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Hey :)

I have seen the new Ubuntu identity (logo, color palette, artworks...) this morning like everybody else, I was so excited to see the new logo, I'm really happy about the way they did it.

While I'm scrolling down trying to find the screenshot that has the metacity theme "Light" I was really disappointed to see it :( everything was really REALLY great, they included a beautiful purple that looked hot! even the wallpaper is way better than the previous ones IMHO, the splash screen is awesome too. My only problem is with the metacity+GTK+icons = The whole theme.

First, the buttons they look so out of place, the idea is outdated and the orange/red button doesn't match anything in the desktop!

Second, the GTK is so simple!

Third, the icons are trying to match the new theme so hard without succeeding, they really need to replace the orange color with something more appropriate, and that's a shame because they're here since Karmic (~6 months)...

Anyway, that's what I think, I'm 99% sure that what we saw is just a work in progress, so please give us something to like.

About the work:

started with the idea of consistency, I collected the colors from the brand pages, also I've got the idea of the metacity from the CD cover concept (found on the page 2 [link]).

I'm not saying that my work is better than Light, nor that this is what they should give us, I just wanted to make something with the new palette that in my opinion doesn't suck.

Well, please let me know what you think :)


Added 2 more variations!
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Does it work with gnome3??
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No, it's just a mockup.
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hey man i gave life to the first wm with xfwm take a look: [link]
hope you like it!
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Would you like some help on doing this for Emerald? =)
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I don't want to make it anymore, do YOU need help making it? :D
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Well, it would be great if you still have the images of the close/minimize/maximize/menu buttons =) I can deal with the rest =)
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Here, I'll dropbox it to you [link]
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I love the middle theme! Very creative! Should be the default theme for 10.10.

Could I use that style in some of my themes, as long as I give you credit for inventing it?
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Thank you.
I already replied to that ;)
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Where to get it? I can only download the preview Image.
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That's just a mockup :)
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:) I'm planning on making this one, at least for Emerald.
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Really good job!
Have you also tried a possible variation of the buttons somewhere between v1 and v2 in the manner of

oo xx oo
xx oo oo

or maybe


? (heh)

I find the 1st too chaotic, the 2nd too non-minimalistic,
the 3rd too pictoresque ;)
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Thanks :)

I tried some variations, but they looked crowded :(
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I REALLY LIKE your ideas man, specially the one in the middle, it's the most intuitive. If metacity it's too hard, try doing it on Emerald (it's waaaaaaaaaaaaay easier XD).

Peace!! XD

P.S: Let us know when you're done with the metacity... or maybe I can help you doing them on Emerald, just send me the images to my e-mail and I will send the work to you by e-mail,so you can upload it.
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I'm planning to start working on the meacity version ;)

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll keep that in mind ;)
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Great man! I'll be waiting XD.

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YES!! That's almost exactly what I thought it should look like. Most importantly, it's very consistent with the rest of the branding. And with the metacity in the middle of the picture the window buttons are clear, yet still very nice and within the scheme, which is great.

This should be made into an actual theme and used in Lucid for sure.

Oh, and I really like the purple icons. Although, I think it might be a good idea to make two options here -- one for desktop and one for server. That is, by default, the desktop version would use orange icons (and perhaps aubergine window button dots?) and the server would use purple icons (and perhaps orange window buttons?). Just an idea, but I think it would nicely emphasize the branding concept. Just a thought ;).
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Thanks, I'll see what I can do :)

Yes, I love the purple icons too, I didn't think about what you said, I guess I'm concerned about the metacity more than anything else!
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I think what you've got for the min/max/close buttons are far too abstract, even though they do look nice. I personally quite like the new metacity buttons in the new themes. It's very clear what their function is and the little inset is a nice touch.

The GTK itself of the new theme I not impressed with. The colour palette is good, but I think the button colours are wrong and... overall styling elements are inconsistent.

Also, it seems they went for rounded corners on the metacity again and you just can't do that with metacity, it looks terrible. Metacity needs to be abandoned, severely updated or completely replaced because it just can't draw curved corners nicely at all.

You have a nice design, though. Where do I get wallpaper from?

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Better, but there's not a lot of separation between which button is which.

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