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I had the pleasure of commissioning the lovely and talented oreana to do a portrait of my Katherine! :) 💕

.:Comm:. Princess of Winterhold by oreana

I’m absolutely in love with how it turned out! Here is not only Katie, but Jacob in his dragon form as well. :heart:  For those who don´t know, this is from a story that Ore was writing, putting Jacob Fye (from Assassin's Creed Syndicate) and my OC Katherine in Skyrim. :love:

Man, it's really cool to see your OC made in another artist's style !! I seriouly loved this!! It's so adorable!!! Heart Animation  And she did an absolutely incredible job capturing the emotions. I love Katie tender expression! And look at the dragon! It´s gorgeous!!
I know I've thanked you 2345 times ...:D But thank you again, hon!!! :hug: Heart La


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Hey everyone, ^^
Sorry for my delay in replying / leaving comments. (Or just to fav and run. :blushes:)
It is not very common for me to stay so long without posting anything new. :D  Nothing much happened, I was just focused on the new story I'm going to write together with my friend. ^_^
We read the Silmarillion about 10 years ago and, as our story is set in the Second Age, it was necessary to do some research to refresh our memory, and thinking about the plot and how to fit this plot amid the events of that time.

Then our characters; Who they would be in the story ... She created hers and I had to adapt Ithiliel (Katie) and Erúadan.
But we finally managed to organize everything. Well at least enough to start. :D
It was necessary to add / modify some things so that we could insert our story and have space for creativity.

Oh, Ithiliel in this "new life" will have a sister. That's AU for Katie, since she's an only child. ^^
And Erúadan will have a new hairstyle inspired by Geralt of Rivia (possibly). :D I can't seem to make up my mind, right? :lol: 
I wanted to give a HUGE thank you to weyrwoman-lessa  for the support and great tips she gave to me. Seriously, thank you VERY much for taking the time and talking to me about creating plots and developing characters.


My friend agreed to post our  posts here to anyone interested in reading. :) You don't have to read the book to understand, you can follow the story without having to be an expert on Tolkien. I'm thinking of how I'll do this, like, sort of organizing in a fanfic. I will also need to translate into english. We will see.. :)

And I'll probably make images inspired by it. Hope you like it. :heart:

Gil-Galad´s banner. ;)

hammie kiss 
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Ok, guys ... I need to confess something ...

I don't know how to continue my story, I have not been very inspired ... I think I'll take a break. I mean, I'll keep making random images that have to do with the story and with the characters. I will not give up, but I will not follow step by step any more. 
I think you already noticed that. :P

I have come to the conclusion that I am horrible with world building. I can't be patient enough to figure out enough details. Shalandrya (with Athdar) was the only story that lasted for years (between pauses and coming backs) and that I got to detail a few things. Even though "The Shadow Queen" is the only one I've done a basic map of the regions.

I'm also toying with the idea of putting Katie and Erúadan in the Dragon Age universe. Maybe I try to make some random pictures with that idea as well. :D

And I still plan some pictures with her and Jacob Frye. Yes. My OTP. :heart: rvmp  There's a special scene I've been thinking about for months, (you know, that kind of scene that don´t leave you alone until you do it? lol) but since I'm trying to focus on other things right now, I'm trying to wait a little longer to do it. But, yeah, it's something I hope to make someday. It has to do with AC: S and Skyrim crossover...but it's something different ... :D

I think that doing different things, will help me in the matter of feeling more inspired, because it's being difficult to create this story by myself.  I always had trouble creating stories on my own, with no one to bounce ideas off and say if this or that would be cool or bad or too cliché.

