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What is the 100 Themes Challenge?
100ThemesChallenge is a group that aims to inspire artists with a challenge. Many artists suffer from artist block from time to time, and sometimes the best way to fix it is to appeal to the side of our nature that rises to a challenge. We hope to motivate artists of all types with themes, short prompts, and contests. 100 Themes Challenge simply gives artists a starting point... you go from there!

How does it work?
There are five variations, each with 100 themes. You can pick your favorite variation from the 5 pre-existing ones or mix and match themes from multiple variations. When you’ve decided which variation you’d like to work on, pick a theme and use it as inspiration to create!
You don’t have to go in order and there are no limitations on the medium (or mediums!) you use to complete the challenge.

If you want to share your growth as an artist with the group, you can upload your artwork to DeviantArt and submit it to the group. You don’t have to submit all 100 themes to our gallery. However, if you’d like your name to be featured in the Hall of Fame, we ask that you have at least 20 of your favourite works in the gallery by the time you finish the challenge. More on the HoF here

Got a question? Check out the FAQ's.

To Join:
Go to the front page and click join. It’s as simple as that! Your application will be automatically approved. There’s no need to send us a note regarding the variation you'll be working on.

The basics:
  1. Your artwork must be properly labeled. Make sure to include the variation and theme number in all of your gallery submissions.
  2. You must submit your art to the correct variation folder. This should match the info in your artwork description.
  3. You may only submit 3 entries per week (unless one of your original three works is rejected).
For a complete list of submission guidelines, please click here.

To Submit:
Go to the group Gallery and submit your artwork by clicking the "+" button to the right of the folder name. Make sure to submit to the folder of the variation you're working on! If you've decided to choose your themes from multiple variation lists but want to keep them all in the same folder, please submit them to the "Miscellaneous" folder. For more help with this click here.

You can also submit to the group gallery when you upload your own deviations. Underneath the category selector, tick the check box for 100ThemesChallenge and select the variation folder you’d like to submit to from the drop-down menu.

Please check and make sure your submission follows the submission guidelines before you send it in for approval.

If you have any problems, feel free to send a note to the club or its admins and we'll do our best to help.

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