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Hello, everyone! Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. Got to love chaotic semesters. ^^;

Anyways, be sure to check out these great pieces and the artists' galleries! A huge thank you to the admin, for always having excellent choices for each feature. If you want to see which pieces will be featured next, be sure to check the updated Featured folder! Raven DeviantID by :icondharmanow: A rather neat black and white deviantID, using bold lines and shading to capture the look of a raven. The cameo necklace hanging from its beak is a really nice touch. (And of course, brings a certain famous poem to mind. :D) badday by :iconolihdr: This photograph was taken on a rough day for the artist. It's interesting to see how, even in photography, our emotions and current state of mind can come across in unexpected ways. The red sky and silhouette of the tree and surrounding landscape creates a rather somber, dark image- rather fitting for the title. GUSH+ by :iconbruised-knees: Very cool use of color. The simple shape of the hair seems almost like a starry night sky is lying within, and the orange color section the eyes are in pops rather well against many of the cooler colors within this. Father by :iconnot-quite-right: Beautiful. Lovely example of work done in watercolor. I'm particularly drawn to how the artist has done the background and the grey hair of the figure. The trees are dreamy and nicely done. With the wind by :icontruelove-knot:  Love the deep blue of the sky and the focus on the wheat blowing in the wind. This is definitely a striking photograph! Ghost Girl is Haunting Me by :iconalizafoxx: With a nice build up of tension and based off of a dream, Ghost Girl is Haunting Me has a lot of promise and makes for a great quick read. The setting is worked in nicely and one is left wondering who is afraid in this little story- the narrator, the ghost... or both? 20th Anniversary Sailor Project by :iconblackmoonrose13: Really good coloring work done as a project of speed paints, focusing on ten of the Sailor scouts from Sailor Moon. Check it out, and be sure to look at the rest of the artist's gallery! Love Heart Beat by :iconsobohrami: A clever take on the EKG line, the artist has been kind enough to share this image as stock. Be sure to give it a look and check out the piece they used it for, linked in their artist comment. Blue Beauty by :iconsobohrami: A lovely use of blue and patterns in this photomanipulation. The vibrant cool-red lips pop really well against the blue of the background.
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Your first link goes to [link] instead of Raven, so you may want to fix that one.

As always, great feature!