And this week, an old friend of mine, asked me to write again with her. It will be a story set in Middle-Earth, in the Second Age. I'll probably use Katie as Ithiliel and Erúadan. And I can make images inspired by this story too. :)

I think it's going to be really nice. This is not the first time I write a story together with her.
There was a time when we wrote 3 different stories at the same time. lol

At the moment we are doing some small research because it has been years since we read Tolkien's Silmarillion and also beginning to thinking about the plot.
I plan to post here some of the posts. ^^ Anyone interested in reading?
We will see how this goes. :)

And I won JammyElf 's raffle! She drawed Katherine as an elf! Look how lovely and badass she is!!
La love

Katherine | Raffle Prize by JammyElf

If you  read this journal until the end...Thank you very much! Heart bum 

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My brother-in-law gave me Sting as my birthday gift! ^^

On my birthday...last year. My sister could only come to Brazil now. :D Last year she couldn't come because of work. (she lives in the USA)
I spread the maps and put a book in the middle to hide my ridiculous bedspread.
The image is not good, the light is bleh,  so you can't see the details of the sword. Especially on the blade. :heart: I look like a child with a special toy ... lol Except that it's not a toy. :D
Now I'm going to dream about the next one..or should i say..two? lol Legolas's swords. 

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DA deleted two old works of mine. lol I understand, although there is no violation as they said. They were two images of my FDD folder (Wrath of the Gods) a story (or RPG) that I wrote with a friend and this folder has some of the first images I made using Daz and, well, 3D in general. The images deleted were two sex scenes , but they didn't show anything that was against the rules of the site. "Under the Moon" and "I can be whoever your heart desires".

Part from "Under the Moon"

I think it's funny, that they deleted those images, while images that clearly violate the rules have been here for 8 years.

Anyway ...
I don't mind these images being deleted, although I don't find it fair. They were VERY old (2011 I think) and I didn't think they were good anymore. BUT ,besides being very old, I had already put them in storage!! So why delete if they were HIDDEN and nobody could see them?? And why NOW???

This puts at risk some other images in my gallery ... One with Athdar, old (but not so much). And one with Jacob Frye and Katie (I think you know which ones I'm talking about XD) ... although ALL are in accordance with DeviantArt rules.

Since a picture with worms in and out of vaginas is considered ok, I might as well post this.
And , in good brazilian portuguese: "FODA-SE!"


Looking at my old folders, I found some old renders from the time I was learning  Daz and doing tests and more tests like this:

Another old work by 0Snow-White0
I think  i was learning how to paint hair. I don´t really remember. XD

And SnowSultan , look what I found! :D

An old render of Smacky
I think i was testing her with G1 for you. ^_^

Sorry my english. ;P

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People! First I want to thank everyone who left comments in my journal. A friend of mine ( You know who you are. :heart: ) helped me by taking a good look at the site and came to the conclusion that it was a phishing site. That site is a big lie.
I acted on impulse. I should have researched better before causing a revolt. Sorry.

Messenger Flushed Face emoji  Fiver Emoticon  

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So folks, when that unfortunate situation happened on Tumblr where the girl stole my Jacob Frye's fanart , edited and put her name, I thought that was the first time something like that had happened to me ...
I really did think so, but I was wrong.

I was watching a video on a channel of a Brazilian youtuber I like. Besides everything, it is pretty funny and I laugh a lot with her videos. In one of the videos she researched herself on google and, out of curiosity, I did the same. Yes, Juliana was bored and decided to research herself. :P My DA, facebook, etc appeared on the results. In the images part, besides appearing people that weren't me, also appeared several of my arts and some of them were marked. I clicked on one of them and saw that they were on a site called "Illustration VAULT" wth is that?

Well, as far as I understand, they are selling prints of my images. There's an account there with my name, but I didn't create it. I've never been in this site, nor ever heard of it.

There are more of my works there, they are some of my older ones ...

Well, I'm not going to stress. This will never stop happening ... I decided to post here in case someone wants to take a look and see if your work is there too.

Man, this is very wrong ...
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From the creators of Cullen´s Appreciation Week, here is...

the Alistair Appreciation Week! And this year is special!:clap: 

I know there are some Dragon Age fans following me here in silence. But, I see you ...:youaremysunshine: 
So, without further delay ...

Alistair Appreciation Week ||  Giveaway & Fundraiser!

Yes, that’s not one but TWO opportunities for you to get cool stuff! And yes, this is the post we’re asking you to signal boost and share wherever you can!

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"The Arl used to come here in the winter when I was small. I, uh… slept with the hounds."

