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Reeflections of us Both


This is Eden. Calm, patient and very shy, her life is devoted to learning the ways of healing from her mother in order to help people.

She is polite and always minds her manners. She becomes very anxious if she thinks she’s offended someone, stressing about it for ages even when the person has forgotten about the incident. She’s always trying to please others, afraid to let them down. She has a hard time looking in people’s eyes despite the fact that she has wonderful posture and carries herself with pride.

She hates change and it causes her great anxiety. She finds it hard to adjust because she is afraid things will not be as good as before. She is also terrified of heights and giving people wrong information. Even when she’s pretty certain on an idea she doesn’t want to be wrong, hence why she hesitates so much. Also, because she’s so shy, she has a hard time presenting in front of other people. She’s become a lot better and is working hard to overcome this anxiety. She spends a lot of time presenting things in front of her brother and a mirror, imagining that they are other people.

She’s gentle and tends not to judge people; if they need help she’ll try her best. She’s very accepting which allows a lot of people to like her. Of course this can put her at risk as she’ll talk to serial killers if she thinks they need a pep talk to help them get through life. She always thinks about others and will do anything to help people. This can sometimes get annoying if people want to be left alone and she thinks it’s wrong to leave them.

When she gets in her healing mode, she completely changes from a timid young girl to a capable, fierce healer. She knows what she’s doing and is in charge, very in control and even slightly bossy. People who know her are used to it but anyone else is always confused.

She is a very good friend if someone else approaches her first. She’s trustworthy and a good listener, and though she doesn’t talk much to strangers, she’ll talk all day to her friends. She’s a very deep and observant person, taking in a lot, like a sponge. Her answers always have a lot of thought behind them and people are often surprised by how much she notices without you knowing.  

She loves writing and playing the harp. She often dreams up great stories and epic battles that she only shares with her brother and closest friends. She’s not entirely amazing at the harp but she’s working on it and is very determined to become skilled.

She laughs at the most random things, usually when they aren’t even funny. She laughs really hard for a long time and everyone sort of stands there awkwardly with no idea why she’s laughing.
She is always hard on people for wasting food. Anything that goes to waste she gets really angry about it. For that reason people in her presence tend to eat everything on their plates and use every part of any animal because she’s not nice when she’s angry. She yells a lot and no one is ever expecting that from her.

She is beginning to feel like she needs to make a point that though shy, she is not helpless. She is very smart and is good at making her own decisions. She hesitates in case she’s wrong but will push her point if she believes in it strongly enough. She often has good comebacks in her head but doesn’t say them out loud, will rant to her friends after the fact.

This is Niabi, the goddess of reflection. Timid, quiet and observant, she makes sure balance is kept in the world, keeping all things fair and equal. (her description is so short compared to Eden's XD)

The Guardian part of the story

Eden was bound to Niabi as both are shy and observant. Both strive to see the better things in life and feel horrible when the innocent are outmatched. Eden makes sure to treat all beings equally while Niabi maintains equality in all beings of Earth. Eden needed a god who could encourage her without overpowering her, push her to be stronger without hurting her. Niabi has always done this, it is her duty to be fair and push this fairness onto all creatures. Both Eden and Niabi dislike change; Niabi because it means she will have to make sure this change does not cause unbalance. Both girls have a fiery temper that they can almost always keep inside but that is severely dangerous if tampered with.


Alright, contest entry up for


Eden is already a character of mine from children of the twilight, living in Anglovia. Niabi is the goddess I put up not long ago, also from Anglovia. I figured, why not put them together for this contest?
 I decided to try a sort of ink painting from Japan. Not entirely accurate but certainly inspired by. I felt like drawing a kimono so why not continue the theme?

Eden does not usually have those stripes on her face; they’re just so people can recognize her as a guardian. Also, her collar is under her kimono, you can kind of see it. (No, it’s not a shirt.) What is a guardian do you ask? Well don’t ask me. Check this contest out and find out

I do not own the guardian species, after this contest Eden goes back to being a normal girl and Niabi a normal goddess. In my story they never meet. Well maybe. Who knows lol

Canvas texture by wulfiesacolyte

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