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Linux 2014 Wallpaper



Here's the wallpaper pack made using my Linux 2014 logo redesign. You can get it here: fav.me/d7k6c3x


Received some changes from HEXcube

Added Metadata: Added information about the author and the source of file. The generated PNGs will display them.

Optimized SVG: Used the Inkscape Clone (svg <use> attribute) to reduce duplicate objects in the svg and thereby reducing file size from ~50KB to 19KB.

Named Objects: Added names to objects in the svg so that those manually editing by hand may find it easier to work with.
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Hi, great work! Though I had the problem that I couldn't figure out how to get the zip download. Turns out in the eclipse design, you don't see that it is a zip download like on the old design and you have to click download just as if you were downloading only the piture under the three dots menu. Anyway, that's a comment on eclipse and not your work. Your wallpaper is excellent! THANKS!