Alistair experienced a childhood of suffering and unhappiness. And in our world, many children today share this fate as they are growing up in abusive households, in poverty or in war zones.

That’s why we’ve decided to use this event not just for fun and swoop- swooning, but to support a worthy cause Alistair would be more than supportive of. From 11 to 20 May we’ll be raising funds for Save the Children, a charity working to give children in the US and around the world a healthy start, an education and protection from harm. Find their charity ratings here and here and their 2016 financials here Direct link to campaign is….

And what’s more, you won’t just be doing something good, but your donation will get you one of a bunch of fabulous rewards! A group of talented, passionate and well-loved fan creators have dedicated their time and skill to bringing you stuff you’ll find just here. There’ll be crafts, fan fiction, art and oh so much Alistair!

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Contributors include:

StarsandSkies-Art@elevanetheirin, @dinah-myles, @bellanaris-somniari, @alleiradayne, @machatnoir, @allenvooreef@mapplestrudel,  @cullenstairshenanigans, @authorellenmint, @blasteddoodles, @ dovalord123 and more!

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Hey everyone!
Just to let you know that I'm here, lurking around. Faving and running, basically. It will take a little while for me to post something new, because I want to first finish all the images that will illustrate my text.
Maybe I'll call it "Chapter 1 A" because I don´t think it's long enough to be called a "Chapter".
I plan the "Chapter 1 B", which will (possibly) be focused on the villain side. Maybe.

So far I already have 2 images finished. I'm doing the third one and there are still 3 more, and one of these is so simple that I might finish it in the same day. For now it's been fun and so far I have not gotten tired.

When I finish all, I may post one as a teaser (or not). :) And then I'll start translating the text into english. I also want to talk a little bit about this little world I imagined and show a pretty basic little map I did.

Hmm ... for someone who didn't want to detail much, I think I planned several things ... :fear:

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Just wanted to show the clothing i did for Katie and Erúadan. :)

Blue dress 234 by 0Snow-White0

tunic345 by 0Snow-White0

These are the clothes they will wear in the first text.( first chapter? ^^)
So, I still haven´t decided whether I will make the pants for Erúadan or if I will use a 3d "normal" pants. In addition to this, he will also wear his armor. Probably the same one shown here.
The dress is actually the same one I did for my character Aleena, a loooong time ago. It´s very old and, therefore, not very good.
And I'm addicted to this ...metallic texture style? ... I don't know how to call it. XP

I also did a very basic little map with some of the major regions. I'll show you next time. :)

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In the last 2 or 3 days I stayed focused on my story, so I that's why I was a little away from here. But I finally wrote the first text and I'm deciding the best (and least laborious) way of illustrating. For now it's in Portuguese only. I still need to translate into english and look for a beta-reader. 

I was having a hard time thinking about a title and also the main plot, but I finally managed to think of a plot and, based on it, I also found a good title ... Well .. it's nothing extraordinary, but it has to do with the story.

This time I even did a basic map.

TSQ by 0Snow-White0

As you know, it's a story setting in a fantasy world. Inspired by Tolkien / Narnia / Game of Thrones/ Dragon Age/ Witcher and etc ...:D Fantasy. \o/ Will revolve around Katherine aka Ithiliel. And, probably, it won't be long before it becomes clear who her character is in that world. 
In Athdar's case,it took me literally almost 3 years to reveal the importance of his character. This time it will be clear from the start. Basically.


There will be nudity and sex scenes (random or not) and they will be posted right on my NSFW tumblr. They will not be the majority, but I'm just letting you know. Because if you follow me a long time, you already know me.Innocent  If you are new, now you know.
If it's just a butt, I can post here, right people? Right. Pink Angel

I don't plan to always write texts because I have a hard time focusing when I'm writing and I take too long to finish. Also, I'm  too lazy to write sometimes. I prefer to just show what is happening through images and comment on that.

I can also stop the story as happened with my previous ones and come back after a break or not... It all depends on my inspiration.

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I went back to read some fan fiction based on the Silmarillion and one day I was reading one story and it had a scene where the character was talking to Glorfindel and she was surprised by something that he said. Then the girl (who was a elf too) said:
"Oh my gosh!"

