by 113420 Dream School: The Senior :icon113420:113420 2 2 And here's the pitch by 113420 And here's the pitch :icon113420:113420 0 19 Rorrim Diputs by 113420 Rorrim Diputs :icon113420:113420 0 9 Premium Vorpal, Limited Time Offer by 113420 Premium Vorpal, Limited Time Offer :icon113420:113420 4 9 A pale reflection by 113420 A pale reflection :icon113420:113420 4 15 Put On A Happy Face by 113420 Put On A Happy Face :icon113420:113420 2 24 Catharsis by 113420 Catharsis :icon113420:113420 2 12 If You'd Let Me Get A Word In- by 113420 If You'd Let Me Get A Word In- :icon113420:113420 5 13 Along for the Ride by 113420 Along for the Ride :icon113420:113420 6 21 Give him a hand up by 113420 Give him a hand up :icon113420:113420 3 16 Doth Protest Too Much by 113420 Doth Protest Too Much :icon113420:113420 7 18 Step this way sir by 113420 Step this way sir :icon113420:113420 5 17


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It's fun!


Vigas Map with Interactive Lore v2
HELLO DEVIANTART. LONG TIME NO SEE. Hoooly cow I wrote a lot of crap for this.

And you know what it could use? MORE CRAP! This is a one-stop shop for the basic geography and lore of my world, Vigas, which i've been working on... well, it seems like FOREVER. This place has so goddamn much to it that I could probably legally claim it as a child. And it's always growing. Why? Because I have no self-restraint.

How about you, random DA citizen? Would you like to suggest some random thing to throw in here? Or would you like to complain about how my geography is unrealistic? Or call me a lazy asshole for only designing the topography of the nations and not the entire rest of the continent? Leave it all here. Just go on, let it all out. Give it to me. Your torrent of words is sustenence to me.

Special thanks to The Coolest Dudes who helped out on this, or at least the ones who have deviantart accounts. :iconrakadishu:, :iconlina1313:, :iconkayo1:, and :iconmyan149:, not necessarily in that order. You guys are awesome. And the random reddit/discord people who have contributed to this hilarious mess of a world, too.
Snooze button
What's this, an actual artwork? it must be the apocalypse.

Done for a dear... erm, dear of mine, lina1313. Soul, the floof cat, is her character- a spooky, yet habitually lazy, cat-woman who has been through quite a lot of strenuous events and can use some down time. Despite all the crazy stuff she goes through, all she REALLY wants is to lie down and take naps with her possibly-love-interest, IsO the android. And her ever-attendent totem spirit, Barioth the... erm, Barioth. (yes, that's from monster hunter)

Soul's actually got a rather sordid history. She and her sister (named Heart) used to be full-on monster cats who were captured by an abusive monster trainer, and forced into humanoid forms against their will. But it turns out the trainer was preparing them for some serious upcoming events... Opinions on the trainer are rather divided. But suffice it to say, each sister is now a full, independent individual, living their own life. Heart is currently involved in toppling the corrupt regime of a sprawling techno-city. Soul, meanwhile, has made it a personal project to discover a secret within a bizarre extradimensional realm, which was later revealed to contain the remnants of a tortured, nearly-dead god. All while avoiding a horrifically murderous mad alchemist, dealing with the innumerable hositle spirits that pop up everywhere, and the machinations of OTHER gods. See that box they're lying in? That was a 'gift' from the god of madness- she entered into it out of curiosity, and now she's stuck in it for the rest of her life. That god has a weird sense of humor, especially when it comes to trademarking. Still, though, she can put blankets in there, so it's all good.

Recently, things have quieted down, the god-fragments are healing, the spirits are at rest, and Soul can finally get back to her favorite activity- naps with her favorite emotionally-uncertain android, and appreciating both snacks and origami.
Leven reference doc
A friend needed a reliable reference. I did not have a reference. I made a reference. Why did I wait so long to make a reference? Also, why don't I post things anymore? Could it be because I'm a lazy asshole?

It's interesting how many design considerations you have to take into account for something as simple as a stick figure. There's actually more things to consider than you might think- like what lines can be bent, where intersections can happen and still maintain visual clarity, and the appropriate placement of fingers that aren't always there. I'd go into it, but i think it would bore you.

Anyway. Hope someone finds this instructive and/or helpful. It's just a guide to drawing a friggin' stick figure. In flash, no less.

If you feel like using this idiot in something, go for it. I'd appreciate a callout so I can see what it is, but other than that, do whatever. It's not like I have a copyright on shitty stick figures.
So, i recently submitted a series of chapters in a series which roughly add up to a short novel. Which means I'm a novelist now! Yay me! I can put that on my resume, right next to my Reddit karma. That'll impress 'em.
In retrospect it might have been a good idea to submit all the chapters at once instead of one at a time. Oh well.
For those of you wondering, the beginning is here:
Manaburned 0- Prologue---Prologue---
Notes from the Gremmaur Skyloft, self-acclaimed foremost institution of magic, on Mana.
Anyone checked out this 'Mana' stuff? There's some cool writing on it. People made of magic! They've even got their own towns! -Scribe Rudy
I thought Mana was the stuff that fueled our spells. Plus, where does magic get off being sentient? This is all wrong. I don't trust those little bastards. -Apprentice Ulysses
No, you're thinking of raw magical energy. But Mana can help you use spells, if you believe what's written in the 17th Arch's journals. -Scribe Hewitt
Cool! Can I get one to help me out on the exams? -Apprentice Kilna
Fat chance, limpstaff. I hear they only go for the INTERESTING wizards. -Senior Apprentice Zachariaus
I still don't trust those sparkly shits. They get into your head, yanno? Maybe they take you over! -Scribe Rikko
That would be stupid. You'd notice, right? And there's no recorded instances of that happening. Paranoid twit. -Junior Wizard Floi
But that's just i

I have a few ideas for the projects I'm gonna work on in the future. Bonus: I might actually draw something, or maybe even animate! Remember when I did that?
Hah, good times.
A big thanks to :iconbeneathsilverstars:, who helped to edit a lot of my silly writings. You're beautiful.
Also thanks to all m'readers. I appreciate all comments and criticisms and I love all of you just for being here.
Seriously. You're wonderful.
Thanks for stickin' around.
Numbers out.


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