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Finest K.O.

By 0r0ch1
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Amazing pen work!!! and I love the perspective!
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Seconding ~Bigevilogre here, you need to make an action comic o_o
that'd be like, the greatest thing to ever happen XD well, maybe not the greatest... er... but it's up there.

oh, and +fav.
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Excellent perspective
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Damn. That's on helluva punch! Did she rip her glove open on the other fighter's mouthgaurd? DAG. K.O. INDEED!
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SHORYUKEN!Just kidding...
great art!
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ouch what a knockout indeed
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wow that really is the finest ko i have ever seen ^_^ i love it!!!
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Wow, 48 faves says it all. Mebbe 0r0chi should consider an online furry combat comic! Heck, if I had the money I'd fund it. Right now I can barely afford to feed my keet.
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give me all your damn money >:[
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Seriously, I'm broke. I'm broke because my body is broke. I'm running out of LOA pay.
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LOL! I was starting to think "I already paid 0r0... didn't I? I mean... right after the agreement?"
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Chyah, story of my life. First I was down getting a biopsy on my knee (Good news not cancer. Bad news I have a bigger chance of getting it when I'm older)
THEN going through my grandpa's stuff after he passed on... a 500 pound (at least) China Hutch is dropped on me. I tore muscles in my neck, right shoulder, right pectoral, lativious dorsi, around the ribs, my side, everything around my back from just below the shoulder blades down to my butt, right butt cheek, and hamstring.
Woo, I tell ya. That's some hurtin! Don't worry, though. When I'm up and at 'em again and getting my full size paychecks I will be getting something else from you. Not sure what, but before I got to DA I had been wanting a pic from you, now I gots two!
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Mmm flyin mouthpieces make the world go round :XD:
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HAHA those expressions are priceless!
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[Video game announcer voice] KO!

Great piece!
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wow! Love the action here! Nice perspective and awesome inkwork. :w00t:!
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