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GNOME Shell: Nord

By 0rAX0
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This is my first theme for Gnome-shell.

'Nord' is the French word for "north".


:bulletgreen: July, 3rd 2011: 1.0

:bulletgreen: September, 5th 2011: 1.1

:bulletgreen: October, 8th 2011: 1.2b

:bulletgreen: January, 5th 2012: 1.2

:bulletgreen: 08/02/2012: 1.2.1

:bulletgreen: June, 14th 2012: 1.4b
- Initial GNOME 3.4 support.

:bulletgreen: June, 14th 2012: 1.6
- GNOME 3.6 support.

:bulletgreen: June, 16th 2013: 1.8

- Fixed for GNOME 3.8.
- Completely redesigned: Featuring nicer widgets and reworked dialogs. Should impress. ;)
- Corrected many regrassions from 1.6.
- Changed font to Liberation Sans.


There is a bug preventing extensions from getting fixed using user-themes:

- If you want an extension supported, ask.
- If you want the already-supported extensions' styles to take effect you will need to manually comment out their styles in <HOME>/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/xxx@xxx/stylesheet.css. Otherwise it's broken. :)
- If you're still on 3.4 or 3.6 DO NOT update. I don't have an old version.

One last thing, If you like to take this effort and build on it, please do but give me credit by linking back to my page. Thank you!


You also need Liberations Sans.

Wallpaper: [link]
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Sadly it was a no-go. A real shame it was just for GNOME Shell, I hate GNOME Shell! XD
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SparkieSparkeChuHobbyist Artist
I cant seems to install on my gnome 3 desktop
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Oh my goodness! :D

Maybe I could try updating this. Trying to become part of the Pinguy OS artwork team.
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Hey, hi guys, I'm novice in linux world and I have no idea about how to install or apply any of this themes. Does anyone can help me?
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0rAX0Professional Interface Designer
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Update to 3.14 or 3.12 please!!!!!
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0rAX0Professional Interface Designer
Please read my journals, it's not that simple.
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Hi 0rAX0! nice theme! i' ve tryed a lot of gnome shell variants, but Nord is the best i've found...
However i'm trying to modify it in order to make it fit in my DE Meow :3 ...
Could may i ask you for some help?

I want to remove the 2 white backgrounds in dash and workspace switcher, and also replace the "show applications" icon with simple white squares.
I've found in the .css where to change the 2 backgrounds, but not where to modify the show app icon.

Thank you in adavance for the patience :) (Smile) 
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I got it :)
after a few time reading the css i've found it !!

.show-apps-icon {
   color: #ffffff;
  /* icon-shadow: rgba(255,255,255,0.8) 0px 1px 1px; */

Here the result ;)

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0rAX0Professional Interface Designer
Hey MarcOStn , thanks :)

Unfortunately, the icon is hard-coded in GNOME Shell, you cannot use another one with a simple CSS mod.
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"'Nord' is the French word for "north"."
I feel like a retard.
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What should I do to work on gs3.4?
because don't works fully
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0rAX0Professional Interface Designer
3.4 is quite old. You can try to find nord 1.4 somewhere.
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How to install it on Ubuntu 12.04lts?
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Does it works on Gnome 3.10?
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0rAX0Professional Interface Designer
Unfortunately. no. I couldn't muster enough energy this cycle. :(
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I have it running on Arch with Gnome 3.14, however, and it seems pretty good to me. A few rough edges here and there, but I'm not sure how it "isn't working"...
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0rAX0Professional Interface Designer
The dialogs are all broken and can't be repaired, check out my journals for more info.
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Ohh, okay. Poop, I had just adopted the AUR package to try and ease into package maintenance on Arch, but now that's kinda moot.
Anyway, I understand why you're stopping, but I'm definitely going to check back here time and again to see what's new and if there's anything for me to update the package to.
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gregruthHobbyist Artist
First off I want to say that I really like your them but I am having some weird issues that it doesn't seem like anyone else is having.  For some reason in the app viewer my favorites and desktop trays have white backgrounds.  Also the seach field has a strange text color and I can't read anything that is typed in there.

Any ideas?

Heres a screen shot - [URL=s1303.photobucket.com/user/Gre…
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0rAX0Professional Interface Designer
- What GS version?

- For white bg, it's not a bug but a feature. :)

- The search field is weird, didn't experience this nor anyone else. Testing another theme and/or disable extensions.
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gregruthHobbyist Artist
<img src="i1303.photobucket.com/albums/a…" border="0" alt="bad nord! photo Screenshotfrom2013-12-04221234_zpsf22d60dd.png"/>
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gregruthHobbyist Artist
i figured it out, I needed to reinstall GNOME.  Could you point me to those IDs in the CSS?  I would like to change the opacity a little bit.
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