I'm sorry, I'm not the best of the writers, but that was bizarre. lol An "Okay!" appeared more ahead. wth?

If you are writing a story / fanfic set in a medieval / fantasy world or any time other than our modern world ... You can not write these things! Sigh    That ruined this story for me. gah. :P  

She looked like a teenage girl who came from our world and was talking to *pause for a dreamy sigh* Glorfindel. Yeah..he is one of my favs. :heart:

In that case she could have used "By Eru!" or "By Elbereth" ... Do not use "God", do not use slangs, and instead of "Okay", write something like "Alright" ...

Sorry my english and good night! :D
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That moment when you are all excited singing along with a song and your hand hits the fan propeller blades ... XD Fortunately my fingers were not cut off.. lol They are ok.

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Keanan - 2013       

Athdar -2014


As some of my closest friends already know, I'm going to take a long break from fanarts and re-focus on original stories and OCs. I'm creating a new male OC ... Well, actually I already created him and I can say that he is a very attractive lad too. XD

It's been 456 centuries since I created my last one, that was Athdar. :)

He already has a name and I already have an idea of where the story will be situated. And, well ... speaking of the story, I still have to think about many things ... including the main plot. *sighs*
For me is hard to make all this by myself without having no one to help and bouncing ideas. I never know if my idea is good, if I'm on the right track, and if it all makes sense. But we'll see ...:P

And I doubt I will write long texts, as i wrote in previous stories, because it is very difficult to translate everything into English and then almost no one reading them. So when it is necessary (and almost always it is), I will post little texts under the image. :P

The main female character, will be my Katherine. No one in the story will call her "Katie" because only Jacob Frye calls her by that nickname. :heart: But her name will be the same, of course. I'll just change the last names to fit the story better.

And it will be 18 + ... as always. If it has any explicit scene, it will be posted on my tumblr. :P
I still can't think of a name for the story.  I'm burning neurons .... But soon I'll post the first image. Excited Squishy Excite 

The scenes will be posted in the order of events, but I don't want to feel too stuck to this rule like i felt when i did Shalandrya, so it is possible that some scenes will be posted out of order and random images. (But in the gallery everything will be following an order.)

I hope that I can make an interesting story, interesting characters and that you also like and get interested. ^^

I can still make some fanarts from time to time, of course. Everything depends on my inspiration. :)


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I promise it's the last time I talk about this. :blushes:
I just wanted to update saying that the girl finally answered and this was her response: (sorry my english)

And she put: "Base by Eledhwen" It bothers me very much to see that she considers my image as a "base". Giving the credits is important, but in this case what made me the most furious is that she simply took my render, painted over, manipulated, erased my name and put hers. It is not a base, it is not a stock to be used that way. WTF! I wanted that image removed.

But I'm tired of this. I already have too much stress in RL and my time online is to relax and distract myself doing things I love, talking with friends, doing arts, reading and writing fanfics ...

I did everything I could. Tumblr did nothing to remove the image.

I'm going back to my old blog and making a post saying that my renders are not bases and that I don't give permission for anyone to use them in manipulation and stuff like that. I didn't think it was necessary to say that, but apparently there's always some idiot who thinks it's nice to steal the work of others.

I will take this opportunity and reply to the hater anon who left a message when I left tumblr. I was going to ignore the message forever, but since I'm going to post there, I'll be polite and reply. lol

Also, as I've been thinking about opening for commission. I've been thinking about this for a long time, even posting about that 2 or 3 times but never did anything. XP I'm very insecure and i keep thinking that people will not like or that something is going to happen and that I will not be able to finish..among other things ...But i think it´s time.

And if I decide to do this regularly, it will be like 2 or 3 slots (at most) per month.
:P Because I want to continue to have time to make my images. They are part of my fantasy world that is immensely important to make me forget the problems of everyday life.

I'll post about this on tumblr first.  I'm going to make an experiment, open one slot and see how it goes. Since I promised some followers I'd post there first, I'll do it.
Maybe not but soon.


