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Ultrafractal again - it's starting to make a bit more sense to me :)

This one needs a full view.
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I like it :)

Keep a smile on :)

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NarkyaHobbyist Photographer
For me it looks like past and future united in one image. As well, it looks like stones pressing from behind onto a light tissue in front of the actual picture.
And I see oranges, in many different colors in the background, decorated with flowers... It's full of details and dreams, I think I could keep going writing down all what I see in this image.
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Wow! You have a very beautiful way of writing about pictures. This picture made me think of memories too, and the sort of thing you might find in your granny's attic from another time. I'm glad you liked it! :)
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NarkyaHobbyist Photographer
Thanks. I really really do like this picture, it is so full of hidden things without being overloaded. I think, that is very difficult to achieve and happens most times more out of chance. But chance must be very nice to you as you have it quite often!
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I'm not sure if chance is nice to me or not... that's certainly one to ponder... I do find chance (or life) seems to offer some mixture of what I really want and what I really need. Often they're not the same thing though! :)
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Have absolutely no idea what ultra fractal means other than in this piece it is ultra surrealistic.
I get the sense of a close up macro photo shot of a flower on this. Vibrant, lively and ready to show itself to the world.
This is beyond great.
It is soothing and dedicated.
Awesome work!
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Ultrafractal is the program I used to make it [link] - it's kind of complicated and taking me a while to get my head around it, but I was pleased with this on. I'm glad you liked it - your words are most kind! :)
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Jaedle Digital Artist
Beautiful colors and nice detail. I like the softness in this one a lot.
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Thank you! Very kind :)
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