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Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki for XNALara XPS

By 0x0000001a
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Yuno from Mirai Nikki custom XNALara model assembled by me. This is my fist publically released mod for XPS. I tried to get her accurate to the series as best as I could. It took some effort to gather and assemble all of the pieces for her hair, and her school uniform textures were some work as well. She has optional "yandere" eyes to give her that more crazed look. Her clothes are also optional (not her underwear though) since she did run around in just her underwear in a few episodes.  I made her body very close to her body shape in the series, although it does vary in different scenes. (Body comparison pic)  

Also included is Yuno's Cell Phone which I modeled from scratch using many reference shots from the series. I probably put more time into modeling this thing than I should have. The screen has glow effect and the top is pose-able.

Note:  her clothes have minor clipping issues with her body in some poses, her hair tails pose a little weird, and her underwear are kind of unfinished, so they're not great, but I am not planning to work on her any more; I did most of the model back in October 2015. However, if you find any other bugs let me know.

DO NOT use "back face culling" or "always force culling". Tested in XNALara XPS version 10.9.8... and 11.0

Please don't make nude mods of her... If you would like her full base model that I used to make her, message me.

Head by ArmachamCorp, edited by me

Body base by SumireHaikuXNA, edited by MoogleOutFitters and reworked by me, feet by Zllobococ

Hair by MoogleOutFitters, ArmachamCorp, and others, pieced together and re-colored by me

Clothes mostly from lezisell's "TES4: Oblivion' Sailorfuku Pack 2", heavily reworked and custom textured by me

Shoes by ArmachamCorp, socks by me

Classroom used in photo by: deexie

Please comment and let me know what you think of her, and leave a link if you make any scenes with her, I'd love to see them.

P.S. I will not be making any other characters from Mirai Nikki, so if anyone wants to make Yuki or any others that would be cool. Yuno needs her Yuki...

© 2016 - 2021 0x0000001a
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wow, the only one Yuno XPS in deviantart.

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Mature Content

Bloody Girl (Yuno Gasai) by GTAman3VCSA
 I've have used her in this!
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so i really wanna make a yuno gasai model on vrchat any ideas how id do that?
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Hi, sorry, but I don't know anything about VRchat. There are probably tutorials online if you'd like to learn though. Good luck, that would be cool so I hope you accomplish it
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any plans for yukiteru?  rsrs :3
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No I won't be making Yukiteru, even though that's probably a mistake since Yuno won't be happy :) (Smile) . I'm glad you like the model though, but I really should fix it, since it was one of my first custom models she has some minor bugs I should go back and correct.
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F******n MASTER! *O*
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this is amazing. 

would you be able to do another custom character model from an anime?
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I guess its possible ;) (Wink) 
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If possible could you do Rias Gremory and Ravel Phenex from Highschool DxD.……
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They look really cool. But these kinds of models take a lot of work and usually I only make a character I am familiar with. Since it takes a lot of inspiration for me to go through with a model and finish it, its unlikely that I will.... Sorry
however if I watch it I could be inspired for this in the future but it would be quite a while and it probably won't happen so I really wouldn't expect it
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She is cute Meow :3 Heart 
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This is seriously amazing! I can't wait to use her, thank you so much for sharing her. :D
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Nice to see more realistic anime character XPS mods ^^
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I hope to see more of your talent :D
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Too many comments to reply to... Thanks everyone for the compliments. Really glad to see you all like her.
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Mejor no podría haber quedado!Heart 3D 
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Well, well. She is cute, i'll give her that)
I want to see what scenes i can make with her.
"... with knowledge and respect."
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She looks really cute.
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It is great!!
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