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Battlelords Treats

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Battlelords is a complex 20+ year old tabletop sci-fi Role Playing Game. Soon it will be an online multiplayer game. You'll be able to choose your race, fight in battles, play missions, customize environments.. and everything else you would expect from a Social Network Game. [link] They also post a biweekly comic strip [link] called "What The Fott?!" by ~yllogic. I worked with her and ~Battlelords to create these 3D models for their game.

©2011 AVPI
Digital Artwork by Julie Yllogic (~yllogic) & Matt Olson (~Battlelords)
3D Models by Veronica Blush (*100SeedlessPenguins)
Crunchy Cola created by Daniel Mooney

Jum Cola, JumCo, Yummies, and Gujja ©1990 SSDC, Inc.
Crunchy Cola ©2010 AVPI.
Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century® is a Registered Trademark of SSDC, Inc.
Used Under License.
[link] www.bl23c.com

Battlelords group on DA
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© 2011 - 2020 100SeedlessPenguins
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lol, crunchy cola. XD

neat you were involved in game-makin'. :D
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puts it all in my virtual tummy.... I think I'm gonna have a virtual tummy ache.
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Look's like somebody has open web Digital store ,
with loots of 3d Crunchy cola drinks and snacks? yummmy....;-)
Good works..!
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That loooooks yummmyyyyyy :D
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Looks fantastic all together Veronica ;)
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crunchy cola...wonder what the crunch is?
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XD btw i may get into this, been lookin at the site.
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:D Let me know what you think when you play it.
GreyBeardLegend's avatar
will do, i would like to help somehow, maybe some advertising?
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Send a note to ~Battlelords and tell him you're interested. They have a lot to do and would really appreciate the help if you want to be involved.
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That's wonderful to hear. :)
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see comment below, do you have any banners or things i could use for advertising? if not i could easily make some badass banners for ya no prob.
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The Phentari Squids would eat that :P
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Crunchy Cola - chunks of a dehydrated cola floating -inside- another cola! These flavor crystals react when inside your mouth-equivalent. (Think of the experience as something like mixing pop rocks and soda)

The other 'Crunchy' - the candy
The word under Crunchy is 'Gujja' written in the Orion pidgin tongue called Emjemal (which loosely translates as 'Barterspeak'). Its a sweet confection from the Orion's homeworld of Taos. :)
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