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Thank you everyone for participating! Here are the winning entries :

Written Work

The Unheard Voice

1000 words contest


1000 Words of Hopes and Dreams


I'll Be Your Sunset

You guys all win a deck of Augen Auf Cards!
Now's the change for writers, artists, and photographers to all come together and unleash their artistic talents. There are 3 different categories you can submit in. You can only submit ONE entry in total. Unlike most contests with an end date. This contest will go up to a max number of submissions before the contest is closed. Here are the categories:


You can choose between these two topics.
1. Who inspires you? 1000 words MAX.
2. Write a 100 word or more poem based off of 1000 WORDS by yuumei
Submit your entry in the correct contest folder!


Draw a scene from 1000 WORDS by yuumei. It can be digital or traditional. No tracing or art theft. Submit your entry in the correct contest folder!


Capture to happiness of daily life. It could be a picture of a rainbow, or a picture of a family together at an ice cream shop. Be creative! Submit your entry in the correct contest folder!

Note your prizes at Lilla-chan

-Traditional artwork from Modified-Rabbit
-A deck of Augen Auf Cards


Questions? Please ask! Good luck!
Welcome to 1000-Words-Story, a fanbase for those who love yuumei's short comic 1000 Words. We are so happy to have you!


About 1000 Words:

1000 Words was inspired by a comment on one of my other work "Tape it Back Together". In the comment, this person told me when she first saw the drawing, she thought it was sad but couldn't connect with the situation. Three months later, her parents divorced and when she saw the drawing again, she began to sob. It made me wonder, had she shown something like the torn up picture to her parents, would it have made a difference? This story also explores the purpose of art, what can be art, and what art means to me personally.” yuumei

1000 Words won a daily deviation on July 24th, 2009.
“It's rarely you ever see an entire community support a single artist like this, and when that happens it should be a memory well kept. This art is worth it, its impact is incredible. It's my honour and joy to feature this piece of true art. Thank you community for your MASS number of suggestions, we hear you. Well deserved yuumei. (Featured by OneFreeInternet)”



Gallery submission rules are simple. Submit your fanart into the “Fanart” folder and your writings and others into the “Other” folder. Fanart and writings must be related to the 1000 Words story!

As far as behavior rules go, please keep your comments positive! Respect the rules and the admins. No art thieving please. Submit pictures that you have drawn by your own hand, no copied. Thanks!



If you would like to donate points to help make this group a super group, then donate your points at Lilla-chan. Those who donate will be featured!


1000-Words-Story created by Lilla-chan, creator of Knite-Fliers
1000 Words belongs to yuumei

(No this isn't in 1000 words...)

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