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Mockup: Nautilus re-layout

By 0rAX0
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A mockup I posted on G+ some time ago, deserves to be here too. :)

I wasn't intending to reinvent how Nautilus works, this is just an update to match the rest of the new programs in GNOME3: Web, Documents...

Enjoy. :P

Edit: Nautilus 3.6 is going to look almost identical to this mockup! :dance:
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These are amazing!!! Really nice dude!
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Nuclear program?!?!?!
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As long as they add those must have features back!
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Woah the orange one :o
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:thumbsup: I like the concept.
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I'd love to see this mocked up with your own idea for a theme. It's a bit distracting looking at it with two themes I don't really like, though you make ambiance look pretty.
Also I think the status bar popup thing is a bit big/intrusive.
I think I'm in love though. I want this now. It's likes elementary files mixed with all the improvements of the recent nautilus.
Keep it up :)
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Yeah, maybe I'll try to do that. The status bar should appear where the folders fade out, so it should stay out of your way. :)

Thank you. :)
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No problem, just trying to throw some ideas around to give back to you. This is pretty inspiring.
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Isso sim seria um Nautilus apresentável, e não aquela caca que eles estão fazendo na nova versão .-.
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I like the natural gnome design much more than the ubuntu-specify design ;)
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The fade-out on the top and bottom is a bit too strong for me, but other than that, I love it!
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I love this. It's so up to date and, compared to the current state of Nautilus, uses a much more consistent design language based on other aps in GNOME.
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look very good, but i think that marlin still so better than nautilus, just some work to support touchscreen
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I wish that nautilus look like this. :D
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this i sjust Marlin file browser not a mockup, it's very clear that you just posted a screen of marlin browser
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Have a look at this [link]
BTW, great mockup.
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Thanks. Yes, I've seen that, it is quite old, actually. There is a newer one but I can't find it. :P
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Looks great! I specially like the ubuntuish one. So clean and pleasing to my eyes :)
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So, you just copied the elementary files design...
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