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1958 December 21st

Dear , did you reserve a table for us at the Kashmir next Thursday ? Diane says they're having another masquerade party . Should be a lot of fun ...

[link] My Bioshock Gallery
made in Cinema 4D R11
- original concept [link] and Hop-Up Cola Label [link] by ~Whatpayne
- images used for wallpaper/ceiling/floor/sofa/seat/wood desk and tv by WebTreats [link]
- Nico Time label , telekinesis poster , Rapture skyline , and the 3 advert papers on the desk are (C) 2K - Bioshock . most of them are from the "Bioshock Fan Kit 5"
- clock face [link] by ~barefootliam-stock
- models/materials/headaches/render by me

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DeadDancers's avatar
I love it! I love this little 'cheap apartment' within Rapture.
Spydraxis01's avatar
Has a badass BIOSHOCK feel huh? Really cool.
Xanatos4's avatar
Excellent mood, I just wanna throw myself in the carpet and relax XD
Volodia9's avatar
This is simply excellent. And there's such a mood in it...
pixelphreek's avatar
woooow =D great work!
medoo-khfaga's avatar
this is freaken amazing
100SeedlessPenguins's avatar
:D thank you so very much
AshleySmash's avatar
I actually love this O_o so much!
AshleySmash's avatar
mmm dont you use that word in the US? :O
100SeedlessPenguins's avatar
:| i think i've heard that word before
AshleySmash's avatar
In act or in fact; really; in truth; positively

just saying its really really awesome its actually awesome its really awesome..

thats the way I use it :D dont worry about it.. lol
100SeedlessPenguins's avatar
it was a bad attempt at a joke on my part

thank you :D
AshleySmash's avatar
lol XD Your Welcome
AshRandom's avatar
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:boogie: i made 2 of these and i personally liked this version better , though everyone seemed to like the other [link] . i worked on this for days , while the other was thrown together rather fast *shrugs* .. i need to link these two images with thumbs in the descriptions ...
AshRandom's avatar
The other has a really nice balance to it, in terms of composition. I think that's why. :heart:
100SeedlessPenguins's avatar
interesting . thank you for the insight :love:
AbstractisEverything's avatar
This is like a bioshock city view.!:D
barefootliam-stock's avatar
This is fun :D Thanks for the stock credit :D

Whatpayne's avatar
Oh, they are done?
Awesome. This came out wonderfully. I love it.
100SeedlessPenguins's avatar
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