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Hey guys, new feature for you!

A while ago dragonee contacted the group about an application he had made, offering it up for our use. The simple app opens in your browser and lets you pick a theme from whichever variation you're doing.

In Michals words, right now no login is required, the application remembers your current theme even if you close your browser window, so it's really easy to use.

Using this app is such an easy way to keep a simple record of your progress of 100TC, here's how it works:

The App

This is the main page you'll see when you first use it, hit  the "get my first theme" button.

Once you've completed the theme just hit the "OK, completed" button to get your next theme.

You'll notice in the top left corner there's a handy counter to tell you how many out of 100 you've done and how many you have left.  Which variation you're working on is also displayed below and to the right of the theme.

If you feel like mixing your list up a bit just hit the "show me other variations" button and it'll give you some others, great for when you get artist block on one.

Right now it can only go in numerical order but soon we hope to make it so it will randomise the lists for you.
For anyone who wants to try it out be sure to leave us some feedback about it, we'd love to get your thoughts on it =]
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dumpsterfiregypsyHobbyist General Artist
:+fav: thanks for this
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isshinyukkiHobbyist General Artist
Cool ~^o^~
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BonzlyDooProfessional General Artist
Very cool ap!
Thanks man
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Netbug009Professional Writer
This is awesome! :O
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xAbyssnightHobbyist Writer
This is really cool and I would love to use it, except I'm using a mix of all the variations, not just one of them. xP It would be cool if there was a feature to input your own variation of it.
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JennyDigitalHobbyist Traditional Artist
It's been updated since this post we just haven't gotten around to doing an updated blog post about it yet =P

If you have any ideas for improving it though you should send ~dragonee a message, he'd the one who came up with it =]
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MysticFlamerProfessional General Artist
This is a very useful app and I really appreciate the effort behind on making this. Many thanks to its creator!!!
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RomanceProductionsHobbyist General Artist
I am so using this. :)
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KastarniaHobbyist General Artist
Ohh so nice and useful :D
I update my list there already! :D
Nice idea! Thanks for sharing! :3
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YummJellyfishHobbyist General Artist
Yess, I love this too much! Thank you! :D
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I'm delighted to anounce the next version of the 100TC application. It supports random order and has other features as well, so go ahead and try it. :)

If you find any bugs or have some other ideas, don't hesitate and write them below.
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KrofterStudent Interface Designer
every time i use it and get my word it is fine but when i exit to draw then come back its back to number 1 and i need to keep clicking next to get back to my current number
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Yeah, it was a bug on our side, but it is fixed with a new version.
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KrofterStudent Interface Designer
ok thanks for telling me
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ToufehHobbyist General Artist
This... looks awesome, I am definitely going to use this!
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YES! finally got a app like this...wonderful, I just hope there're more prompts. The randomization seems like a good idea, and it sounds awesome. Starting on it...
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Amazing! I'm so going to use this!
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Thanks for your support, guys! As you have pointed out, the next version will feature some randomization instead of just changing a theme, so the gray button will show you four uncompleted themes from your variation. That will come at a cost of some login mechanism - but I don't think we really need any passwords, so logging in will essentially be just putting your dA username in some box once in a time. So you'll need not to remember anything new. :)

Also, if you use the same login as your dA username, it will allow for some other feature that I have in mind. However, right now it's a secret. ;p
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dragonwarriorsgaloreHobbyist Traditional Artist
that sounds pretty cool! ^^
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Minty-IllusionHobbyist Digital Artist
That's really useful! I can't wait to start using it.
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sweet22heartStudent Traditional Artist
Cool. I really need to get back on doing the 100 theme challenge.
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LweelingHobbyist Traditional Artist
It looks awesome ! :D
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