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GNOME Shell: eOS

IMPORTANT: This theme is no longer under development by myself. Get this instead



eOS is a GNOME Shell theme that gives your GNOME desktop an 'Elementary' feel.

I ported a lot of features from DanRabbit's mockups and actual eOS parts, like: Plank, Pantheon Shell, Wing Panel... My goal is to make the most accurate Elementary theme.

Known Bugs

- None. But I would appreciate it if actual elementary users compared this theme and their eOS to see if something is off. I want to have a 1:1 clone. :)


10/10/2011: 1.2b
20/10/2011: 1.2b2
27/01/2012: 1.2
08/02/2012: 1.2.1
30/05/2012: 1.4
27/11/2012: 1.6

- Fixed for GNOME Shell 3.6.

This depends on: Droid Sans and Open Sans(light).

Ubuntu users can install this and/or a previous version from the Noobslab PPA(not officially supported by myself):

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Works on 3.14 or 3.16?
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I don't think so, but you could try and see. :)
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Done. kinda plausible in 15.10 beta it may go over the edge but it looks nice
works on 3.4?
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It's for 3.6, but you can try. :)
For those who missed the announcement: Theme is on GitHub here:

@0rAX0 : Could you perhaps update the description with the link, so that people are aware of the situation?
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Thanks, I've been trying to update since forever and keep forgetting. :P
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Does it support 3.8 now?

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No, sorry. I didn't get any contributions except one, and it was incomplete. :(
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It's a pity because I really like your work...but you don't have to be sorry at all, nobody paid you!!! :)
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Thanks. I'll think of something for 3.10. ;)
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Any news for 3.8 update? IMHO this is one of the best themes around and I really like to see it in 3.8.
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Please take a look at my recent journal entry.
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Will it be updated for 3.8?
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Hopefully, yes. Although I don't have a date yet. Kind of too tired to work on anything ATM. :-P
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Maybe it would be a good idea to put the source code on GitHub, so other people can help. I have been tinkering with it myself, and would like to help. No theme I have used so far can match this one in terms of smooth looks...
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Thanks. I'm considering doing just that.
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Nice :D
Any possibiity for a GTK3 port? :)
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Thanks. :)

Just type 'elementary' in the GTK section and enjoy. ;)
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I dont see the wallpaper link anywhere. Can you tell me how to get it?
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The wallpaper is part of the elementary-wallpapers package: [link]
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