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hey guys i just got the nintendo switch! :D
yay! :D

so now i'm setting it up so i cab start playing it for future releases for the console! :D
Marcus the swordsman
Another of my amazing characters coming to a comic or animation show that i'm gonna make in the future! (Just like "zella" the archer)

I'm so getting better man! :D

That curve of an angle position on marcus is great! :D

Hope you guys like it! ;)

Also please do no steal in any way shape or form at all!
Spooky ghost come out to socialize!
Ahh!?! Spooky ghost coming to haunt me!

Any hoo...
Here we have a special visiter! :D
Also a perfect time of the month for her to appear!
A spooky ghost cat that likes to cause trouble to others and plays around with her hosts.

And when i mean play around...i literally mean she
Plays...with her hosts...

Her name is Cilia lian.
And she is the type a ghost that loves to alot of things!
Have fun...if you dare! :D

Hope you guys like it!

Also don't steal my art in any way shape or form at all!
since it stopped at a tie i guess i'm going to have to do both...great... X3

Air and stuffing...

i'll get it done soon! :D
later! :D
Um Mr'Fury,we may have a problem...
Ahem!?! "Story time" ;)

(Spider mans Pov)
Spider man was called so late at night by "Nick Fury" himself to come to the heliplatform of the "agents of shield" to discuss a problem that has just occurred.

When he arrived a few minutes later they discussed to him that a symbiote has escaped captivity and is now loose in the city of New York.

Basically he wants him to go hunt it down before it finds a host and cause destruction and terror to the citizens below.

So the he accepted it and webbed shot out to the city.

(Sybiotes Pov)
Awhile later the symbiote was wandering around looking for a host to take over and call it home.

Awhile it was looking around it heard a voice and started to head towards it.

It got closer to the noise and it saw someone standing there being surrounded by three guys.

It sat there and waited for a perfect opening to get a host.

(Nora's Pov)
She was being cornerd by three guys who really wanted a piece of her.
But she kept insisting that she needed to go home before her older sister got worried,then started to go out looking for her.

But the guys would not end it there,they got on her and stated to play with her breasts.

When she tried to stop the the too guys held her arms to the wall and her legs.

And the guy was enjoying it and said "are you enjoying this"

She was blushing and she did like it but not like this.
Pined to a wall and being forced hard,at such a bad time.

(Symbiotes Pov)

It finally saw an opening then started to get closer to the situation that was happening and then jumped on the wall and stated climbing.

Once it finally made it to a perfect position it fell on Nora's face and started spreading and going in her mouth.

The guys freaked out on what the thing that got on her was!

They walked back,then just watched her struggling with the thing!
It was spreading fast.
Then started to change her.

She got so big after her transformation was being complete.
She was trying to take it off but it was too late.

It started to consume her,then took over her body!

The symbiote was doing work on her body,also a few adjustments then the transformation was finally complete.

The guys were so horrified that they took a step back.
Then one of the guys screws up and steps on thing.

The symbiote turns around looks straight dead at the three guys who were teasing and cornering Nora.

And gave them a nasty look!
Tounge sticking out licking her lips.

The she attacked them!


(Spider man Pov)
His spider senses were tingling that he had a feeling
That he may be already too late...

He then heard screaming coming nearby.
He started to go investigate the noise.

When he arrived he found the three guys hurt and injured,but still alive.

Be figured it had to be the symbiote...
But he asked himself..."why would symbiote let these guys live,they usually kill there pray and eat them?"

He called 911 for an ambulance to pick up the three injured guys.

Then he heard a noise nearby then websling towards it.
Once he got closer to where it came from he noticed a dark figure in the distant of the roof tops.

He then got closer to it,then realized it was the symbiote!
His spider senses her tingling,then was like "you got to be kidding!?" "Now i have this thing to deal with!? "Sigh" "give me a break!?"

Then he started to walk towards it,the symbiote then felt him coming then turned around to look at him.

He was so prepared for a fight that was about to begin.
But then instead of fighting him,it started to show off her body to him.

Now he was down right confused..."ok?,why is it bot attacking?" "This symbiotes acting weird?"

Then he contacted Nick Fury then told him.
"Hey um Mr'Fury? We may have a problem"

And that's all my friends! :D

Now Nora has a new pet that lives inside her! :D
Great... Hope it doesn't eat me for lunch...

Welp hope you guys do enjoy! ;)

Also please don't steal my art!
Don't steal in any way shape or form at all!

Also this drawing took me a maximum of 2 and 1/2 months!
And it"s the biggest one then any other drawing that i have ever done! ;)



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Here are the adoptions,if you want one of theses guys just tell me,and i send you a reference of them so you can claim it.

Sun: (a colorful he cat) :FIower-cat

Blue: (A Air Head She candy cat) :Bluethedragon

Riley Campbell: (gumball nightfury dragoness anthro) :Bluethedragon


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