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I got invited to Dribbble recently! You can follow me there now:
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Today was the day I fancied  both to continue and discontinue Nord after a long hiatus.

Because I wasn't around theming in the 3.10 cycle I missed and forgot that the border-image property no longer works everywhere; making the refresh I put so much effort into to bring to Nord 1.8 utterly useless and sadly might be ending the journey for the most popular GS theme in dA.

Unfortunately, the CSS capabilities in GS were far too limited to begin with so I can't even replicate the graphics with a mere box-shadow, which can be used only once, and without images I'm only left with the option to simply recolor and keep it simple ... totally not my style.

One option I see is to learn JS and extension-making and extend the theming capabilities (I think it can be done) but I'm far less experienced right now and the ones who can do it are making pretty unimaginative extensions (no offense).

I still have some ideas to test but currently making Nord 1.12 like I designed it last year is NOT possible. I'll consider some modifications but that would probably suck.

Lastly, I'm not saying this for you to hate on GNOME, I don't know what motivated them to cripple it and I want to know why but I respect the excellent effort they put into the releases. This post is an announcement and an explanation not intended to spark a hate war on anyone. So keep that in mind while commenting , please.
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Hello, people!

I've announced earlier that the eOS theme would be on Github for any brave should to help update it, unfortunately no one came forward. I've received one note about an effort being made, while I thank that person for trying it wasn't enough to keep it updated.

Now :iconzagortenay333: has taken that job and already released it:

                                       <da:thumb id="402527960"/>

Any future updates will be provided by him only.
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I have finally been able to setup Git in Android (aka my only way of using the Internet ATM):…

Please do your magic. ;)

I'll do some cleanups when I have the time.
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First, let me apologize for the lack of updates this cycle. To put it simply, I'm bored. Bored and burned out.

I have tried to get to work as soon as I updated my install but I got other stuff to do and realized that I'm not a fan of the process(of updating) anymore. Among other things.

Fortunately, I had an epiphany -- sort-of and decided to experiment a bit with Nord, so I ended up refreshing its design and getting interested in it again. :-)

Nord is almost done. Updating Sud should be easy enough too as I'm making them even more similar.

As for eOS, the elementary-inspired theme, I'm thinking about retiring from maintaining it and let the community do the job. I'll just be "the designer" and do quality checks(you can trust me with that, right?) and other wonderfully awesome activities like accepting pull requests and releasing it periodically here on dA. Please keep in mind that this is not a final decision, but it's highly likely to happen; the reason for doing so is because I'm merely converting what elementary's designers are doing into GS code, which is work I'm not meant to do. I just like to design my own stuff. On the bright side, I'll get a free slot for something else...or two... :-)

Finally, these plans will take off as soon as I'm back online(taking a long break from the Internet atm)...

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I started with the update process of Nord and eOS to .6 some time ago and Nord is almost done. But I have discovered that, for some reason, I can't theme extensions anymore; which means that unless I work around the problem, extensions that are made to work on the dark default theme will look broken. Which means a suck-y experience for those who use my themes. The main extensions like Weather and Media Player Controls are working fine, though.

So, instead of focusing on delivering pixel-perfect themes, I'm redoing the work I did last year. For no reason.

Sorry to bore you with the details but you deserve to know what's going on. But don't lose hope, things will look good. :)
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I'm going to upload the mockups and work I posted on G+ to dA for the sake of organization. :)
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I'm starting to see people using (parts of) my themes to do other work -- here and on gnome-look. While this is nice and I welcome it, I find it really sad that the majority of them don't take the time to mention me. Some people even present it as their own without any significant modification.

Now, I don't usually ask you to credit me back, thinking that you're doing that anyway(silly me); you are free and encouraged to use my work however you like, but please, add a link to the original author.

Thank you.
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Please participate in the poll >
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I'll be updating my themes to fix an alignment bug in 3.2; after that, I'll fix them for 3.4. In other words, the next update will be the last for the 3.2 cycle.

Have a nice day. :)
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I'm just curious. ;) Since I don't have a premium membership, please use this poll instead >

What is Cinnamon?
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First, I want to say thank you to the people who've :+devwatch:'d me and :+fav:'d my work after the interview with OMG! Ubuntu! folks.

