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GreenManeHeart GreenManeHearts' Feature!

🔥 FIRE and ICE: New Chapter 4 PART 2 is OUT! 🧊

:tutorialfire: NEW CHAPTER JUST DROPPED (CHAPTER 4 PART 2) :tutorialfire:

And it’s available to read on Twitter or Webtoon!

The pages are currently releasing but all of them will eventually be out throughout the day.


Logo created by GreenManeHeart


Fire & Ice is a fan-made comic based on the game Plants vs Zombies franchise. The comic was created by @GreenManeHeart. The first chapter/release was back in 2021 and now is still going and just recently, finished Chapter 4 fully, titled Fight Fire with Ice.

:tutorialfire: READ THE LATEST CHAPTER ON TWITTER NOW: :tutorialfire:



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Angel Snow is the young Ice Pea who lives in the village with her brother located on the top of a mountain. Her brother Glacier, is the leader of the village and always does his job properly. However, the lack of spending time with his sister makes her feel lonely and bored.

She eventually got in trouble after leaving her home unsupervised far away. Surprisingly, meeting a few friendly faces along the way and yet…not so friendly faces.

Will she be able to get out of trouble while her brother is looking for her?


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Flood journal update I

Brazil floods and how I am affected. by 100millionPOINTS, journal

Flood journal update II

Flood catastrophe updates (Part two) by 100millionPOINTS, journal

Flood journal update III

Flood update: part III by 100millionPOINTS, journal

Flood update IV

Flood update: Part IV by 100millionPOINTS, journal


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100millionPOINTS project is running since 2011. We offer features for artists increase their audience and I also give free points and cores, host contents and giveaways! I'm the first point account and now I am the last one standing. OVER 100,000 POINTS HAVE BEEN SENT TO OVER 20K DEVIANTS!!! :dummy:

  • Thank you for all the views, llamas, donations and the incredible mark of 20+ watchers even if I don't thank you personally!!!! :heart:

All info you need is pinned at the top of my profile in "information & links" widget. Keep in mind you can always send me a note for questions :note: but I don't use the chat feature.

I don't have any other account, I never ask your name, country, password, email or anything. I don't need any info about you neither your account. If somebody tries that, it's not me.

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