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July 27, 2011
Nord: GNOME Shell by *0rAX0 As suggester said - "A superb light, translucent theme with fine details and sharp lines." Yes, indeed!
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GNOME Shell: Nord




This is my first theme for Gnome-shell.

'Nord' is the French word for "north".

Buy me a cup of coffee ☕️: ko-fi.com/redalazri


:bulletgreen: July, 3rd 2011: 1.0

:bulletgreen: September, 5th 2011: 1.1

:bulletgreen: October, 8th 2011: 1.2b

:bulletgreen: January, 5th 2012: 1.2

:bulletgreen: 08/02/2012: 1.2.1

:bulletgreen: June, 14th 2012: 1.4b
- Initial GNOME 3.4 support.

:bulletgreen: June, 14th 2012: 1.6
- GNOME 3.6 support.

:bulletgreen: June, 16th 2013: 1.8

- Fixed for GNOME 3.8.
- Completely redesigned: Featuring nicer widgets and reworked dialogs. Should impress. ;)
- Corrected many regrassions from 1.6.
- Changed font to Liberation Sans.


There is a bug preventing extensions from getting fixed using user-themes:

- If you want an extension supported, ask.
- If you want the already-supported extensions' styles to take effect you will need to manually comment out their styles in /.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/xxxxxx/stylesheet.css. Otherwise it's broken. :)
- If you're still on 3.4 or 3.6 DO NOT update. I don't have an old version.

One last thing, If you like to take this effort and build on it, please do but give me credit by linking back to my page. Thank you!


You also need Liberations Sans.

Wallpaper: bo0xvn.deviantart.com/art/Good…
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Sadly it was a no-go. A real shame it was just for GNOME Shell, I hate GNOME Shell! XD