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Icy's a Hazard
MERRY CHRISTMAS IcyhazardX !!!!!
okay so I'm like, obsessed with drawing youtubers' avatars lately and Icy really stuck out to me (step on me plz) BUT gay thoughts aside, she's got a neat design and I had a lot of fun with her outfit (or lack thereof) 
I've got an idea to do a series of drawings, probably youtubers and their avatars, and call it I'm Pathetic, Notice Me. If I do, this'll probably be part one. 
The Witch Riona
TheZodiacLord  sorry if the story sounds a bit dull, lol. This wall of text would have been much much longer if I'd gone into more detail. Hope you enjoy!

Riona was born and raised in medieval Europe, running around with the other children and playing to her heart's content. At night when she went home she would learn the ways of her mother, the local wise-woman, or more commonly referred to as; the local witch. 
    It began as innocently as anything might; a simple child's curiosity and misunderstanding of the adult world. Unknowingly outing her mother as a witch, Riona was forced to watch when they hung her in the village square. She hid her mother's books, her tomes and her wisdom, keeping them safe from the men who would burn such things. To remember her mother, she read them and learned and continued her lessons alone.
    As a grown woman, bitter and angry with the world, she made her keep as a barmaid. Both a staple of her community and a wallflower, she listened and gathered all of the rumors of the travelers that passed through her bar. One rumor in particular caught her attention rather quickly; the valley's baroness would be arriving in town, staying for the night. Intrigued, Riona hung close, listening to the men who had brought the gossip, and found them to be assassins from the kingdom to the south. 
    With her knowledge of herbs and spells, Riona devised a plan. She would lace the men's drinks with a sleeping agent, and when the baroness arrived she would go to her and reveal their devious plan. It was perfect; she would be known as the woman who protected her valley with naught more than her wit and her will, and she would fall into the baroness's good graces. 
    Her plan worked perfectly. The baroness thanked her profusely for saving her life, and offered her a place at the keep, working as one of her personal handmaidens. Riona took with her the magic she'd learned and as the years passed, she began to hear more whispers throughout the keep, gossip and stories that hung off of the Baroness's name. Well what good was she if she didn't report her findings to the lady in question? 
    Riona went to the baroness with the terrible news that her husband was sleeping with a much younger maiden, and when the baroness fell into a fit of despair, Riona had another wonderful idea. She concocted a potion, intended to draw attention to the wearer, and gave it to the baroness. 
    "Speak not of these magicks," she whispered, "for I am a good witch, and I weep to see you distraught. Take to your husband and he will not deny you."
    The baroness, suspicious but desperate, went to her husband with the potion and reclaimed him to her bed. She returned to Riona eager and curious, demanding she share her magick secrets. Riona saw her chance and took it, spinning tales of bloodlines and ancient tomes to enrapture the aging woman. It wasn't until talk of an heir arose that Riona found herself trapped in the web she'd spun herself. 
    As an older woman, the baroness could no longer bear children. She took this to Riona with the demand that she be made fertile again, and Riona did not have the power. The baroness began picking apart her lies and her trickery, insisting that if she were truly a witch, she could do this one simple task. If not, she would cry witch, and Riona would burn.
    Terrified of losing all she'd worked for, and desperate at the threat of exposure, Riona tried everything. She poured through her books and notes, coming up with nothing of use until she was approached by the strangest man she'd ever seen. He came in a dream, his hair longer than her own and his eyes a bright blue. He'd been watching her, he said, and he laughed at her plight.
    "I have the power to do what you prance about and claim," he taunted. "And I can share it with you."
    She agreed instantly. For once in her life she didn't care to hear the whole story, and she agreed. 
    She woke the next morning to find herself forever changed; her eyes blackened and haunting, and her clever, silver-tipped tongue, once so quick to weave a tapestry of lies, had become monstrous behind her teeth. She slipped into the baroness's rooms with her spell and left it for her there, hiding in the shadows and the servant's passages to remain unseen. Her power had grown, her magick expanding further than she could have imagined, and yet it would not save her from the fire. 
    The baroness went to her in the weeks that followed, excited to share the news of her pregnancy and to apologize for her harsh words, but she found her witch a monster and threw her to the wolves. Riona had locked herself away, toying with her new power and learning more and more from the strange man who came to her in dreams. When the baroness found her, unearthly and inhuman, she screamed. The guards came running, horrified at what they saw as a demon looming over their beloved baroness. 
    Riona could do nothing but protest, her truth seeming as lie on her devil's tongue as she recounted the ways she had helped her Lady for so long. The guards dragged her screaming through the keep, and Riona was the only one to hear the wicked cackling of the blue-eyed man following them to the dungeons. He was absent from her dreams that night, and the night that followed, leaving her alone to face the priests that spat curses at her all hours of the day. Her bitter rage at the betrayal grew and grew and grew, and she devised a curse of her own. 
    She went to the pyre easily, providing no resistance that they could see, and as they bid her off to the pits of hell she held her head high and said simply,
    "May the child be born as dead and black as my bones! May your fortunes shrivel and wither as my ashes spread on the wind! No friend will remain at your side lest it be to run a knife through your back!"
    She burned, screaming and howling at the sky until her voice gave out. 
My Main OC
Name- Avalon

Age- 17

Gender- Female

Species- Hudra; taken from the latin words for Humble Dragon

Height- 6 ft

    Avalon started as a normal human girl by the name of Maddison Cabrera, a snarky brat obsessed with video games and proving her older brother wrong. After her mother succumbs to her cancer, she splits the remainder of her savings between her children, which Avalon spends on her games. This irritates her brother who insists she'll regret her impulsive decisions, which rubs her the wrong way, so out of spite of his criticism she saves the biggest chunk of the money to play one game in particular. 
    Haven, announced as the first Virtual Reality MMORPG game, was intended to be a vacation from reality, if the creator is to be believed. She read about it online and absolutely had to play. After saving the last of her inheritance, she applied to be a beta tester. Only 150 people were accepted to test the first release of the game, and only 10 were allowed to enter at a time. The Gaming Units (think massive dentists chairs with added tech) were a newly developed technology, and the creator didn't want to overload the system with 150 people all at once. 
    Avalon and the other nine beta testers that were chosen to be the first ten players entered the game. After a few minutes of perfect game play, the audio connection with the outside world began to deteriorate. The players are confused, decide to exit the game, and before they can return through the portal the visual cuts to black. 
    After waking up separated into their respective species, the players gather again and discover that they are stuck within the game. It's only a matter of time before they find out how to escape, and whether or not death will really kill them. Little do they know, one of the players doesn't care, and will do anything to get home.

    I am open to criticism of my character, her design, and her story, though I can clarify some of the confusing bits if you have questions. Her other nine companions will be coming soon.


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