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Cinema 4D Basic Light Settings

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made in Cinema 4D v8.1

i want to show a friend some things i learned recently

[link] my Resources gallery folder (free models , materials , and stuff)
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this will be useful :)
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ah . you beat me to it . i was going to send a link to this to you . you're the one i made this for . i was going to try to explain about Area and Radiosity , but then decided to make this because it's easier than a bunch of words ;)

for the light effect you're wanting on the rocket , try this - set one light as:
Visible Light : Volumetric
Noise : Visibility
this will give you a cloud of smoke . reshape as needed

set another light as:
Type : Parallel Spot (Round)
Visible Light : Volumetric
this will make a "fat burst" of light that fades into a point - like the flame coming out of the bottom of a rocket . ;) reshape as needed
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:D Thank you very much!!

the next rocket i make after i finish the controller I'll be sure to do this.
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[link] rocket blast sample

:D i happened across those rocket settings recently but i haven't really experimented with them myself past this point . i was trying to make a proper light saber blade with that horizontal light "beam" . i'm sure with a bit of tweaking, maybe a few other lights, it could look really nice . i'll look forward to seeing what you do
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aaahh, thanks for that :D

i actually wanted to make a light saber once too. i might try that aswell after i finish everything i have planned. so much though @_@