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AzPainter tutorial by 0xconfig


This tutorial explain basic usages and some techniques with character painting together! It assuming that you decided picture image and completed sketch.
I am Japanese people so you might find some misses in sentences, sorry! I made it with many screenshots to easy to learn. Making tutorial in English brought me the good time for study.
2018-01-26 21-59-43 by 0xconfig
(Background will be deleted. sorry)


please skip if you understand the content
01: Make line art
02: Make color layers
03: Shading
04: Lighting
05: Something(?)

Extra: Brush customize & Finger/Blur
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01: Make line art as you like

Drawing brush used as line art can be any. let's draw with your favorite brush(es)!
This section tells you my drawing style with use basic pencil brush. (see Extra section to make pencil brush)

Create a new layer to separate sketch and line art
Untitled Drawing by 0xconfig
Enter any name, check the type it is Alpha value only and change color (it's just to distinguish layers)
2018-01-26 22-35-49 by 0xconfig 2018-01-26 22-35-23 by 0xconfig
Untitled Drawing by 0xconfig

Before go to coloring, merge two line art layers by checking
2018-01-31 16-10-11 by 0xconfig 2018-01-31 16-10-44 by 0xconfig
Erase overlapped lines in merged layer
Untitled Drawing by 0xconfig
Change different color to black
2018-01-31 16-13-57 920x by 0xconfig
draw by 0xconfig
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02: Make color layers

There are some patterns of making color layer. 
2018-01-31 19-48-29 by 0xconfig 2018-01-31 19-49-56 by 0xconfig
One character in single layer <--> Separate layers as parts
If layers are separated as parts, it's easy to change part color(ex: red hair -> blue hair) so if you want to make many coloring patterns or still cannot decide character coloring, you should separate them. This times is made with single layer.

2018-01-31 19-43-05b by 0xconfig
Fill outline of parts first, click the space with fill tool to fast painting.
We might have to take some processes with own hands to paint finely because fill program of AzPainter isn't so smart than other painting software.

2018-02-03 14-14-37b by 0xconfig
To change color by painting from above, use Keep Alpha value option by layer window.

At the end, use Adjustment of RGB, Level, HSV to fix coloring.
color by 0xconfig
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03: Shading

Make a grayscale layer for shading.
Similar to section 01, check two color layers (uncheck from other layers!) and merge them to a new Grayscale layer. then change color to white since most shading layers are used in Multiplication blend mode.
2018-02-03 15-27-27 by 0xconfig
Paint shades with keep alpha value option, and make stereoscopic effect of dragon scales and items
2018-02-06 13-35-51 by 0xconfig 2018-02-06 15-12-29 by 0xconfig
When you make a picture that has depth, back side doesn't need fine stereoscopic effect much because all of screen would have confusion if shaded in back side finely. Make finely only front side such as dragon's head and the kid.
Paint shades while checking by switching layer mode Normal to Multiplication.

After shading was completed, change layer type Grayscale to Full color and adjust coloring with use Level/RGB adjustment!
Port05 Port00another-shading by 0xconfig
configureBandage-32 by 0xconfig

04: Lighting

Lighting is processed like a shading. This layer filled by black, and set in Screen mode. then add some highlights.
2018-02-08 22-46-29b by 0xconfig
This layer doesn't make me know well completed image if set Normal mode so I progress it with keep Screen mode. Addition is also okay but it is stronger than Screen. Choose modes as you like.

While blend with shading layer and check, basic painting was completed!!

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05: Something(?)

This basic painting image makes me feel too vivid. I decrease saturation by put an Alpha value only layer between shading and coloring. (If you feel this good at now, this process doesn't be needed)
And this section will introduce skills that I often use to make it looks well!

Copy by a Shading or Lighting layer and change layer type to Alpha value only, and change color as you like(blue is cold, orange is warm. green is natural)
2018-02-09 01-29-50b by 0xconfig
Draw forgotten shoelaces on Line art layer and change line color to brown (I had planned to draw this with different style...)
2018-02-09 00-32-58 by 0xconfig
Make such layer and set on above of Line art layer with Softlight 50%
Port05 Port00another-filter by 0xconfig
Paint shadow of ground to Shadow layer in lowest place (optionally)
2018-02-09 01-52-07 by 0xconfig

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Rest wings by 0xconfig
Do Save and Save as PNG to export because merging layers may make bad effect to visual.

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Extra: Brush customize

It's an introduction of brushes used in this tutorial:
Z319 Brushcustom by 0xconfig 2018-02-09 02-32-11 by 0xconfig  2018-02-09 02-32-13 by 0xconfig  2018-02-09 02-32-27 by 0xconfig  2018-02-09 02-32-29 by 0xconfig  2018-02-09 02-32-47 by 0xconfig

Splash and Blot can be used in painting water, starry sky, blood, traditional style art, and many effects:
Z323 by 0xconfig  2018-02-12 17-52-55 by 0xconfig  2018-02-12 17-53-05 by 0xconfig
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Since I received request about way of use Finger and Blur mode, I write here what I think how to use them.
Basic smoke(or fire) tutorial with Finger mode and a way of Blur mode:
Z321 Fingersmoke by 0xconfig Z322 Blur by 0xconfig

New Universe by 0xconfig  Be the wind by 0xconfig
Finger and Blur doesn't have basic setting (pressure/random/water/brush shape) excluding size and density but texture and ruler can be enabled with option window so setting them will bring you many ways of expression!
(In fact, I don't use them often in illustrating basically. Those function may be able to help you at abstract art or realistic painting)
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My recommendation of shortcut keys:
AzPainterKeymap by 0xconfig
This is for Lefty user so it's may not useful for Righty.

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Thank you for read til here!
If you have question about usage of AzP2.x, please send comment into this journal.
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Have a nice painting!
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This is really great - thank you for doing this!