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[comm] Sweetest by 10Juu [comm] Sweetest :icon10juu:10Juu 178 3 Alice:Madness Returns by 10Juu Alice:Madness Returns :icon10juu:10Juu 192 8 K/DA Ahri by 10Juu K/DA Ahri :icon10juu:10Juu 330 7 Nature's Wings by 10Juu Nature's Wings :icon10juu:10Juu 281 15 [Line series] Smokey by 10Juu [Line series] Smokey :icon10juu:10Juu 156 3 [comm] Sixbane by 10Juu [comm] Sixbane :icon10juu:10Juu 116 5 [comm] Rue by 10Juu [comm] Rue :icon10juu:10Juu 153 7 Silent Voice by 10Juu Silent Voice :icon10juu:10Juu 249 15 [Line series] Flower by 10Juu [Line series] Flower :icon10juu:10Juu 206 16 [comm] For Keelies by 10Juu [comm] For Keelies :icon10juu:10Juu 106 3 Split Ends by 10Juu Split Ends :icon10juu:10Juu 191 9 [comm]Sien by 10Juu [comm]Sien :icon10juu:10Juu 132 10 [comm] Pumpkin by 10Juu [comm] Pumpkin :icon10juu:10Juu 119 5 Undine (Yondemasuyo Azazel-san) by 10Juu Undine (Yondemasuyo Azazel-san) :icon10juu:10Juu 223 7 Crimson by 10Juu Crimson :icon10juu:10Juu 125 5 Widowmaker by 10Juu Widowmaker :icon10juu:10Juu 301 13


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello, I'm Juu. Nice to meet you (´・ω・`)
I use a wacom intuos and mainly SAI and mostly active here(dA) or on instagram.

Instagram New Icon by poserfan
You Tube Icon by poserfan Youtube (speedpaints) :… (Juu Ten)
Tumblr Social Icon by Gasara Tumblr: 10juu (now used for requests)
Pixiv Icon Logo by VampireHelenaHarper Pixiv:

Commissions: (Pls refer to journal entry. Commissions are usually open around June-July/Dec-Jan period)
Requests: To tumblr! (If I have some time to take requests, I'll do it and post it there :) )

I'd be happy to gain any advice/feedback/criticism etc from you, and if there are any questions, I'll try to answer as best as I can owo)~
Comm status for those who sent details:
(completed- name cleared and notified)

 Last major update: 5/10/18

Paypal Accepted by Nonabolcat 
Commissions status: Ask (via dA note only please) Thank you!

  Bullet; Green Existing characters or your original characters
  Bullet; Green Pairings accepted
  Bullet; Green Shoujo-Ai/Yuri | shounen-ai/yaoi accepted
  Bullet; Green Process sheet of the commission will be available.
  Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U!  R18 option (depends on content; please send in a note to check with me!)
 NO red cross Timelapse video option not available for this batch for now.
 NO red cross Can't take commissions which are required by a strict due date, due to schedules outside dA.
 NO red cross Can't do mecha or overly muscular men (eg Hulk) Apologies for any inconveniences caused.

[AC | Divider] Left GS [AC | Divider] Right GS [AC | Divider] Left GS [AC | Divider] Right GS 

  Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!  Commission not for commercial use/not to be sold outside without knowing. 
  Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!  (BEFORE any payment occurs) If you do not respond to my reply back within 14 days (or do not give me any notification as to why you cannot mail back within a specific time period), your commission will not proceed and will be left stagnant for another 7 days before it is discontinued. If this happens, I can only resume the commission the next time I am available to take commissions, therefore time limit is not guaranteed. This is because it is likely that by the time the 30 days are up, I am already resuming university classes and have to give full attention to my schoolwork and other work.

