Completed Variation 1

:icongentlemananachronism:           :iconenmismanima:          :iconwastedshame:
GentlemanAnachronism EnmismAnima    wastedshame

:icondrawitout:     :iconakandael:     :iconelythe:       
   drawitout  Akandael  Elythe  


Completed Variation 3

If you want to be entered into the Hall of Fame please follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you’ve submitted at least 20 of your 100 themes to the group’s gallery. Pick your favourites! 2. You’ll need to make a journal entry that has a list of your themes, as well as a link to each of the corresponding deviations in your gallery. 3. Send us a note and let us know that you completed the challenge! Make sure to include a link the journal entry, so that we can check your work.

Complete all 5 lists and become a legend in our Hall of Fame!

Please keep in mind that only members can be featured in the HoF.

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