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Uniform Icon Theme

By 0rAX0
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My very first icon theme for Linux!

Okay, so what the heck is that? Why everything is out of shape? Am I going nuts? Maybe.

Uniform is a new icon theme made for Linux (GNOME) desktops. It's made by someone who tested every shape on the planet to get a unique and original theme until he flipped the table and unshaped everything. Consistency can be achieved by maintaining the same pattern instead of drawing the same container. ;)

This is the first release, it's missing A LOT of icons. For now it's inheriting the GNOME icons. Oh, and it has no folders yet. :P


Copy the content to ~/.icons or /usr/share/icons for system-wide access.

Arch Linux

AUR: aur.archlinux.org/packages/uni…

yaourt -S uniform-icon-theme


:bulletgreen: v. 0.1: 9 May 2014: Initial release
:bulletgreen: v. 0.1.1: Fixed broken links and a typo. Delete the folder before updating, this will create a new folder.
:bulletgreen: v. 0.1.2: Added 7 new icons.
:bulletgreen: v. 0.1.3: Tweaked and added 30 icons.
:bulletgreen: v. 0.1.4: Tweaked and added more icons. Added partial support for default elementary apps.
:bulletgreen: v. 0.1.5: Tweaked and added some icons.
:bulletgreen: v. 0.1.6: Tweaked and added some icons.
:bulletgreen: v. Fixed the index file and added Chromium and Pidgin. Re-taking it slowly. :P

Last updated: 9 January 2015.
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Beautiful Icons.

Please update.

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AUR package is gone! With your permission, i could add and maintain your icon theme into the AUR again.

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Yes, please do! 
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"Uniform Doesn't just mean the same shape"

*That's GOLD.
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very...... G O O D
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Has a problem with fn + f9 in ASUS laptop. 
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What's that what people say with missing icons?
I got 12.743 for apps alone. WTF! XD
I love how wobbly these are XD
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You have the unofficial version. ;)
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Where might one be able to find it? :o
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On gnome-look.org
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I really appreciate your icon pack, and like MALBIRUK said, there are some missing icons. I would like contribute for the project. Rin okumura (Thumbs up) 
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It is very cool! Of course, a lot of icons are missing (for example: LibreOffice icons, Clementine icon, Cheese, Calendar). But I hope you will add them. And what about small icons, not for apps, but also for interface elements? :)
Do you have an icon-requests page?
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Amazing pack!
Could you add Redshift and PHPStorm to it?

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Love the shapes
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AUR missing, please update
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ATTENTION: If you read the description, you'd notice that it said this was the first release. This isn't the latest.
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Following, really hope to see much more icons :) The theme looks really good.
Oh yes, and the AUR package doesn't exist anymore, maybe lost due to the transition to git.
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the link doesn work....
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Great icon theme!  A question though ... will there be updates that include Strem.io and Netbeans icons??
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They look-like some cute weird potatoes but looks great! :D
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This is the best icon pack ever :^)
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The Arch package seems to be gone :(
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