If this is too confusing, please feel free to send in a note for any questions! :D

[AC | Divider] Left GS [AC | Divider] Right GS [AC | Divider] Left GS [AC | Divider] Right GS 

And now, for the commission! 
Send me a reference if you want, or tell me where it's from, etc. There's no need to use this template if you're comfortable writing your own details!
  - OC or canon character (if canon, then where are they from?)
  - Who, how old the characters are
  - Their personality (so I can imagine their emotions or expressions as accurately as possible)
  - What they are doing/actions
  - Background details/suggestions/anything you like
  - Permission to upload it to gallery (not necessarily dA) and/or video process to my youtube (and credit the original owner if it is your OC)? Yes/No
  - Other additional details/ etc

Point Right Examples and price range:

 Star!  Head-shoulder shot ($10-$15) [CLOSED]
Persona 5 by 10Juu  killing stalking - Sangwoo by 10Juu  Crimson by 10Juu

 Star!  Half or 3/4 body ($20-40)  [CLOSED]
 Bros (Mob Psycho 100) by 10Juu Rika (Mystic Messenger) by 10Juu BOOM by 10Juu Waltz by 10Juu

 Star!  Full-body ($25-50) [CLOSED]
 Overlord - Albedo by 10Juu 2B:Gravity by 10Juu RWBY - Tyrian by 10Juu RWBY - Arkos by 10Juu 

No Star OPTIONAL "Hard colour/webcomic" ($15-30) (More 'sketchy' compared to above examples.)  [CLOSED]
[Line series] 33.33% submerged by 10Juu  Match by 10Juu [oc]wind by 10Juu  Blake x Sun by 10Juu 

**Drawings with multiple characters will cost more than drawings that have only one character. So, the price range above is only approximate; it can go lower than the range indicated or higher depending on how many characters there are, etc.
**Characters with a lot of details will cost more than a character wearing simple clothing (eg steel armour vs casual t-shirt/jeans). 
 I limited my example list because it was getting too long and confusing. "Hard colouring" option is still available but it will turn out very manga/webcomic-ish (refer to examples above) and differs in price.
**Please send in a note if you are looking for other options. (´・ω・`)
**Reminder: If I do not receive any form of reply from you within 14 days (especially in between sketch to colour phase), it will be left stagnant for another 7 days before it is discontinued. This is so I have time to move on to other commissions and projects. Apologies for any inconveniences.

I will message the paypal info when you accept the sketch. Like most commissioners here, there's no refund after the money is sent through. I will give you a sketch/coloured draft of your commission and you can confirm with me if you want any further modifications, etc. After the draft is confirmed, please deposit approx. 50% of the price listed (And the remaining is after completion) On a side note, for those who remember/have my paypal info beforehand please don't randomly send me money before I accept/decline the commission ><" I respond to all notes the instant I read them so if I haven't replied, most likely I haven't read your note yet.

Thank you for reading! If there are any questions, please feel free to ask. 


[comm] Sweetest
Commission for a friend irl! :)
Characters belong to her, for a romance-genre story.


**Commissions currently not open until journal entry updates otherwise, due to personal circumstances. Apologies for any inconveniences and thank you for understanding <(_ _)>
Alice:Madness Returns
Fanart of one of my favourite horror games :D
I remember playing this when I was 15ish haha fun times
The environments were absolute gold

*I distorted her body frame in the original wip but decided to change it a bit to remain more true to the proportions seen in the game. For anyone who wants to see her look like a twig lmao, it's on my insta x'D

Hope everyone's doing well!
K/DA Ahri
It's been months since I was last able to touch the drawing tablet lol
Hope everyone's been doing well! :D

Ahri's always been my second favourite with Katarina coming in first, though they don't have a kpop skin for her ;w; So yes, have some Ahri. It's been 3 years or something since I last drew her anywayz
Nature's Wings
Hoping to get better and improve someday.

**Status update:
Hiya all, I've been a bit under the weather lately so I haven't had much time for art or coming on here, but I'll be posting some on my instagram since it's easier to keep track of on phone! Currently it's all old art but hopefully I can get some new content in real soon. In the meantime, here's a little something since I've got the pc close to me for a while.

Stay well, stay happy yall!


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