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It's 1 in the morning and I just made this just in time for thanksgiving. I don't know what I was thinking, but this is horrible and I do not give anyone permission to like/laugh at/favorite/download/pirate this comic. Anyway, happy thanksgiving, and I made a comic because I know you guys love comics oh so much. Also I'm running on like, no sleep right now so I'm probably not the best with words. Grumble grumble.

And yes, Rainbow is eating meat. Deal with it.
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XD I mean, she wasn't lying!
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Legacy-GalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
Murder and inaccurate
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Coming back to this, it actually reminds me of this little story:
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Thats not FS
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kasukabe12Hobbyist Artist
i can see the betrayal in that chickens face 
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That is one unclucky chicken.

There is a picture of a ham sandwich on an episode.
Think its the one when Applebloom meets Sweetie belle and Scootaloo.

Real ponies and horses do eat meat but its better if they eat veggies.
I have seen a video of a horse who ate cheeseburgers.

Looks great.
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Flutershy is a changeling is 100% true
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mirtar34Hobbyist Digital Artist
well thats dark, I like it
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10art1Hobbyist Digital Artist
yup, some semigrimdark for thanksgiving.
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BirtrainHobbyist Artist
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10art1Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Wait, that kind of thing happens there?
pulling out dimension hitchhike sign
"Equestria or bust"
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10art1Hobbyist Digital Artist
.-. whut
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Well you see I'm part of a race of inter-dimensional travelers who go from world to world. We have mapped out the various universes and left ways to travel between worlds. Personally I've looked into what it would be like to go to Equestria and it sounded great, the one down side was most of the food options never talked about meat. But if they do in fact eat chicken that would be all the invitation to go there and settle down.
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Well I dunno if they really eat meat as I keep visiting Equestia prime as it's the one I want to live in the most and I've  yet to see them eat meat there but I did see Fluttershy feed fish to a pair of animals and worms to birds and one creature tried to eat a pony... So the concept about the ponies not knowing about meat eating is just a rumor brought on by most seeing the ponies of Equestria as herbivores because they are ponies and is only the fact they have not been seen eating meat so far  but when you look at the facts like  they eat things that  is not normal or healthy for a Earth prime pony to eat things like cakes.. Speaking of which.. Don't cakes require eggs?.. That alone suggest to me there may be a little meat eating going on and we simply have not caught them in Equestria prime and most of their universes...

In any case I got another multiverse or two to visit now...
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Xinef5Hobbyist General Artist
In Equestria Prime there are also fisherponies and fishing is quite a common hobby.

My guess is they are exporting fish to the Griffon kingdom since there the demand might be quite high. And ponies who have fishing as their special talent need a job.

Same could be true about pigs and other farm animals, although these seem to be more intelligent than their Earth prime equivalents, and therefore it's natural ponies feel less inclined to sell them for meat. Unless they sell them alive... and it's a national secret what happens afterwards.

Nah, probably another hoax story.
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Well no one is quite sure how  Equestria prime works as the story is still being written.. If you know what I'm saying here.. But I think we can agree that it is obvious that the less smart animals are treated like they are less smart.. Much like on Earth.... But why would a pony feel like feeding a pig just because it's on their farm? Seriously Apple Jack why were you feeding those pigs if you didn't have some way of making money off them?? The chickens make sense because we can see eggs being used to make cakes, The sheep are sheared for clothes, cows give milk but the pigs.. They only have one real use that I know of and that use is meat...
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Xinef5Hobbyist General Artist
Well, that is a case of applying Earthian mentality to Equestria.

On Earth people generally consider something "work" if it results in money.
On Equestria, money seems to be somewhat less relevant, since as far as we know, there could be no taxes, or anything of that sort (my guess is that most ponies willingly support Celestia's "government" with their work and funds, since she would be unlikely to try and force someone to pay taxes against their will). And even if somepony didn't have the money to buy food, they could just eat grass. Oh wait, no need for that, just join Pinkie Pie's parties every day, and you can eat whatever you want for free.

So generally, in Equestria money is something useful, but totally not necessary for survival. On the other hand, it's much more important to do what you enjoy. You're supposed to do what you enjoy doing, and if you don't then something is wrong with you.

So it's simple... AJ enjoys taking care of farm animals. Pigs are farm animals. No big philosophy.
Add to that the fact there are competitions for the best pig, probably run by some ponies who "enjoy organizing competitions", and there could be no practical purpose for those. They just are there. And AJ participates, because why not.

As for the animal intelligence though, it's interesting - there's a bunch of civilized animals: ponies, donkeys, buffalos, yaks, zebras. Then there are animals that display the same level of intelligence, ability to talk, and participate in civilized events, but aren't creating a civilization of their own - cows come to mind. They're known to sell milk to ponies for example, and engage in smalltalk with ponies, but live in barns and are also known to cause animalistic stampedes. Then there are animals like Owlowiscious and Philomena that seem to have pony-level intelligence, ability to read, complex planning capabilities etc. but no ability to talk. I'm not sure how to classify Winnona, Angel, Gummy, Opal and Tank, since they seem quite intelligent too, at least more intelligent than their Earth counterparts, but I'm not sure if they're up to pony-intelligence levels. Unless we count philosoGummy as a proof he's even more intelligent than ponies. In any case most wild animals also seem more civilized/intelligent than Earth counterparts and capable of civilized behaviors and communication with Fluttershy even without training. But they're also prone to animalistic behaviors most of the time, especially when hungry or angry ;)
And then we have insects, worms, fish, and other lowly animals that seem to be on par with Earth equivalents. And as far as I can recall, these are the only ones ever used as food for predatory animals. Racism, I say!

And then there are all those unusual creatures like manticoras, parasprites, chimeras, hydras and so on... that seem to fall into all levels of intelligence. For example parasprites are hard to qualify, since they occasionally seemed to act in ways we would expect from intelligent animals (acting cute in order to gain trust of larger species), but most of the time they were just like a swarm of bees or locust...

Eh, I'll need to find some Equestriologist, maybe they could help...
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Your right Tokyofox200, meat eating dosen't seem like an Equestria prime thing to do. This could be a broadcast from another version of Equestria where they do eat meat. The down side is to find that specific Equestria would require a sub-world ID code otherwise your just jumping from one Equestria to the next and some of those aren't all that friendly.
oh well a perchance to dream, but Equestria prime is still a great place to visit.
take care on your travels out there tokyofox200, it's been getting tough to be a world jumper out there. Word of advise avoid Marvel 487 they got a zombie outbreak out there.
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I never visit any zombie worlds for long .. I amy not be edible to them but don't mean they wouldn't try...
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I get the same problem with giant plants.
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10art1Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like pork
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Pork is also good, I just settled for chicken so as to not seem to demanding of Equestrian social standards.
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MLPegasis4898Hobbyist Digital Artist
W-Whaaaaaaaaaa...?!?!?! :wow: :wow: :wow:
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