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CL4P-TP - 04

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last one, i promise ;)

see the blue version to download the 3D project file if you wanna

i made this in Cinema 4D

- Download 3D Project -
Legal - I made this project from nothing with no help. You may use, modify, or do whatever you want to with this project file. I would appreciate being given credit as the original artist (my name is Veronica) - link back to this page on deviantArt if you can. I found the textures (Materials) through Google on free tile sites.
Project File - 4 Megs - [link]
Materials - 13 Megs - [link]

Orange Background - [link]
Black Background - [link]
White Background - [link]
Blue Background - [link]

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I'm ordinarily sort of a stickler for artwork representing its subject as faithfully as possible -- but I gotta say, I think your CL4P-TP actually looks a little better than the original with that more realistic "camera"-like eye. I never could figure out how ol' Clappie was supposed to see out of an eye that was just a round, glowing panel.
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borderlands meets wall-e.good show!
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do you have a reference image plane for the claptrap? if you have, can you upload it and here and send me the link. i really wanna do it for my finals in 3d modeling class. i can't find one in google. thank you
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i no longer have any of the reference images i used when i made this . the only one's i had at that time were screen shots from the video game and a few drawings . everything that i found was from searching Google-Images and here on DA

here's something [link] i just found that may help you . search from [link] instead of just ;)
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This reminds me of the wall-e universe, good job.
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Nice one, not sure about the tire but pretty cool clap trap
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thank you . what's odd about it . how would you do it differently ?
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The texture just seems strange to me, im assuming its supposed to look like rubber with little nubs for traction but it looks more like a brushed metal with holes in it. could just be my interpretation, it doesnt look bad just not what i would expect i guess.
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