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Glass Star Bullet (Yellow) by Gasara100 Theme Adopt Challenge Glass Star Bullet (Yellow) by Gasara
Draw an adoptable using the themes from the list and add it to our folders for others to see and adopt~

Glass Star Bullet (Yellow) by GasaraRules Glass Star Bullet (Yellow) by Gasara
★ You can use themes without joining the challenge!
★ Include what themes you are using in the description
★ Link/credit the group in some way when posting the adopts
★ You do not need to do all the themes nor do them in order
★ Submit adopts to correct folder
★ Adopts can be any species
★ Adopts can be batches or individual
★ Include 'closed' or 'open' in the titles!
★ Give proper credits if used base/lineart!
★ Please comment if a folder if full
★ Be creative and have fun~

Featured Adopts of the Month
[$10/1000 Points] Set Price Adopts 34 (1/5 Open) by Lyime

Glass Star Bullet (Yellow) by GasaraHoshi was created with the theme 'Pastel Shooting Star' Glass Star Bullet (Yellow) by Gasara




1    Red Panda Leaf
2    Striped Gray Kitten
3    Cotton Rabbit Fluff
4    Blue Flower Deer
5    Sparkling Fireworks
6    Steampunk goggles
7    Crystal Ice Shard
8    Kiwi and Raspberry Smoothie
9    Calm Tea Leaves
10  Cinnamon Apple

11  Watermelon Love
12  Waterlily Pond
13  Winter Frost Forest
14  Out of this world (Space Alien)
15  Star Witch
16  Elegant Carousel Swirl
17  Andromeda Galaxy
18  Burgundy Dark angel
19  Crochet Bunny
20  African Warrior Body-markings

21 Seashore Waves
22 Moonlight Aurora
23 Mocha Coffee
24 Autumn Deer
25 Will o'the Wisp Forest
26 Jupiter Stars
27 Caramel Apple
28 Pastel Demons
29 Sunset Shore
30 Doll House

31 Blue Fire Bones
32 Pearl Sand Princess
33 Pale Winter Forest Elf
34 Cozy Peach Ram
35 Pastel Shooting Star
36 Aquatic Coral
37 Steel Sword
38 Cursed Doll
39 Bright Lolita Braids
40 Elegant sea wave

41 Bug Pokemon (of choice)
42 Water Pokemon (of choice)
43 Fire Pokemon (of choice)
44 Grass Pokemon (of choice)               Remember to only take inspiration of,
45 Dark Pokemon (of choice)                 not use their exact design or it could
46 Fairy Pokemon (of choice)                    count as character/design theft
47 Electric Pokemon (of choice)             You can also mix and match designs
48 Dragon Pokemon (of choice)
49 Poison Pokemon (of choice)
50 Ice Pokemon (of choice)

51 Evil Magma Demon
52 Cute Glitter Wish
53 Princess of Love (valentine)
54 Neon Dj Star
55 Broken Glass Sunset
56 Cool Shark Waters
57 Bat Daredevil Piercings
58 Locked Secrets
59 Blue Crystal Sea Shell
60 Black Lace Roses

61 Pearl Mermaid
62 Egyptian Belly Dancer
63 Pastel Rainbow Mermaid
64 Emerald Galaxy
65 Sakura Blossom Blue
66 Forest Silhouette Galaxy
67 Cloud Watching
68 Crystal Magic
69 Gold Imperial Dragon
70 Blackcurrant Tea

71 Green Tea
72 Sugar Pop Magic
73 Blue Fire Tornado
74 Peach Iced Tea
75 White Rainbow Cat
76 Golden Rose gold Roses
77 Veiltail Goldfish
78 Energy drink of choice
79 White Dove Pink Carnations
80 Crazy Tropical Tiger

81 Nightmare Sheep
82 Chocolate Strawberry Cake
83 Spotted Baby Fawn
84 Sweet Honey Bee
85 Blue Starry Sky
86 Faint Pastel Rainbow
87 Grape Soda Fizz
88 Hearts and Roses
89 Purple Night Shade
90 Creamy Sweetheart

91 Key Lime Cake
92 Cloud Watching Cutie
93 Seaweed Shark
94 Glow In The Dark Patterns
95 Red Punk Hyena
96 Pink Lemonade
97 Cherry Blossom Snow Bear
98 Dragon Fruit Bat
99 Spring Bloom
100 Wild Dream
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KawaMavi Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2019  Student Digital Artist
I have a question, can I do for example

10 themes of ponies, 10 of the same theme in humans, 10 of the same theme in feral and so on?

I mean there's for example

Topic: Red Panda Leaf

and make 1 of pony another of feral and another one in human

AcryIlia Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course ^v^ You can do the themes as many times as you want and with whatever species you want
KawaMavi Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2019  Student Digital Artist
okay, thanks <3 
KuraiTsukiMajutsu Featured By Owner May 5, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Is this group still active? I've submitted a deviation three times and have had it expire each time.
AcryIlia Featured By Owner May 12, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so sorry about this, haven't really been that active on DA lately, but I'll hopefully be more on from now ;v;
KuraiTsukiMajutsu Featured By Owner May 12, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
That's okay, take your time. I can re-join when the group is active once again <3
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