If you have questions about submissions, please see the submission guidelines.

What is 100 Themes Challenge?
100ThemesChallenge is a group that aims to inspire artists with a challenge. Many artists suffer from artist block, and sometimes the best way to fix it is to appeal to the side of our nature that rises to a challenge. We hope to motivate artists of all types with themes, short prompts, and contests. 100 Themes Challenge simply gives artists a starting point... you go from there! For more information on getting started, click here.

Can I participate in the challenge?
Please do! In fact, you can start on your own straight away! You only need to join the group if you want your art to be featured in our gallery.

How do I join the group?
Click 'join' on the front page. Your request will be automagically accepted!

How do I submit artwork?
Go to the group Gallery and submit your artwork by clicking the "+" button to the right of the folder name. Make sure to submit to the folder of the variation you're working on! You can also submit art to a group as you upload it to your profile. For more help with this click here.

Are there any restrictions on submissions? Which mediums can I submit? What about the quality?
Please see the submission guidelines.

Are there limits on the number of submissions I can make?
Yes. Each member may only submit a maximum of three (3) pieces of artwork per week.

Can I submit art from my preferred medium?
Art of any medium is welcomed! This includes: Literature, Fanfiction/Fanart, Photography, etc. We only ask that you do your best to submit clean artwork that you're proud of.

Do I have to be a member to submit?
Yes. You must be a member of the club to submit artwork to our gallery.

Do I have to do the themes in order?
No, you don’t have to complete the themes in order. Do them in any order you want to!

I don't want to submit 100 separate pieces of artwork. Can I combine three or four themes into each piece so that I don't have to complete and submit 100 pieces?
You can, but it will only count towards one theme.
You can complete the 100 Themes Challenge in any way you’d like. Don’t forget, our primary goal is to inspire you as an artist. Do what works best for you!

Do I have to join the club to work on the challenge?
No. You do not have to join the club to do any of our listed challenge variations. You only need to join the club if you wish to submit art to us and be listed in the Hall of Fame when you complete the challenge.

When must I complete the challenge by? Is there a deadline?
There’s no deadline! Work on the themes at your own pace.

I don't like any of the variations, can I make my own from the existing five?
Of course, you can pick and choose from the five if you’d like to. To complete the challenge you need to have finished 100 of the themes (any 100 you like). Some just find it easier to stick to the pre-existing lists.

Did you guys invent the challenge? I'm sure I’ve come across it before this club.
No, we did not invent the challenge. You can find the credited creators at the bottom of each variation list.

Which Variation is the original?
Variation 1.

I made my own variation, do you want to use it?
At the moment we're not accepting any new variation lists, but we will occasionally ask for new ideas and contributions. If you’d like to be notified when that happens, add 100ThemesChallenge journals to your watch list.

Can I volunteer to help with the group?
At the moment we do not need any more staff but we always welcome advertisement and feedback for the group. If ever we need extra hands we will ask for volunteers in a journal entry. Keep your eyes peeled!

I would like my group to be affiliated with 100TC. What types of groups do you accept affiliation requests from?
We affiliate with all groups! If you want to affiliate with 100ThemesChallenge, feel free to send us a request and we'll accept it right away.

I've completed the 100 Themes Challenge! What do I do now?
Congratulations! We hope it helped you grow as an artist =D. If you want to be entered into the Hall of Fame please follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you’ve submitted at least 20 of your 100 themes to the group’s gallery. Pick your favourites!
2. You’ll need to make a journal entry that has a list of your themes, as well as a link to each of the corresponding deviations in your gallery.
3. Send us a note and let us know that you completed the challenge! Make sure to include a link the journal entry, so that we can check your work.

Promote Us
We'd love for you to promote us on your journal and in your signatures.  We have a couple of stamps in our featured gallery if you wish to use them, but you’re welcome to make a club stamp of your own and submit it too.

Have a question that isn’t answered here? Send us a note and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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