 That's it, folks! Many thanks to all who commented here and on Facebook !! Thanks for the support !! You are the best! :heart:

And just because :love:

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Hey guys,
I have some comments to answer, but I promise to do that tomorrow. :heart:
I'm feeling a little frustrated these past few days. For the first time someone stolen one of my images and I'm trying to solve that problem. It was not here, it was on tumblr. And once again I thank oreana for let me know about this, because I'm not there anymore. I  visit a few blogs from time to time, but I'm not there anymore.

The girl took my fanart of Jacob Frye (the first one I did, where there is only his torso because I had not even made his face at that time.):

AC Syndicate fanart by 0Snow-White0

She took this render and manipulated by putting a head (which I don't know if she painted or stole from someone else), erased my name and put hers. I left a private message asking her to remove the image. I had no answer. I decided to comment on the image and leave it public. I waited... and no answer.
I then decided to report to tumblr. I filled out a DMCA. Tumblr answered me and apparently I did it wrong and should have used another link. I did that and now I'm waiting to see the result of all this.

But it makes me want to scream every time I see that the image is still there and that people keep giving "Like" even with my comment there saying that she stole my work and erased my name. =( It's like they don't care if it's right or wrong.

At the moment I'm waiting ...

I don´t mind people showing and sharing my renders. I think it's cool because it shows that they like what I do. I just ask that they don't alter and don´t claim as their own.

That is a lack of respect for the artist (and writer, because I have friends who had their ideas copied, parts of their stories stolen, etc).

Last year a blog about Rogues on Tumblr repost another fanart I made with Jacob:

Instead of reblog  (that would be the right thing to do), they reposted. I didn´t care, at least they were decent enough to put the credits. Funny that their post had more likes than my original post. 

I really don't know what's the fun of stealing the work of others and pretend to have done ... It is a terrible lack of respect, that is. Shame on you! Learn to make your own work.

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To anyone who ever thought, or thinks about to leave DA or just want to have another place to post...

Today I was looking for an alternate place to post my works. Similar to DeviantArt.
I know that some friends here have already searched without much success. Today I bumped into one called Visualart. And I discovered that I had already made an account there for some time. lol  But I completely forgot. (I didn't post anything yet) Despite this, I don't know the site and I don't know if it is popular.

For example, I use ArtStation more for inspiration and follow some of my friends / artists that I admire and who have accounts there, but for me it's a graveyard.
I don´t know how it is on Visualart. So does anyone have an active account there? Is it a good community?

Dani-Owergoor  Has anyone ever told you about this site? You should take a look, because I remember that you were looking for another place too. What do you think? :)

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Hi my darlings!
I just notice that my work:
Fire and blood by 0Snow-White0

It´s among the Top Images on Daz website. :wow: :dance:
It's always a surprise when one of my works end up between the tops, they are not exactly the kind of image that the people there usually enjoy. And that's why I don´t post much in my daz gallery. But I'm glad it was this image, because it was very nice to make it. ^^  It was one of those images that naturally pop up in your head after reading some text. It´s directly inspired by a scene from oreana 's story. :heart:
It's a simple image but one I loved doing and I'm glad it's among my most popular works. ^^ And, of course, I thank Oreana for all that inspiration. :hug:

And corujamaster  , your suggestion is on my list! I hope I can do it! Valeu! :hug:

Oh I did a wip gif last year from my work/fanart of Jack the Lad. I didn't put the whole process because I was afraid that the size would be too big. I had never done this wip gif thing before.

Now I'm going to watch Arrow. I'm two eps behind. I was going to watch ep 10 of Vikings , but I'm going to postpone it a bit because I don´t like to see my team lose. yu r iz meen 2 meh Every time I read the comments of the fandom on YT, I want to smash something ... or kill someone. :angry: 


How can anyone stay on Ivar's side ???
His mother was a bitch, by the way. Lagertha should not have shot an arrow ... but at least five arrows.
* / spoiler *

And with that question you will know which side I'm on the civil war and who lost. :P
Sorry my english and good night. :D

Man...i :heart: him. :D And i love archers!

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Someone just posted this on facebook.
I'm right now.

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