As you already know, I released the 1.2 version of my eOS theme a while ago. And while I was mostly satisfied with how close I got to my goal of a pixel-perfect Elementary OS clone, some things left undone due to limitations in GNOME Shell itself, or so I thought.

One of the things I wanted to do is to hide the panel's background while in Overview mode(Slingshot does it; Unity too). Leaving you with a uniform Overview. Apparently, the awesome devs behind GS have already implemented this feature; the default theme does not use it but it's there.

All you have to do is:, #panelActivities{
    background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0);

Targeting .in-overview will take care of the background and the addition of #panelActivities is optional.

The only thing left is to add a nice transition like so transition-duration: 500; to the #panel.

I'm going to update the theme with this trick and a fixed dash very soon. However, you can see the effect in this Youtube demo(flickering is a recording problem):

happy hacking.
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Some of you may already know about this; In addition of theming GNOME Shell, I added styles to 'Nord' to theme extensions too. That includes:

- Zeitgeist Journal.
- Message Notifier(the patched version from the author of mailnag).
- Hamster extension.
- Weather extension.

This will make 'Nord' the first and only(AFAIK) theme with multiple extensions support. :)

As I'm going to release the 1.2 soon(too much work and procrastination, sorry), I need to know if there is any important extension you need support for. I may or may not theme it depending on its structure and/or relevance, but I'll try my best.

Thank you all!
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I got a second Daily Deviation for 'Nord: GNOME Shell' :dance:
Many thanks to :iconhalf-left: and :iconalexander-gg:

Note to dA: Please add  proper notifications for DDs so people would know, instead of knowing by noticing unusual traffic (which is a nice surprise too :))
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I was just started using Google+. You can find me on:… and add me if you want :)
Hello people,

I just made a video showing the process of making a logo (the new HTML5 logo), it's soundless as I still have problems recording with clear sound. I wasn't very accurate but the final result is good enough.

Check it out on Vimeo.
Well, I got my first Daily Deviation for HUB, I know dA said that a DD isn't some kind of trophy but whatever... "YATTAAAAAA!" said Nakamora Hiro ;)

Thank you all for the support.
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Hello again,

Last week I was poking around for something useful and that led me to the xorg-edgers PPA after I read that Ubuntu 11.xx is going to ship with the gallium drivers, so I read the description in Launchpad and followed along and got the drivers to work after a couple of unsuccessful tries.

I had mixed feelings of astonishment, surprise, joy, win and a small sense of accomplishment. I went ahead and started trying some games and everything worked! even Alien Arena which I was trying to play since 7.04 without success.

For the first time in years I'm starting to feel good about the whole idea of Ubuntu as a productive/primary environment/OS.

Lastly, if you want to try it just go ahead and do it(follow the link I gave), but keep in mind that I have a legacy card (X1550) and you're doing it at your own risk.

To make sure it works type:

glxinfo | grep OpenGL

and you should see (...): Gallium 0.4 on RVxxx. (NOT Softpipe).

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I was watching a very inspiring talk of one of Microsoft's employees, he was talking about the design process of Microsoft Office 2007(or The Story of the Ribbon), and what mistakes they made in terms of UI design, and how they achieved the current layout. So I thought why we don't see this kind of innovation with free software (Open Office?).

Let's watch the video first (if you don't have Silverlight installed -or don't want- download the files at the bottom of the video).

Let me know what do you think.
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I had some problems with Ubuntu to the point where I completely gave up and removed it, I felt a little bit annoyed without it so I install it this morning. It worked fine after the installation, until I updated and restarted the system, then it went to "Unknown monitor" with "1024x768" as the max usable resolution, and the "dmesg" command gives "raw EDID" or something like that (I'm not on Ubuntu right now).

The Google searches gave this:

- It could be:

The kernel, so I updated - no luck.
The ATI drivers, I updated to XUpdate PPA - no luck.
Plymouth, I don't know where to start!

My ATI is an X1550.

Any ideas?

I want to tell you that I had the problem with Lucid just before Maverick came out, it has to be some update that screwed things up.
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