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Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart Contest 2014 Namah

By 0strolist
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So, here is namah as Jack Skellington.
I think I'm not the first who had this idea, but I really enjoyed drawing it.
art (c) :icon0strolist:

character (c) :icondreamkeepers:
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I effing love this! Runner up? I think this is a winner
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And this awesomeness didn't win?! :O
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Namah makes an absolutely delightful Jack ^^
And congrats on making it to runner-ups in the best art category! :clap:
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This is just great!
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I love this picture, and I keep coming back to enjoy it again.
Perfect in every way!
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ooohhh i love it !!!!!!!! its spectacular !!!!!!!
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Make this a print. Make this a print!!!
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The colors and linework in this piece are fabulous.

I also approve of Vincent being Zero!
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This is EPIC.
Nice additional touch with Vincent there too. :D
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:iconbravoplz::iconclapplz::iconclappingplz: Bravo! Bellisima! Moar!
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Won't you please make way for a very special gal?
Our girl Namah is queen of the pumpkin patch!
Everyone HAIL to the Pumpkin Queen NOW!!

I can't put down in words how much I love this piece. You've taken Dave's very distinct way of drawing figures, namely Namah's whip-thin and limber countenance, and expressed it with loving detail. Her expression is absolutely charming, and Vincent makes an excellent Zero.

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The expression and pose brilliantly convey Namah's snarky and somewhat loveably narcissistic personality quite well and the costume choice was well done as well.

That coupled with your moody moon and ghastly Vincent really make for a nice piece;Bravo,bravo!
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Great expression!
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Love this! Faved!!!

...wait. Who's skull is that? Ex-boyfriend?
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Wonderful job, love Namah's face. and no your not the first, but this one is by far better. good luck!! Im sure Dave and Liz will love it 
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I thought this was Hamlet at first...
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Nice good job!!!!
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Amazing! I love how you drew Namah. You earn double points with me for the Yorick reference, I'm a literature lover, and Hamlet is my all time favorite play.
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nicely rendered :iconclapplz:
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What's This? This is great!
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This is very nicely done.  Beautiful in every detail.
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