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Welcome To Rapture

[link] My Bioshock Gallery

made in Cinema 4D R11

- original concept [link] and Hop-Up Cola Label [link] by ~Whatpayne
- image used for wallpaper by WebTreats [link]
- Nico Time label , Welcome to Rapture poster , and the Rapture skyline are (C) 2K - Bioshock
- models/materials/headaches/render by me

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© 2010 - 2021 100SeedlessPenguins
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Karas38's avatar
Nice of the best games ever...
Angel-457's avatar
Woha, so cool ! Do you have more of this ? I very love the game ! 
ErrorJones's avatar
This is simply the best wallpaper I've ever had! Thank you so much, I'm a huge fan!
Nahte27's avatar
Ooh, I like this! It really captures the retro Rapture feel perfectly!!!
pixelphreek's avatar
where's the "i like" button?? (;
100SeedlessPenguins's avatar
thank you for your comments :hug:
pixelphreek's avatar
you're welcome. (:
BrotherOfMySister's avatar
Now this is cool, the lighting is excellent and I love how you've given a "cold" feeling throughout this render, but leave a faint promise of warmth through the light behind the camera.
Very interesting scene overall, even for someone who hasn't touched Bioshock yet!
100SeedlessPenguins's avatar
lol . i'll play it .. some day . i did play it a bit once . the last i remember i was about 2 hours after the point where you first see the little girl and robot . i was searching for another elemental ability ... meh . linear games aren't really my thing . give me a sandbox and leave me to play how i want to play ;)
BrotherOfMySister's avatar
I'll second that, it's a new gaming era nowdays :D
OlrikV's avatar
Very nice work!
m000V's avatar
Rapture is my favourite city. Unfortunately, it does not exist in reality.(((
JSteinman's avatar
holy FRIG... this... is...

100SeedlessPenguins's avatar
it was only 2 or 3 days to make it ;)
nemuineko85's avatar
my bf approves. he loves the bioshock games.
Timmy-22222001's avatar
This is my new wallpaper, right now and no questioning it. o0o

You really put alot of heart and work into this 100SeedlessPenguins and honestly please do mention this to 2K cause this looks like something that the art guys there would make, yes its that stunning.

To say the least I can't to awing at all the many pieces you see in Rapture looking so familiar here, like just another morning in Rapture, its breathless to say the least.

Please, please keep up the stunning and incredible work, nuff said. *standing ovation*

100SeedlessPenguins's avatar
that is the nicest comment :hug: the funny thing is that i spent about a week working on my pre-New Years scene then i started over and made this in about 2 days - and this simpler version is what everyone likes better . lol . i was in the middle of playing Just Cause 2 when i bought Bioshock 1&2 and i only played the first game for one weekend before going back to JC2 . then i bought Red Dead Redemption and Qubed last week ... i need more time to play all of these great games ! :D lol . it's good to hear that i am close in remaking the "feel" of the Bioshock world . i hope to make more scenes from it when i finally play through them . thank you !!
Timmy-22222001's avatar
Still a nice choice on the simple version to fit the fan's needs and like you mentioned, yes there are just way too many fun games to play on PS3, gotta get Killzone 2 before the week is out, lol.

Guaranteed you'll be pretty astounded on where you'll end up in Rapture to say the least and don't worry one thing that city does well is delight the eyes and the mind, trust me when I say Fort Frolic. *winks*

Whatpayne's avatar
Awesome! You actually went and made this like what I first envisioned. Thanks a lot!
100SeedlessPenguins's avatar
i knew you were not happy with the one i was making so i started over for you
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