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Last Updated: 14 Aug 2011 [edit]

Video Game Items - for Battlelords
Fallout Cap Shack - with RetroDevil, SASteinhebel, Whatpayne
Fallout Diner - with RetroDevil, SASteinhebel, Whatpayne
Ferris Wheel, Carnivale - with Taz09 (finished modeling. i need to setup final renders)
Space Station Room - with Grutte-Pier (unknown schedule)
Mech Base - with Rogue284 (no schedule)

From Sheets:
Vulture, Mad Cat, Longbow - using design sheets by Walter-NEST
Viper Mark I, ST-Galileo - using design sheets by bagera
Defensor, Omega Supreme - using design sheets by JP-V
Lancer from Borderlands - with reference help by sxyblue

Personal Items:
Xcalibur from Frisky Dingo
Warhammer (mech) - using collective references
Mech Bay - place for mech models
Mech Tanks
Fender Telecaster Guitar
Claptrap from Borderlands (skinnable)
New "boombox" DevID
Mako35, Citadel Cab from Mass Effect
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I've got nothing planned except revising for my relativity exam.
100SeedlessPenguins's avatar
great ! :poke: then you can spend your free time finishing the Outrunner before it's due in an hour and a half .. :disbelief:
Rogue284's avatar
ooohh. Getting ambitious are we.
100SeedlessPenguins's avatar
just trying to remember everything i'm doing at the moment ;) ambition would be to do my entire list (90+ items)
Rogue284's avatar
Wow aren't you busy.
lycan-rising's avatar
id definitely want to get more into this but time i can afford to do on c4d is very little now...more after exams though.
lycan-rising's avatar

how do you find these things?!
Easrebe12's avatar
ok i got one part of the thing colored but the other 2 arent Im almost done with the coloring XD
100SeedlessPenguins's avatar
:D when i was trying to make this list i remembered you but i couldn't find the note to get the information . thanks for reminding me . take your time ;)
Easrebe12's avatar
yey! ty and it will be done by tusday for sure! XD
Clu-art's avatar
A nice and long list! ;)
100SeedlessPenguins's avatar
i have over 90 other items on the list of things i would like to model ;)
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