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Bioshock - Rapture - Steps 1-2

~Whatpayne sent me a zip with some image files and a sketch of an advertisement idea for Hop-Up! pop (an item in the Bioshock video games). He has made some really wonderful labels - they're available in his gallery

When I looked at his sketch I blinked and saw everything in my mind . So I've begun recreating that momentary vision I had with Cinema4DR11 . So much left to do that's still only in my mind

a few notes for ~Whatpayne:
don't worry i am going to add bolts around everything . i kinda turned this little advert into a full scene ;) i'm going to move the rapture fist poster image onto the tv screen and i'd like to use your wine label for the poster on the wall . i'll throw a thin frame around it and i think it will look classy . the 2 side walls will have an antique wallpaper . the ceiling will not be reflective . going to add a couch in front of the tv ... lots to model still . but i thought you may want to see what i'm doing so i stopped working and ran a render

[link] Step 3

being made in Cinema 4D R11
- original concept sketch [link] by ~Whatpayne
- ~TsukiLion is my architectural inspiration
- some images used to make Materials are from Webtreats [link]
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Frakking awesome already. Can't wait to see more!
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:dance: i'm really excited about this one
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Holy smoke! So am I :D I love the games. his just gets my bio-juices going. :D
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i'm going to hide the little sister needle in the shadows of the pipes , my rapture key is going on the table and i thought an umbrella would be really funny to put somewhere on the side ;)

i only played the first one for a few hours so i know very little about them besides the random things i've read on the wikia while researching items to make . if you have any insights or detail ideas that are game-based , like little things that would be cool , please do let me know
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I've been thinking about this all day, but the only thing that really comes to mind is that it is a bit too... clean (says the texture guy, haha.) A lite layer of grunge would really add to the feel. And perhaps a change in floor material would darken things up nicely. Remember, I know NOTHING about how you do that voodoo that you do, so ignore me if you must! :D
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i uploaded Step 3 [link] to my Scraps yesterday . the floor is darker ;)

most modelers don't do anything with Materials while they model . i however like to throw on temporary Materials as i work because it's so much easier when i'm finished modeling to find all of the pieces . i run a lot of small-view/sectional text renders as i model so i can see how shadows and reflections are going to look . Bump and Displace are property sets of a Material that allow me control and change the flat surface a Material is on into it's own 3D plane - what you may call "texture" . when you activate those properties it takes more time to render even when it's an in-editor test . so... i never usually turn on Bump or Displace until the last step . to an extent it's the same situation with lights/shadows/reflections omg reflections kill render times ... class dismissed

thanks for the pointers . hope i didn't bore you with that . also, this scene is Rapture as it was just after being created . it's a beautiful place and everyone's happy to be there ;) my biggest question is are there any little game-related details that would make this scene more interesting ? being that i haven't played it i lack that insight
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It looks great. The truth is, I can't think of anything to add, detail wise! It's only been a couple of months since I played it, but... nothing. I would take that as a good thing, though.
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i'm on Step 12 now ;) almost finished
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some very good modeling right here~
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thanks ... juss wait ;) lots more to do
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Oh wow, OMG! That's way better than what had in mind. That's going to be awesome. Seeing what you have done with the pipes and windows and radio and.... wow! Amazing!

Yeah, go ahead, use that wine label. If you are interested I could recreate few other labels for small props from the game, real easy. (eg. a tate merlot, pep bar, bandages... etc.) I also have some experience with creating custom textures, if you need anything you cant find from interwebs alone.
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so glad that you're liking where it's going :D do you have any alternative ideas to anything i'm doing ? i'm going to spend quite a bit of time finessing the fine points of this scene so extra item labels would be
great . if you make it , i'll put it in there somewhere . really cool on the texture offer - near the end we'll talk about that more i'm sure . i'm using WebTreats [link] . that Krauss quote is kinda funny
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Ok, cool. I don't really have much ideas here that would have dramatic change there, it looks quite good already. But it depends... Are you doing post- or pre fall Rapture? How about the lighting, is the current one where you're going, or are you going to make it more "moody"?

I'll crunch few more items out and send them to you.

Oh, thanks. Krauss was referencing that famous quote by Carl Sagan, that we are all but a stardust.
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pre-fall - the good times . define what you mean by "moody" ?? i made furniture [link] and here is a small update and question about the mirror [link] supernovae are cool
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Yeah, Ye Olde good times. :)

Moody= smokey, yellow tones, no hard lights, soft contrasts, etc.
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Looking good, I'll do some proper crit when you get some more stuff done.
100SeedlessPenguins's avatar
i am very much looking forward to that :D
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Thats really good how you made the whole scene from the concept. This is good work Veronica. ;)
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thanks :D most of the time i do not feel like i am a creative person but this surprised me
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