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Borderlands - Insta-Healths ad

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made in Cinema 4D v8.1

modeled after the video game Borderlands

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Anshin is best manufacturer.
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Wow cool, I like it... Everything u do is so beautiful like you... :P
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I like it a lot, the only freaking one I have seen on the internet ever. My only complaint is that the ones in game have the lever, which I always liked because it gave the thing a more homemade look. Obviously, yours look much more professional, but I just wanted to add my little critique. All around good job I think.
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thanks a lot for the kind words and feedback :hug: when i made this i had only been playing with 3D for about a month . trying to teach myself and mostly goofing off with it . lol . i'm still resolving how to do certain things :D but back then i had no idea at all about know how to make the shape of that lever piece ;)
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The instructions made me lol. I love the little bloody details too :D
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wow this looks really awesome. dang. great job :D

the warning sign is a little stretched out though
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thanks :D i make the warning that way so it would be very difficult to read - it's a notice that the product may kill you , so the maker of the product wouldn't want to share that information easily ;) plus , i had made all of this text initially to just be used for the label on the grip then later decided to put it over the render as an advertisement-like thing
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aaahhh, i see, that's a good idea :)
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